Friday, 18 July 2014

Soap & Glory's New Orangeasm Range

I've always been such a fan of the unique Soap and Glory smell that the majority of their products have. That almost sweet, marshmallowy scent is what I absolutely love about the products. So when I saw that S&G had released a new orange range, I didn't know what to think. Of course this isn't the first new scent that S&G have released, but this seems to be the first one that doesn't have that sweet sugary scent alongside the new flavours. Orangeasm is purely a zesty orange scent, and if you don't like oranges then you'd probably want to give this range a miss.

There's three new products, a Revitalising Body Wash*, which is creamy, foamy and the perfect wash to use in the shower. The orange zesty smell awakens you in the morning, and is perfect for all sorts of washing even using as a foam for shaving your legs, and let's be honest not all shower washes do that now do they? Next is the Super Rich Body Butter* which has tiny orange balls which are in fact Shea butter massage balls which burst and sink into your skin. The super creamy moisturiser rubs in super quickly and a little goes a long way. It also sinks in so quickly, with my skin just lapping it up. It also smells amazing and you can feel it on your skin all day, even in the evening my skin still feels moisturised after me applying over ten hours before! Finally in the range is the Super Tonic Fragrance*, a perfect scent for summer with citrus, mandarin, and mint to name a few tones. It's really light and lasts all day. I use it as an all over body fragrance which is fresh and fruity, and also really light. For hot days the last thing you want is a heavy perfume!

I love all three of these new products, they are light yet moisturising and the scent is just perfect for a summer body range. Have you used the new Orangeasm range yet?

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Lunch At Zizzi's

As you know from some of my previous posts, I went back home for a visit last week to see my Mum and sister. We decided to go for lunch on the Friday that I was there and we visited Zizzi's. A Italian restaurant that is in many cities across the country. With us not having one down here, I hadn't really heard of it before but being a big lover of Italian food, it was right up my street. There are of course so many Italian chain restaurants around, but Zizzi's seem to be trying to make themselves a little different, offering many options and not just your typical spag bol and pizza.

After having a small breakfast and a potter in town, we were pretty hungry when we arrived at Zizzi's, I knew I needed carbs. Both myself and my Mum went for their lasagne, and a side of Tuscan potatoes. Hayley went for a pizza rustica (she really needed carbs.) All the food was lovely, I was worried the lasagne's may be a bit too rich and heavy but it really wasn't. I always have eyes bigger than tummy syndrome in restaurants but I ate it all, and the Tuscan potatoes were pretty yummy too. Hayley enjoyed her pizza and took some home in a box to eat for tea!

We still had room for pudding so Mum and I shared a chocolate and strawberry pizza, it sounds so very wrong but with baked marshmallows and hazelnut sauce it was pretty scrumptious. Hayley went for the mint choc chip gelato and said it was lovely. After washing it all down with some fizzy lemon, we had another potter round town before going back home to have a chilled Friday evening. It was lovely and really nice to spend a lunchtime with my Mum and sister. I keep dreaming about that chocolate pizza though! mmmmm.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Accessories: Ray-Ban Clubmasters Giveaway

I am so unadventurous when it comes to sunglasses. I just don't seem to suit them, I can't be the only one right? After what seems like wearing aviators all my life, I decided that this summer it was time to try something new, Ray-Ban's Clubmasters still seemed pretty feminine and not too daunting so I have ditched my trusty aviators for them, scary. Henry said they make my face look round, ever the charmer, but I quite like them. I feel a bit vintage in them, I found myself pretending to smoke with a pen with a pearl necklace around my neck the other day. I realised I looked like a nutter and no way in fact like Audrey Hepburn. have very kindly offered to giveaway a pair of Ray-Ban 3016 Clubmasters to one of you guys too, so you can also pretend your Audrey Hepburn. All you need to do is three things.. Okay ready? First of all Like on Facebook, 2. Go on the website and let me know in the comments below which pair of ClubMasters you would like (unto the value of £115) and then finally for an extra entry you can follow Dizzybrunette3 on Bloglovin. I will be running the giveaway for one week so you have until the 21st July to enter and then I'll be contacting the winner who has been chosen at random!
a Rafflecopter giveaway Good luck everyone :)

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Spa Day at Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel

For my Mum's birthday last week, I booked her a spa day. Myself and my sister wanted to organise a nice day for her, and we decided that a spa day would be perfect for the three of us. We don't get to spend an awful lot of time together the three of us, so we thought a day of relaxation would be perfect. We booked in for a day at the Macdonald Hill Valley Hotel and Spa which is situated in Whitchurch. With my Mum living back in Shropshire, we didn't want to travel too far and especially as I was getting the train, I felt a bit rotten making her drive for ages for her spa day on her birthday. So Hill Valley was a perfect alternative, with it being just half an hour from shrewsbury, it was also a hotel we'd never been to before. I booked us in for the Afternoon Tea package which consisted of afternoon tea (well duh) a 30 min Elemis treatment and full use of all the facilities at the spa.

The spa looked pretty new, and had everything we could ever want, from a big heated swimming pool, sun loungers, a relaxation room full of beds, blankets, low lighting and music it was honestly like being back in the womb. Very chilled out. We were given robes and slippers on our arrival, and first we did some chilling by the pool and swimming before going to have our treatments. We all had a deep tissue back massage which was so, so nice. Abby was my therapist and she used Elemis oil to help combat fatigue and tiredness. It smelt amazing and my back felt so soft afterwards. I opted for light/medium pressure as I am a wimp, and it was a really lovely massage, there was some tension in my right shoulder, but Abby used a technique with her elbow which just seemed to straighten everything out, my back felt so light afterwards, I felt like a caterpillar or something. We all loved our massages, and they always end too quickly! After having our treatments we kicked back in the relaxation room which makes you feel very sleepy!

It was then time for afternoon tea, where there is a special seating area for spa guests to have lunch, it was lovely, situated looking out to the golf course and again all brand new. We were the only ones in there, making it a real private lunch! We had sandwiches, scones, cake and meringues and ordered chips and sweet potato fries on the side which were just lovely. After eating way, way too much, we slipped back into our bikini's *never a good idea after eating your body weight in scones* and had a chill. I had no phone signal which was bliss, so I sat and read OK! magazine, totally trashy but I loved it. Mum and Hayley fell asleep on their loungers, but I just read everything to do with Kimye's wedding. After another long swim, we decided to head home, we'd been at the spa for over six hours! Although we had the afternoon tea package, we were told we could arrive from 10am onwards to really make the most of the facilities, we were also offered use of the gym but we thought that would be too strenuous for a spa day!

We went home feeling very chilled, and relaxed. I think my Mum had a lovely day and it was just so nice to spend time as the three of us. All the staff were so lovely at the Hill Valley Hotel, and I'd definitely re visit again, if you're ever in Shropshire and want a spa day, I'd recommend there, with prices also being very reasonable, you can't go too wrong! I already want to plan another spa day!

*Disclaimer: Whilst Elemis did very kindly provide me with some discount for the spa day, I paid the majority of the price myself with my own money. I am always 100% honest with my opinions and the discount in no way affected my opinion of the day and the hotel. It genuinely is a lovely place and somewhere I would visit again in a heartbeat. 

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