Zoeva Rose Golden Set

Okay so I know that most bloggers and their dog or cat or Gran have blogged about these make up brushes. But can we just take a minute to look at how pretty they are. I mean, I just had to write a post dedicated to these beauties, it would be rude not to. Zoeva's Rose Golden Luxury Set*, are a brush set to get pretty much every beauty blogger and enthusiasts heart racing. Just look at the rose gold. Okay, let's stop perving. Time to get on with the actual post.

I was very lucky to get the Rose Gold set into my collection, and I have been loving them. Not just because they look so pretty, promise. I'm a big fan of Zoeva brushes, and apart from a couple of Real Techniques brushes, I use all Zoeva brushes. I find their brushes to be soft, sturdy and don't shed. The amount of times that I have used a brush and it has left me with a hairy face is too many times to count. This always leads to the awkward 'Err you have a hair on your face?'  But these never shed, are super soft and are just a pretty great collection of brushes.

My favourite from this range are; 110- for buffing in concealer, highlighter or for contouring as it gets right in the hollows of your cheek, 127 for applying blush, 227 for blending eyeshadow perfectly, and 231 for applying eyeshadow under the eye, this is for perfecting a smokey eye.

Though to be fair all the brushes are lovely, and I enjoy using all of them but these are my favourites from the collection. The brushes come with a brown and rose gold pouch, which is just as pretty as the brushes. They are a combination of synthetics and natural talkon brushes, but they are all so soft on the skin and are just nice brushes to use.

There is also a few other rose gold sets such as an eye set, and a powder nude set which are so girly and pretty. Priced at £55 for 8 brushes which works out to be £6.80 per brush which when you compare to other brushes, that's a pretty good deal.

I do have just a regular Zoeva brush set, and my favourites to use from that aren't in the Rose Golden set are; 122- for stippling blush and highlighter, 228 for applying eyeshadow to the crease. I think that all the brushes are really well priced, and definitely worth getting a set to try different ones.

I am in love, and every time I look at these brushes, I go all heart eyed emoji like.

Have you tried Zoeva brushes?

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Ways To Turn A Bad Day Into A Good Day.

We've all been there when we've had days that make us feel like the whole world is against us. We’re all human, and we all have bad days. I see a lot of posts that almost make you feel like you shouldn't ever have bad days or feel crappy, and sometimes I almost feel guilty for this. Which is silly, cause like I said we are all human, we’re allowed to not be happy all the time. 

The other day, I was having a momentous bad day. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong, and I got the part of my day where I was like ‘aggg’ and almost had a meltdown. Recently in general, I’ve also been letting people who don't deserve my time, upset me. Stuff that when I explain to people why I’m upset, they say ‘why let them annoy you?’ But that’s easier said than done. 

When I’m having one of my bad days, I do try to turn it around, cause to be honest, i don't like being in a bad mood. I don't like feeling like I need to punch the pillows on the bed, although sometimes that does help. I hope that this little list is helpful in some way and tbh it’s something that I will look back on the next time, I’m either letting people get to me, or I’m having a big old stress. 

Step Away From The Situation: When I was having my bad day, it was a mixture of things but the majority of the time it’s something to do with work/internet so I tend to shut down my laptop (obviously if all my jobs are done) and walk away. I know that this isn't always possible, but when I worked in retail and I was a step away from hitting customers with hangers, I would ask someone to cover me on the till and walk away to do something like tidying/clearing/finger spacing to have a breather. When I worked in an office, if I wasn't in the middle of something, I would escape to the loo or kitchen for five minutes to have a little de stress. I’d make myself a drink, or just count to ten whilst in the loo. People may think you're going for a poo, but it’s worth it for a breather right? If you haven't been on your lunch break yet, get away from work and go for a walk, this always helped to calm me down if I was feeling stressed/irritated. 

Clean: Okay so this may be a weird one but cleaning always helps me when I am having a stressy moment. I think it's cause you aren't thinking about anything in particular and if you’re feeling angry you can take it out on the dishes/surfaces (my poor plates) Also having a tidy house/room always makes me feel 100x better so this sometimes helps my mood in itself as well. 

Have a Rant: Okay so this one can be a tricky one but honestly getting something off your chest will make you so much better. If there’s no one around or no one you think will understand, sometimes I grab a piece of paper and write down what is stressing/annoying/worrying me. When it’s on paper, it can bring everything into perspective and makes you think ‘okay things aren't that bad.’ Then what I do is I rip the paper up into a million little pieces and throw it in to a bin. It makes me feel like I’m almost throwing away the problem and suddenly I feel a bit better. 

Crank Up The Music: Did I just say ‘crank?’ haha alright grandma. But music is such a huge help to me, I listen to music pretty much all day, and cause I am a geek, I have playlists which i turn to for different moods. Recently, my go to song for when I’m feeling annoyed/worried/stressed is Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off, it helps me to well you know, shake it off. Also I have been listening to a lot of songs from my teenage years, which are mostly angry rock/indie songs which help to sing out loud too. Or I dance, I put on some Taylor and I dance round the living room. Usually Frankie looks at me like ‘wtf mum?’But it makes me feel better. 

Shower/Bath: I always find that a long hot shower/bath are cures for anything. I love unwinding in either, and letting the water wash away my troubles. Sorry that sounded like a bubble bath advert. But seriously, grab a bath bomb, light a candle and have a soak, or rank up the shower, grab your foamiest shower gel and even have a sit down, cause yes sit down showers aren't just for the elderly or the hungover. Trust me. 

Watch Your Favourite Film: When I had my bad day, I put on Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging, which I hadn't watched in years, but omg, it was amazing. I found myself laughing and remembering how much I’d loved this film when I was an awkward teen. Watching a fave film can make you feel so much better, and who doesn't love a feel good film?

Go To Bed: Finally, sometimes the only thing you can do is call it a day and head to bed. Sometimes that mood cant be shaken but tomorrow is always a new day. Chill in bed, have a little cry and promise tomorrow will be better. You're too good to let stupid people annoy/upset you or let little things worry you. 

I hope this has helped in some way, I always find that eating something naughty always helps too or even exercise (total opposites there) but going to the gym/for a walk always help clear your head and obviously release endorphins which makes you feel happier. If you are having a  bad day whilst reading this, I hope things perk up soon, bad days don't last forever and remember everything will be okay in the end, if it’s not okay, it’s not the end. 
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The Product That Stops Your Make Up Going Cakey.

Okay. Okay. I could of thought of a snappier post title. But it's the truth. Recently, well not even recently, over the past year, I have been struggling what can only be scientifically called as 'cake face.' 

No I haven't had my face submerged in chocolate cake, Bruce Bogtrotter style. 

But I'm talking about when your face gets a bit lost amongst foundation, concealer and powder. You get this almost mask, powdery effect and it's one of my make up pet hates. Sometimes, you get cakey face for no reason, and sometimes, it's cause you've been a bit slap happy with the foundation/concealer/powder. I also find that if my skin is a bit on the dry side, then this can relay in looking a bit cakey too. 

The one way that I have found, to help your make up look more natural and well skin-like is by using a misting spray. I find that using a setting spray such as The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist, helps to melt the make up into your skin, and also adds some moisture, I find that my skin always looks a lot more natural, and dewy after spraying and it also helps my make up last too!

It's become an essential step in my make up, as sometimes my skin will get cakey as the day goes on and this just stops it. The mist also doesn't make my face oily, or cause breakouts, in fact it's something that I have used for years, and I'm sure I will continue to do so :) 

Do you have a product you use to stop the dreaded cake face?

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Girl Problems.

Ah being a girl. It's fun right? But also a bit of a nightmare too? I was thinking the other day about girl problems/things. I was laughing away to myself and thought 'this would make a great GIF post' and well here we are! Hope you enjoy :) 

The feeling when you've just shaved your legs.

How you feel when you've just had your eyebrows done.

Freshly painted nails. Am i right ladies?

Walking into Lush. LET'S BUY ALL THE BATH BOMBS. 

When someone says 'you don't need anymore make up/clothes/shoes/handbags' EH? No such thing!

The struggle of tying your hair up and the bobble/elastic/hair tie which will only wrap round twice and it's not tight enough.

Periods. A man obviously thought of them didn't they.

When guys get annoyed cause you have PMT. ALRIGHT THEN, YOU HAVE A PERIOD AND SEE IF YOU CAN COPE.

Shaving in the shower should definitely be a task on The Cube. The positions you have to get into, and the joy if you don't accidentally cut yourself.

The feeling of taking your bra as soon as you get home/at the end of the day. FREE THE BREASTS.

The lifelong debate of my heart is saying pizza and chocolate and my head is saying Victoria's Secret model body.


Never being able to decide on a hair colour. Dyes it light- I want it dark. Dyes it dark- I want it light.

When the sun comes out and it's bare legs weather. You put on a dress, walk out feeling like a summery goddess. Realise you haven't shaved your legs. Agh!

When you're hungry and someone asks what you want. I CANT DECIDE. 

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Free Pretty Downloadable Desktop Wallpapers

Hands up who else is a sucker for a pretty desktop wallpaper? *Raises hand* Back in the day, I would create my own desktop wallpaper on Paint, cause I was you know so artsy and original. Usually these wallpapers would include cut out shapes filled with colour, scribbles using the pencil tool and a text box with the word Hey! Then I moved onto clip art, and some sun with sunglasses always got my pick. But these days, I want something a bit more than Paint cause you know it's 12 years later.

Recently I came across some really pretty downloadable wallpapers which are free, and thought I would share them with you. I always find it hard finding pretty wallpapers so I hope you like these and hope they brighten up your computer! :) Don't forget to click through the links so you can download them from the proper source as obviously these aren't mine :)

How pretty does your laptop look right now?
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My Two Style Inspirations Right Now.

I am one of those people who takes style inspiration from other people. I always have and probably always will. At the moment, I have two very prominent style icons. People who I'll turn to and pin on pinterest boards, or screen shot outfits to build inspiration of my own. Both are very different, and two different types of style, but I thought I would share them with you and my favourite outfits of theirs. 

90's Jennifer Aniston 

As I mentioned in my '10 Things You Didn't Know About Me' post, I watch Friends pretty much every day. I find it comforting but lately, I have been turning to the earlier episodes for fashion inspiration. This may seem a little crazy but right now I am so into 90's fashion, and Rachel has the most amazing 90's wardrobe. From check mini skirts, dungarees to sweatshirts, I literally find myself going all heart eyed emoji over everything she wears in those early episodes. I've found dupes of things she wears from places like New Look, ASOS & Motel Rocks. And after all, this gives me another excuse to watch Friends, as it's inspiration for my blog right? 

Eleanor Calder 

This may seem like a bit of a strange one, cause some of you won't of even heard of Eleanor Calder before. She is Louis Tomlinson from One Direction's girlfriend/ex girlfriend (depending on what you believe with the media right now) and I've always admired her style, but recently, I've been really digging it. From a monochrome colour selection, to ripped jeans, ankle boots and well we even accessorise with a similar dog, Eleanor has effortless but chic styling. I love seeing her Instagram posts and thinking, ' how can I style something similar.' It may seem like a strange person to have as an style inspiration, but i don't think someone has to be well known to be a style inspiration, I just really like Eleanor's style and well always have done. 

These two are my favourite style inspirations right now, I also turn to Pinterest and Tumblr for other fashion inspiration, but Eleanor and 90s Jennifer Aniston are the two names, who are at the front of my mind right now! So tell me, who is your current fashion inspiration? 

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How To Do Perfect Winged Eyeliner

So let me tell you a secret... I am literally the world's worst person when it comes to eyeliner. I'm talking liquid eyeliner, I'm just rubbish when it comes to drawing. I couldn't even draw a straight line with a ruler at school, so with winged eyeliner, I have no hope. However, I have discovered a new trick that has literally changed my life. No seriously. 

One thing I have always wanted to be really good at, (well apart from singing) is winged eyeliner. Okay so I know that isn't a hard thing for most people, but for me. Oof, I just can't do it. Well I used to not be able to do it, now I can and well I've come to tell my fellow winged eyeliner novice's how you can do it too. Don't say I don't ever do anything for you lot ;)

To be honest, there was a time where I swore off winged eyeliner, after having some pretty awful results, sometimes I'd look like Amy Winehouse, other times the flick would basically reach my brow, or I looked like I'd just added a line to the corner of my eye. I was defeated, and would be forever jealous of those who could not only do winged liner, but also rock it. 

That was till one day, I saw a straight edged piece of card whilst I was doing my make up, and I had a brainwave (it doesn't happen a lot) in my madness/genius thought, I picked up the piece of card and held it against my eye. I then got my liner and drew a tiny line using the card. I then joined it up with the rest of my liner. I expected to take away the card and think 'oh god why I did I just do that?' But in fact I was pretty darn impressed. Had I just created a normal cat eye? And it looked okay? 

So here's what to do: IN GIF FORM!
P.S I have no idea why these gif's make me look like a vampire, but we'll roll with it.

1. Line your eye with your favourite eyeliner. I just tend to do line close to the lash line. 

2. Grab a piece of paper, *I've gone for a funky ikea post it note* and fold it in half so you have a straight edge. 

3. Hold the straight edge against your eye where you want your flick to be. I tend to line it up with the lower lashline. Then draw alongside the paper with your liner and join it to the liner already on your eye. I find the easiest way to join it all together is to go back on your line in an upward motion creating an almost triangle shape. Then join up any little bits with your liner once your your paper has been removed. 

4. TADA pretty perfect and easy winger eyeliner. It's pretty much foolproof and takes like 10 seconds! 

So there we have it, I can do winged liner, and now you can too. So what's next to master? Getting Miranda Kerr's body.. hmm I don't think a piece of card is going to help me with that one. 

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Spring/Summer Fashion Wishlist

Ah Spring is here. Recently, I have been compiling a wish list easily as long as my arm for Spring/Summer clothes. I've become one of those people who likes to plan what they're going to buy, rather than run into a shop Supermarket Sweep style. Is this what getting older is about? Haha.

This Spring/Summer I have decided that I want to inject a bit of colour into my wardrobe, I'm not reversing back to my neon days but a few things here and there won't hurt. I'm also really into 90's fashion right now, so think a-line skirts, and dungarees. Then I'm also loving this boho/desert vibe at the moment, think Olsen twin at Coachella. These are the mixtures of things that I am going for and trying to incorporate into my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I've also been pinning on my summer style board on Pinterest, getting ideas for outfits and how to style pieces. I often wonder what I would do without Pinterest, well I'd probably get a lot more done but y'know that's no fun is it?

What are you going to be wearing this Spring?

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Spring Beauty Favourites

Easter has been and gone, leaving me probably about 2 stone heavier considering I easily ate chocolate all day for four days straight. I have to say though, that I am incredibly glad that at the age of 23, I am still getting Easter Eggs, but anyways moving on. What I mean from this chocolate ramble is that Spring is here.

The sun is shining each morning and the other day, I walked around in just a t-shirt. A T-SHIRT. So with this in mind, I've been having a little revamp in my make up bag. There's something about the sun that makes me want to overhaul my make up look, and I ditch the dark colours, for pastels and well there's no exception for this year.

First things first, foundation. Recently, I have been having a bit of bother with my skin, it's been a bit dry so a lot of the foundations I own have been making my skin really dull and have clung to dry patches. I haven't been a fan of this, obviously, so looked to others in my collection. I decided to try Bourjois Healthy Mix again as I always remember this as a dewy foundation and I'm glad I did. I mix in a little with a liquid highlighter and it provides a really nice dewy, radiant finish. I tend to use a primer to keep oil at bay and set with powder, I also need concealer to cover spots, blemishes and dark circles, but I've been trying to concentrate on having a nice finish to my skin rather than concentrate on coverage.

 Things are getting a bit pose-y and shoulder-y- apologies. 

I've been getting back into peach blusher recently, after having a break from the old peachy cheeks over winter, I felt it was time to dig it back out. I've been using a new blusher though, and this one is from Zoeva*. I didn't realise that Zoeva did make up as well as brushes, but they do, and let me tell you  they are pretty darn good. This blush is perfect for peach lovers, it's perfect for most skin tones and adds a bit of warmth to your make up look. It's pigmented, lasts all day and is only £6.50. I've been really loving getting back into peach blush though, and I will update you on the other Zoeva bits I've been trying soon.

Next we have highlighter, as you probably know by now, I am pretty obsessed with highlighter and I'd forgotten about this gem and I'm annoyed at myself for forgetting about it. Benefit's Watts Up Highlighter, is a stick highlighter that really does give you this glow that not many other highlighters can deliver. It doesn't go cakey, it blends in well, it gives you that sheen that you see on supermodels cheekbones on those pins you pin on Pinterest. It's been perfect for adding a spring glow to my cheeks, and thankfully due to cutting out a cleanser (naughty origins) and upping my moisturiser game, along with a good highlighter, my skin is looking glowy and healthy again. Phew.

I'm still obsessed with any kind of gold/bronze eyeshadow combo so no change there, but lips, I have been changing things up a little. I'm still lip lining, Rimmel's East End Snob is such a pretty pink colour, that seems to just help to shape and plump your lips and then I tend go over the top with Bourjois Color Boost in Peach on The Beach which is this gorgeous almost neon coral pink that I just love.

And ta da... spring make up revamp complete.

Have you updated your make up look for Spring?
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