Don't Take Blogging Too Seriously

I started properly blogging in October 2010, but I did write a few posts before then, but October was when I really gave blogging a proper go. In my introduction post, I wrote " Some people love shoes, handbags or jewellery. I love make up. It makes me excited when I buy it. My boyfriend Henry calls me sad." Fast forward four years later and it's still the same story. I get giddy when I buy make up, and yes Henry will never understand my obsession. My first post when I started to blog properly was about when I met Cheryl. I swear all my earlier posts are either about one of two things; Cheryl or nail polish. 

When I was writing these posts and taking dodgy photos of my nail polish collection on a tea towel with my blackberry (cringe) I never imagined  a few years down the line that I'd still be blogging. Honestly I thought I'd get bored with it. But hey here I still am, and blogging is a big part of my life now. I still love blogging, and my blog is like my second baby *after Frankie of course* it's something that at first I used to hide, but now I'm insanely proud of. My blogs helped me get jobs, I know I wouldn't of got my previous job now if it wasn't for my blog.  I've had so many amazing experiences from blogging, I've been to events where I've met famous people, I've done photo shoots, and it makes me think 'how did this happen?' 

It seems that one minute ago I was in our studio flat homesick, writing blog posts to make me feel better and now it's my job. Blogging is something that I still love, well I have to still love it, cause we all know how hard work it is blogging. Taking pictures, editing, writing posts, etc. It all takes time and then if you add that on top of a full time job and having a life. If you didn't love it, you wouldn't do it.

Something I've gained from blogging is that you learn who's opinion matters the most. It's the people who know you, your parents, your other half, your friends. They matter. It's hard with being on the internet as people will only see a teeny tiny bit of your life, I'm pretty sure bloggers aren't always glamorous. Most days my make up looks cakey, I spend my evenings at home in joggers and my hair in a top knot. I sometimes sit and eat nutella out of the jar when I'm in a foul mood, cause I'm a human. It's hard to forget that people on the internet are human. Just cause you have x amount of followers, doesn't turn you into a perfect robot. We all still make mistakes, and most importantly we all still have feelings. 

Blogging has bad sides, of course it does. But what makes the hard work, and sometimes shitty comments worth it, is the lovely people you meet. I've met a few girls who I talk to everyday. I call them my friends, and I'm so glad I started blogging to meet these girls. When someone leaves a lovely comment on my blog or videos, it makes me smile for the rest of the day. Yes I'm rubbish at replying and I'm sorry about that, but I read every single comment and they make my year. I've been incredibly lucky with my blog, it's not a big blog, and I don't ever think about numbers, in fact I still don't really believe anyone reads it, I always tend to just blog for myself and do an outpouring of words. That's the way I want to stay. You shouldn't care about how many followers you have, you shouldn't care if you get free stuff or get invited to events. It's all about loving your little space on the internet and blogging for you. 

The blogging world has changed since I started, and of course it was going to. There's so many blogs now, but I hate this whole 'lets blog to get free stuff' it just doesn't work like that. When I started blogging I didn't know what a press sample was and I didn't even know events existed. I see that the blogging world is changing again right now, and I feel were all moving into the YouTube era. When I worked in social media, it's incredible to see how blogs have changed the way we communicate. Brands now approach bloggers instead of traditional press and that is quite sensational. 

I kind of feel like I've lost my way with this post now, but what I'm trying to say is, don't forget why you started blogging. Its easy to sometimes look at people and think 'why have they got 637848 more followers than me?' Of course we all think that from time to time, or if you get a little jealous that someone got invited to a super cool event and you didn't. We're human, we all get a little green eyed now and then. But take a step back and look what your blog is, and not what it's not. Look at your amazing posts, and pictures. Having the commitment to write posts whilst juggling jobs and lives is amazing. Bloggers don't get enough credit in my eyes. This blogging lark, it ain't easy. 

Be proud of your blog, and don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks or does. Write for you, write posts you'd like to read, take pictures you'd like to see. Be the person you'd like to meet on social media. Don't get down by stupid things and try to not compare yourself to other bloggers. I promise you that the perfect life you envy, probably isn't that perfect, cause no ones is. 

If you've had stuff said about you online, and suffered hate, it's pretty shit. Yes it hurts, and yes its impossible to just 'ignore it.' But take a break, have a breather, and go back to your first ever  blog post. Think 'why did I start blogging' and remember that passion. I've always said that the day blogging becomes a chore or I don't enjoy it anymore, I'm stopping. 

I know I am waffling on now, but I just wanted to write a post about how blogging should be positive not negative.  I mean earlier this year,  we even saw Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange see their perfect family image slip up for a second. That shows us all, no one is perfect, we all have feelings, and life's too short to take everything so seriously. Be proud of your blog and if blogging ever gets too much, have a breather, I promise the world won't stop turning if you miss a couple of weeks of posts. 

Although my job is now my blog, and that's crazy, I sometimes have to stop and think about why I'm really blogging and what really spurs me on. Don't get caught up with what everyone else is doing, keep blogging for you, be proud of your space on the internet and I have promised to make sure I always try to stay passionate, because four years later, inside I am still the same girl from 2010 who loved Cheryl and nail polish. 
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Retail Problems

When I left university, the first job I went into was retail. I stayed there for 18 months, and spent two christmasses working in a department store. Honestly, being an avid Christmas lover, working in retail sucked out the enjoyment for me. With that C word coming round very soon, I thought it might be funny to write a post about working in retail. I hope you like it, and if you think you'll never get out.. you will, I promise.

When someone asks if you work here. 'No I just wear this awful shirt for shits and giggles.' 

When the till won't scan a label and a customer jokes ' Oh it must be free.' HAHAHAHAHAHA I'VE NOT HEARD THAT BEFORE. 

When your manager catches you talking to your friend. 

When you're on the till and the queue is getting longer and longer, and it's your lunch break. 

When customers get angry at you cause something is out of stock. YES I BOUGHT EVERYTHING JUST TO SPITE YOU. 

When customers comment on your appearance. Or ask if you have a boyfriend. 

When a colleague gets you to help an extremely awkward customer. 

When customers enter the store 5 minutes before the store closing and just walk round like they have all the time in the world. DON'T YOU HAVE A HOME TO GO TO? 

Feeling like a superhero when you catch someone shop lifting and you report it to security in time before they leave the store. 

When a colleague (not one of your pals)  tries to talk to you in the staff canteen. I JUST WANT TO SIT IN SILENCE FOR A HOUR OKAY. 

When you're on the fitting room and someone comes in with a basket full of things and nothing is on hangers. 

When someone leaves the fitting room, and they've left their 12 items all on the floor. 

When someone asks for something that is magically going to make them a size 8, Miranda Kerr lookalike and then get angry at you when you can't find that magic dress. I AM NOT GOK WAN PEOPLE. 

When you ask a customer if 'they'd like the hangers' and they literally act like it's a question of life or death. 'YES. OH ACTUALLY NO. OH ERM YES.' look lady I'm not asking if I can have your kidney, I just want to know whether you want the hangers! 

When a customer tries to return something that has clearly been worn. 

The customer who tells you their life story at the till. 

The customer who doesnt get off their phone when you serve them or reply to your 'Hello!' 

When your pal is serving someone attractive. 

The constant playing of Christmas songs. 

Having 24 hours off at Christmas. 

Forced into helping people buy presents for people who you know nothing about, and then they get shitty and say 'oh that's not really them..' I'M NOT MYSTIC MEG. 

Of course there are many more maybe one day I'll do a retail problems #2! Thanks to my friends Liza, Grace, Emily and Jade for their help with some of these things and also who i am so glad to have met, even if it did mean 18 months of all these problems!

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How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep doesn't always come easy to me. Whilst I could probably lay in till 3pm, sometimes drifting off takes me a little while. I'm also one of those people who will lie awake and think about every little thing or be convinced that every little noise is an axe murderer. Oh the joys of an overactive imagination. However recently I have been trying to find ways to get to sleep easier, and so far so good. I've been trying to go to bed earlier meaning that I'll wake up earlier in the morning. The thing is as nice as lie ins are you do waste the day a bit, so I tend to reserve them for Sunday's when I don't have any tasks to do.

Switching Off:

I try to shut down the laptop after a certain time, now that I work from home, it can be quite difficult to power down as you have a completely different routine, but I try to stick to the 6/7pm rule or when I've got my day's to do list done. I'll then shut it down for the evening and only go back on if it's an emergency! I find that switching off from work for a couple of hours before bed helps you clear your mind.

Make a To Do List:
I then make a to do list for the next day, this just gets everything off racing round in my mind making me feel more chilled. If I have a plan, I can relax for the evening and be ready for a busy day the next day. I also get everything prepared so say if I'm going to London the next day, I'll make sure that my train tickets and routes are all sorted so that I'm not stressing about anything.

Having a Bath:

Having a bath is always great for chilling out in the evenings. I'll run one and sit back in the dark and relax. Sometimes I'll catch up on YouTube videos and just chill out and relax. You feel much more stress free and chilled once you're out of the bath.

This Works Stress Less Oil*:

I've had this oil for a little while now and wasn't sure what to think of it at first. I didn't think that it would provide me with a good nights sleep but it actually does. I tend to roll the roller ball on my wrists and then inhale, the scent of lavender and eucalyptus instantly makes you feel more chilled and every time I use this, I have a deep, restful sleep! Even if I'm nervous/edgy it really helps. My Mum even tested it out and even she agreed it helped her to sleep!

Read a book, not Twitter:

Something I can be guilty off is sitting on my phone in bed, however if I really need to chill out, I will read a book as I feel it helps me switch off and takes my mind of stressful things. However I do have the cheeky twitter scroll, but if I need a really good nights sleep, I'll log off and pick up a book!!

So there is some things I have been doing to help myself sleep! I've also used apps in the past which use white noise such as raindrops when I've been particularly edgy, but these things above have been really helping recently and the This Works, Stress Less Oil has been a life saver or should I say bad night sleep saver recently!! What's your tips for a great nights sleep?
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For The Days When You Don't Care.

The other day, I woke up after an awful nights sleep. Okay quite normal. But then I go to check my emails and I have loads of comments on my YouTube channel from some d*ick, saying all sorts of stupid things. At first I was annoyed, but then I thought hey! i am not going to let some idiot ruin my day. When I'm tired, I'm not a happy person, but this is what I do when I'm feeling grumpy or annoyed, or upset. I don't even really know why I'm making this as a blog post, but hey, something to look back at next time I'm in a mood ha.

This girl is my role model. #sassy

I sing this song really loudly.

Then I dance along to this one. 

I watch my favourite films..

If someone's upset you, get all sassy.

If all else fails, I turn to my trusty friend. 
And remember..
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Zoeva Brushes

Zoeva brushes just came out of nowhere really didn't they? Everyone has been talking about how good they are and I was in the line for some new brushes, and with their affordable prices, Zoeva seemed the perfect brand to try for my next collection. I was very lucky to be surprised with a full set from Henry, after weeks of me saying I was going to buy new brushes, oh he's a gem isn't he. I have to say that every single brush is amazing. The bristles are so soft, and don't shed at all. Because trust me the last thing you want is a brush that sheds hair, cause you know a hairy face isn't that cool.

I literally love all the brushes, from the 105 to the 110 for contouring, the 127 is the perfect blush brush and the 227 is perfect for blending eyeshadow. And I swear it's a dupe for the 217 from MAC. With all the brushes being amazing quality and so valuable as well, I literally can't recommend these enough. Pop some on your Christmas list, or be a doll and buy some for your sister/friend, they'll love them! Also let's just swoon at the Rose Gold set (inserts heart eye emoji)
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Current Favourite Base

Recently I have been in a foundation rut. All my favourite foundations seem to have died a unfortunate death and I've been left with a draw full of unloved ones and an empty bank balance. With this in mind, I decided to 'shop my stash' (ooh yeah old school beauty blogger lingo) to try and find something to keep me going until I like win the lottery and then can buy all the foundation in the world. However, plot twist. I actually ended up finding a forgotten gem that has gotten me so many compliments on my foundation that I have actually forgotten about the whole winning the lottery thing, well the whole buying foundation thing, I will still win the lottery and I will buy one direction.

Rimmel Match Perfection is a foundation that earlier this year, everyone and their gran were going on about. Because I'm a sheep, and well when you watch numerous vloggers and bloggers, they end up getting to you, I bought the foundation. I don't know why but I wasn't exactly bothered by it and it ended up in my foundation drawer. Anyways, I have picked it back up and I've been really liking it. For a start it's a steal (no don't worry I didn't shop lift this, though please tell me I'm not the only one who usually gets a security guard follow them around the stands of Boots. I must have a dodgy looking face) but this usually retails for about £6.99 which is just barginous. Yes I just made that word up.

The coverage is medium, so if you suffer with blemishes, spots and dark circles you will need some extra help from concealer, the finish is quite dewy so you'll need a powder but it's long lasting even for someone with oily skin such as myself! The result is a satin flawless finish, that has had me receive some nice compliments on my skin. For the first time in ages, my skin hasn't been cakey, and it's probably thanks to the cheapest foundation in my collection!

As well as loving this foundation, I've also recently been using a new primer, the This Works In Transit Camera Close Up* is reportedly a favourite of Victoria Beckham's and well if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for me. This primer has ingredients such as caffeine and hyaluronic acid to perk up your face and smoothen everything out for make up. I've found my skin to be smoother and my make up has been lasting longer without me having to powder 645346 times a day! Although it won't beat my Body Shop Tea Tree Primer, it's pretty nice and for a luxury treat it's been great at perking up my face when it's been looking dull and tired!

So there are my current favourite base products, what's yours at the moment?
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Hey You. It's Okay....

Following on from yesterday's post, hands up if you've ever given yourself a hard time? Right now I have had to take my hands down to actually keep typing, but I'm pretty sure every single one you raised your hands. I raised both of mine, because recently I've made a vow to change as I mentioned yesterday. This is the 'it's okay list...' Okay?

  • It really doesn't matter that your thighs touch together when your feet are together or even when they're apart. Anyways if your thighs touch, you're a step closer to being a mermaid so who's the real winner? 
  • It's totally normal to not have a flat tummy
  • Everyone's make up goes cakey from time to time
  • I won't tell anyone that you've just got that top out of the dirty washing basket
  • It's healthy to eat nutella out of the jar with a spoon
  • It's understandable when you just want a weekend to sleep and eat rather than blog. The world won't stop spinning. 
  • Don't worry about that little splurge in Zara. We all deserve a treat now and then. 
  • It's fine to love your dog more than most people. 
  • So what if you don't have several 0's after your blog/YouTube subscriber number. 
  • Chipped nails are okay now and then 
  • Don't worry about skipping that brow appointment, you've still got a week till you look like Charlie from Busted. 
  • Take that compliment. Don't think you'll look like Billy Big Balls if you say 'thank you.' 
  • Yes it's fine to fancy Harry Styles. Yes Niall is fine too. It's cool they're over 20. 
  • That McDonalds was totally needed, and yes we all eat them. 
  • We've all had that panic of wearing a dress and realising we haven't shaved our legs in a good couple of weeks. Keep your legs under the table. 
  • Be the person, you'd like to meet. 
  • Conchita from The Eurovision Song Contest, has shown us that accidentally skipping the Jolen monthly bleach isn't the end of the world. 2014 is the year of the facial hair. 
  • Everyone's jeans feel tight
  • Even the skinniest people get cellulite. 
  • Take your health for importance, if that means skipping the gym to get an early night, do it. 
  • Stop being your own worst enemy, no body is perfect, and that's what makes us unique. 
  • It's fine that you don't understand the jargon at work, it doesn't mean you're dumb. 
  • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, focus on your strengths not weaknesses. Some people are strategic, some people are creative etc. 
  • Sometimes an afternoon nap is more important than cleaning the bathroom. 
  • You honestly don't need all the furniture in your house to be white 
  • Calling someone else fat, won't make you skinnier. 
  • Try to be your own best friend, not your enemy. How will you expect anyone to believe in you, when you don't even believe in yourself? 
I'm not going to stop beating myself up over night, but I'm going to try. No more letting myself think I'm an idiot, and no more hating my thighs. It's time to be the Monica to Rachel, no more Regina to Cady. 
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Stop Being So Hard On Yourself.

I've always been my worst critic. Ever since, I was younger, I have had trouble ever taking compliments and would always shoot them down, with 'well y'know..' even now I still do it sometimes. My Mum has always said I'm too harsh on myself, and well recently I've started to see this, and I've decided I should start being kinder to myself and so should all of us. Okay I didn't phrase that too well, I don't mean you should all be nicer to me, you're all incredibly nice already and let me waffle on with blog posts such as this, I mean you should be nicer to yourself too.

Having studied media and sociology at college and university, I've lost count of how many essay's I've probably written about the media's influence on body image and how we should look. It's true though. Let's think about the gossip magazines, and the side bar of shame, how many articles are about celebrities and their looks? It's like 'Kim Kardashian in bikini' ' celebrity puts on weight' 'celebrity looks too skinny.' You can't win and it messes with our minds. I feel that recently, there is extreme pressure to be 'thin' and if you're not well you're slated. I got a comment on my YT saying I had a double chin and honestly, I thought 'fuck you.' Everyone has a double chin, and I'm not going to let other people's ideals determine who I am anymore.

We constantly beat ourselves up, and well I know I do. About the way I look, about what I do and how I act. Some days I would constantly torture myself, about my thighs, nose, or the fact that I wasn't 'successful.' As I mentioned in my quarter life crisis post, there is just extreme pressure on young people to be successful in clever academic jobs and we should all look like supermodels too. I'll tell you know, that's it's okay not to be like that. We need to stop being so mean to ourselves (and each other too)

As they say in my favourite film Mean Girls, calling someone fat won't make you thin. And calling yourself fat, won't make you instantly skinnier. If you want to lose weight do it for you, we need to realise that we don't all need to look the same. It's cool to take compliments, it's not you being a big head, it's you saying thank you to the kind person who has said those nice things. Instead of focusing on looking like your favourite celebrity, focus on looking like you. There's only one of you and you should celebrate that.

Within the past few months, I have been more accepting of myself, I try to not give myself such a hard time anymore. I praise myself, and sometimes I'll even give myself a pat on the back. I remind myself I am a human, I make mistakes and no one is perfect. It's hard now we are a nation obsessed with social media, that we only see people's sides that they want us to see. We read blogs, and watch vlogs and like instagram pictures and wonder why we don't look like that or have a life like that. The truth is, that no one is perfect or has a perfect life. Everyone filters their Instagram pictures, and they don't show the messy houses, or the days where we sit on the sofa with spots and greasy hair. Don't compare your behind the scenes with someone else's highlight reel.

When you look in the mirror instead of thinking about the things you don't like, think about the things you do like and focus on them. Don't dwell on mistakes, think of stuff that makes you proud, and don't be afraid of risks and failures. We only live once and wouldn't you of rather known what happened instead of the 'what if?'

 I have made a promise to be nicer to myself. I'll accept compliments, try to not complain about the things I don't like, and be proud of my achievements. I'll stop comparing myself to people and concentrate on being me, and no one else. Don't listen to anyone else, when I was at school boys used to say awful stuff to me, and it really stuck with me. Don't let anyone tell you what to be, especially boys. With myself turning a new chapter in my life, I have made a vow to stop being so hard on myself, and I want you to take one too.
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Autumn Beauty Videos

A little while ago, I was contacted by Pose and was asked if I'd like to create a series of videos for them on their YouTube channel. Jumping at the opportunity, I created 8 videos for their website and channel about Autumn/Winter beauty. I covered a range of subjects from my favourite brushes, to A/W lip colours! Now that all 8 videos have been published on their channel, I thought I'd just let you all know about them in case you'd like a little watch :)

You can watch the rest of the videos here :) hope you like them! x
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