Where To Buy Pretty Stationery

where to buy pretty stationery, stationery, tk maxx, kate spade stationery, blogger, stationery, pretty things

where to buy pretty stationery, stationery, tk maxx, kate spade stationery, blogger, stationery, pretty things

where to buy pretty stationery, stationery, tk maxx, kate spade stationery, blogger, stationery, pretty things

Something that would always make me look forward to a new school term, would be buying new stationery. Purchasing a pencil case, buying new pens and notepads to write in, and then a new school bag to house them all was terribly exciting for me. Paired with new school shoes, I was ready to tackle the school term head on, and made saying goodbye to the summer holidays that bit easier.

However, I'm no longer at school. But that doesn't mean that stationery still doesn't make me happy. Because honestly, over the past few years I have been a sucker for a pretty notepad, or pen or diary. I have one in every room, which i reach for, when inspiration hits or when I need to draw up a 'To Do' list. Tbh, I spend more time writing to do lists then I probably do doing the stuff on there. Oh life.

The other day, I was in TK Maxx, or TJ Maxx if you're from across the pond, where I came across some seriously pretty stationery. It was laid on in racks which you had to go through individually. With most things being on their own, it was a real treasure hunt and I found a couple of gems. First was this Kate Spade inspired notepad that i just fell in love with. I love black and gold and haven't got a notebook like it.

I also picked up this cute clipboard and pad which I thought would be just perfect for making 'To Do' lists on. I loved the colours and again don't own anything like it so had to get it! I couldn't believe though how many cute things were in there though, and you must go have a look to find some unique stationery.

stationery, pretty stationery, marks and spencer, paper chase, john lewis, kate spade,

I also had a look round the high street and compiled a list of some gorgeous notepads that are on sale right now. Perfect for making notes, writing down your thoughts, or even for just display in the house. You can't go wrong with pretty stationery.

Where's your favourite place to buy stationery from?
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Things You'll Always Find In My Handbag

whats in my handbag, things you'll always find in my handbag, Michael Kors, handbag, selma bag, Michael Kors Selma bag, designer bag,

Girls handbags are basically bottomless pits. Ever watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2? Well Hermione's bag that has everything in and is really tiny? Yeah all girls can do that.

My handbag usually weighs about 2 stone, and has everything apart from the kitchen sink in. But there is always a few essentials that I cannot live without and thought I would share them with you today. Meet my handbag essentials.

micheal kors, micheal kors selma bag, whats in my handbag, handbag essentials, handbag

micheal kors, micheal kors selma bag, whats in my handbag, handbag essentials, handbag

Tissues: I am a grandma and feel lost without a pack of tissues in my handbag. With us now being in May, it's hay fever season, and I constantly have some sort of runny nose/watery eyes. Attractive. Of course tissues help in all situations, needing to wipe down something, if a bird poos on you, spitting out gum when there's no bin, or going to a toilet with no loo roll. Need I go on?

Chewing Gum/Mints: Again couldn't be without these. Basic reasons really why I have these, and well cause you never know who you could bump into on public transport. 

Tablets: I am a walking pharmacy, but I like to be prepared. Paracetamol (in case a headache strikes) Hay fever tablets, Imodium (in the rare chance you eat something dodge) Travel Sickness tablets (cause sometimes the train can make me feel a bit queasy)

Lipstick: Cause well duh.

Powder: I get quite oily through the day so this is great to have with me just in case I need a little matifying.

Anti Bacterial Gel: I'm a germaphobe so this is a must for me. I use it on public transport, before eating, after touching things etc...

Plasters: In case I get a blister or cut or something which probably will happen as I do trip up on my feet 76437 times a day.

Sunglasses: To usually hide my watery hay fever eyes

Headphones: So I can listen to my music and not have to engage in awkward conversation with a stranger.

A Pen: Cause you never know when you might need a pen.

Emergency Snack: In case of a zombie apocalypse, or getting stuck on a train.

Obviously other stuff includes, purse, money, phone, travel wallet & keys.

What's your handbag essentials?
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Ways To Be More Organised With Your Blog.

blogging, how to blog, how to be a productive blogger, blog advice, how to be a blogger, how to be organised, how to be an organised blogger

Writing a blog isn't a dilly dally. I remember it used to be when I first started in 2010. I used to write and post posts when I felt like it, but these days, it's a different story. We've seen blogging change hugely over the past few years, which is great. Blogging is a huge part of how we receive media, and is no longer seen as just a silly internet fad. But this has meant that bloggers have had to up their game, and blogging can seriously seem like a part time job to juggle around full time jobs, and life.

I struggled a lot when I was working full time and blogging. I felt I never had enough time to do anything, and I'd spend all weekend trying to get posts and videos sorted. You can feel out of touch, and that your blog struggles, but recently I've been using some ways to get myself organised, which means you'll have time to not only blog but also to have a life and most importantly a rest!!

Get Inspired! - When you come home in the evenings, you're shattered. You have to make tea, walk the dog, clean, etc... and by the time you hit the sofa you're ready for bed. Even though I was always shattered, I was still able to look on my phone and catch up with the social media updates I'd missed through the day. This is a great time to get inspiration for posts, as I don't know about you, I just cant work by sitting in front of the laptop with a blank page and write post after post. My favourite ways to find inspiration is from Pinterest, Bloglovin and Tumblr. Create a board on Pinterest and pin inspiring blog posts, photos that you like the look of, or anything that will spur on future blog posts. Time Taken- 30 minutes during the week

Plan, Plan, Plan- Once you've got inspired, work out what you want to blog about. I tend to create a calendar on the Numbers app on my MacBook where I will plan out posts for the month. I go back to it as the month goes on, but in this time, I take in dates/occasions and work out if any posts would be relevant. But it just makes things easier to see what you want to blog about. It can be as many times or as little as you like remember. I tend to do 4-5 posts a week as I don't think everyone reads blogs every day, and sometimes I think posting daily means posts can be lost. But I'm not an expert, so post as many times as you desire, don't beat yourself up if you're only planning 1/2 posts a week, it's quality not quantity. Time Taken 30 minutes during the week

Set A Time Slot: One thing I am awful for is procrastinating. So I'll sit with my laptop and be on ASOS, YouTube and Bloglovin rather than blogging. So I tend to set myself a timer, usually 30 mins at a time and try to get as much done in one go. If I'm struggling with social media temptation, I usually close down all tabs and hide my phone, or use a temporary website blocker. But setting yourself a time does help. Set yourself a couple of hours to get your posts done for the week and you're done! Time Taken- 1/2 hours on day off/free :)

Take Photos In Bulk: Again like with the writing, I tend to always take photos in bulk too. I set aside a couple of hours on a sunny day, and get to work. I've already planned what my photos will be, what I want them to look like and what I want in the background. Then I set myself up by the window and get snapping! Taking all my pics in one go, means that when i write my posts they're ready to go in the post and that makes things a lot speedier! Time taken 1/2 hours on day off/free :)

Schedule! I used to post posts then and there but these days I prefer to get everything scheduled. I always schedule posts for midday, as I think then people can have a little read on their lunch break, or when they're home. Then I'll go and schedule all my tweets. Now I won't lie, this is boring, but it will take about half an hour to do. I go to Hootsuite and schedule about 3/4 tweets about my new post for that day. It just means, I don't have to worry in the week about tweeting about my new post cause it's all ready to go! Although scheduled tweets are a bore to read, remember you only see them in your time line for a second, and honestly ever since I knuckled down with putting blog links on Twitter a few times a day, I have noticed such a difference in page views.  Time taken- 30 minutes on day off/free :)

Relax! There we have it, within a few short hours, your posts are written and scheduled for the week, as well as your tweets/facebook posts. Now you can get on with the weekend and not have to worry about your blog :)

What's your favourite ways to be organised with your blog?

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Reasons You're A Better Blogger Than You Think

blogger tips, blogger advice, how to be a better blogger, laptop, macbook, blogger, blogs, how to write a blog, spring, flowers

The blogging world has changed. But of course it was going to right? Back in 2010, when I started blogging, it was a word barely anyone had heard of. When I said 'I write a blog' it was matched with perplexed faces and then followed by 'so what is one of those?' These days though  however, it seems everyone has a blog. Blogging is a new way that people receive media, and bloggers are up there in the influence stakes as sport stars and pop stars. Bloggers and vloggers are pretty much taking over the world.

With this though, comes huge pressure. The pressure to make your blog professional, to have posts that get hundreds of saves on Bloglovin, and posts that have clean crisp photographs. For many this is now their job, their livelihood, and we have entered the world of pro blogging. When you see bloggers doing amazingly well, it can be hard sometimes to not feel crap about your blog. You'll find yourself thinking, why doesn't my blog look like that? Why don't I have as many followers? Etc... but this is such a dangerous road to go down, and shamefully one I have been going down many times lately.

I wanted to write a positive post. A post that I could look back on, to read when I'm feeling a bit of a grump about my blog and when I'm being a bit hard on myself. If you're feeling the same way then I wholeheartedly hope this helps a little :)

1. You have a blog. You've already done something that many people just think of doing but you actually bit the bullet.

2. You've written posts for your blog.

3. You still write posts for your blog. Don't ever feel bad that you can't blog every single day, very few people can and the fact that you manage to write posts now and then is pretty impressive. Always remember quality over quantity.

4. You spend your free time blogging. I started my blog as a hobby, and any time free from uni work/work was spent blogging, and I'm sure it's same for many other bloggers too. That's pretty cool dedicating free time to blog.

5. Blogging isn't easy. You know that, I know that and it doesnt matter what anyone else says.

6. You have more than one person reading your blog who isn't your Mum. Don't compare yourself to bloggers who have enough followers to fill a small country. Even having a handful is an achievement, having people who want to read your work and find it interesting is pretty damn cool.

7. Your posts make people smile, laugh and help them escape reality for a second. 

8. No matter what stage you are at in blogging, whether it's just beginning for you, or you've been doing it for years or maybe this is your job. You're a bloody brilliant blogger. 

It's hard where there's people out there who have millions of followers, whilst you feel like no one is interested in your blog. The truth is that is not true at all. I think that everyone no matter how long they've been blogging  or how many people read their blog, all have days like this. But you need to pick yourself up and give yourself some credit. Blogging is hard. Blogging is not easy. So you keep doing a great job and don't forget to enjoy it. Blogging is supposed to be fun, lighthearted and interesting. Don't compare yourself with others, and beat yourself up about your blog. In my opinion all bloggers deserve a pat on a back, and this is my way of trying to do that.

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New In: Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks , Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks swatches, Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks review, peachy lipstick, too faced, too faced cosmetics, dizzybrunette3, review, make up, drugstore, peachy, summer,

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks , Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks swatches, Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks review, peachy lipstick, too faced, too faced cosmetics, dizzybrunette3, review, make up, drugstore, peachy, summer,

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks , Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks swatches, Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks review, peachy lipstick, too faced, too faced cosmetics, dizzybrunette3, review, make up, drugstore, peachy, summer,

 As soon as Spring rolls around something happens. Nothing too dramatic, just that I tend to bring out the bolder, brighter lipsticks. Out goes the nudes and in comes the corals and the peaches. I mean I'm just living on the wild side aren't I.

Anyways. Too Faced have brought a new collection of lipsticks which are so bright, and pigmented they are perfect for brightening up your make up. The Melted Metal Lipsticks*, are metallic bright lipsticks/lipglosses which are insanely pigmented. Based on the constituency and texture of melted lipsticks, these products are to resemble liquid metal. Pure luxury for your lips.

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks , Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks swatches, Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks review, peachy lipstick, too faced, too faced cosmetics, dizzybrunette3, review, make up, drugstore, peachy, summer,
Swatches- L-R- 
Metallic Debtuante, Violet, Jelly, Peony, Bunny, Tutu, Dreamhouse, Macraon 

With 8 shades from dark purples, to punchy corals to flamingo pinks, there's something for everyone. My favourite shade is Metallic Debutante, a peachy shade which is just perfect for this time of year! Don't be too put off by the metallic names, these aren't like the frosted lipsticks we'd get in our stockings at Christmas in the 90's instead, they have this rich sheen. At first I wasn't sure what to make of these, but after trying them all, I've been bowled over by the pigmentation and texture of these lipstick.

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks , Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks swatches, Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks review, peachy lipstick, too faced, too faced cosmetics, dizzybrunette3, review, make up, drugstore, peachy, summer,
Me wearing metallic debutante :)

I love the applicator, which actually makes applying a bright lipstick quite easy and no need to worry about looking like Miranda Sings here. The lipsticks don't stay on your lips for ages, but they do leave behind a tint on the lips.

After some initial reservations when I first saw these, I am now pretty impressed. With pretty summery shades and an interesting texture, they're worth a look if you like experimenting with your lip colours. If you're a peachy lip fan like myself, you'll love Metallic Debutante.

What's your favourite Spring/Summer lipstick?
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Five Ways To Be More Productive

ways to be more productive, productive, how to avoid procrastination, how to be productive, life advice, lifestyle, dizzybrunette3, blogger

Hands up if you're reading this blog post right now to avoid doing something else? Don't worry, I won't tell, cause I do this as well. Our secret right?

Whether you're putting off cleaning, making dinner, doing some work, or even just life. It seems we're all pretty good at procrastinating. Recently I've been too good at it. I've been finding myself getting stuck behind in my jobs, and my house remaining a pig sty longer than it should, so I've made a vow with myself to try and be more productive.

I have a super short attention span and get bored very easily. So concentrating on one task is a bit difficult for me, but these things down below have really helped me, so I hope they help you too, if like me you're very easy to be distracted!

1. Avoid Procrastination Temptation: For me my distractions are social media. I'll find myself looking on Twitter/Instagram to avoid doing work, or chores. Before I know it, half an hour has passed, and I'm no longer just looking at my feed, I'm stalking someones cousins wife and I'm eight weeks deep into their Instagram feed. We've all been there though right? One thing I do to stop this, is A. use a temporary website blocker on my computer to block social media sites such as Twitter/Facebook. Because I physically can't get on there, it means I won't be distracted by them. Other times, I will hide my phone, and keep it out of sight. I find out of sight of mind, so this helps not get tempted by notifications that pop up or the temptation to have a scroll! 

2. Set a Time Limit: I downloaded app Pomodoro which is a timer app, but you could totally just use your timer on your phone to time yourself and give yourself limits for how long you take on each task. Give yourself 30 minutes to get that blog post written, 20 minutes to hoover round, 15 minutes to reply to emails from today. You'll find yourself wanting to stick to the time and I always say to myself ' once this half an hour is over, this task is done and you can relax.' 

3. Close Down Emails: I always get distracted by emails popping up, so I tend to close my emails so nothing will pop up distracting me. Usually I say to myself that emails don't need replying to straight away so if they have to wait an hour or two so be it. I also close down any tabs that may distract me such as Bloglovin, Tumblr, ASOS and just concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing. 

4. Music: Sometimes I find music distracting, especially if it's one of my favourite albums and I'm singing away to my hearts content. I tend to get Spotify on and look up one of their focus/concentration playlists and pop that on. Because I haven't got a clue what the music is, and also because it's good for helping you to concentrate, I just get on with my work without accidentally typing out the lyrics that I'm singing along to. 

5. Reward Yourself: I don't know about you, but if I tick all my jobs off my 'to do' list, I'll reward myself with a treat. I'll say, right if I can tidy the house, I can sit and watch an episode of whatever I'm watching right now on Netflix. Or I'll finish this blog post and go get some lunch. If I give myself something to look forward to, then I usually get the task done quicker! I am like a child at heart, and this obviously still works for me at 23! 

I do find that sometimes I'm productive at very random times, and sometimes I have to roll with it! I may do a post about how to be a productive blogger if you'd like to see that?

What's your favourite tip to be more productive?
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The Best Things About Blogging.

blogger, blogging, best things about being a blogger, blogger advice,

It's really weird to sit down and think about why I started blogging. I guess it's cause I liked reading them and one day, a random Saturday, decided to start one myself. After a few false starts, I sat down at Henry's laptop on a rainy afternoon and that was it. My blogging fire was ignited and I haven't stopped ever since. After a few random posts here and there, I thought this would be like last time, where I would post a couple of posts and then stop. This time though, I'm still there almost five years later. That is a lot of typing.

I've always loved writing, and I've always loved make up, so the two went hand in hand together, and voila my blog was born. I loved blogging from the get go, and it's still one of my favourite things to do now. In the past five years, blogging has shown me so many more opportunities than I ever imagined. So I thought that I would write today about the best things about blogging.

Cause I don't know about you, but sometimes, it's so easy to get bogged down when you're a blogger. You compare yourself to everyone else, you get writers block, you feel you're the only person who isn't get any amazing opportunities. So today, let's think about the very best things about blogging. Let's enjoy our little spaces on the internet, and stop taking it all so seriously.

  • You Get To Meet Like Minded People: all my life, I've only met a handful of people who have loved the same things as me. But since blogging, I have met and made friends with girls who have exactly the same interests as me. We bonded over make up, and now I have friends who I talk to everyday about everything in my life. It's so nice to talk to people online who love the same things you do. I finally felt I was accepted as all my life, I'd felt like a dizzy person with a shallow interest in make up, so it was so amazing to finally talk to people who got as excited over eyeshadow palettes as I do. 
  • Your Blog Is Your Blog: You have this space on the internet where you can write whatever you damn like. You can write it however you like, and write about whatever you want. There are no reigns. 
  • You Learn New Skills: Before I started blogging, I was basically shit at taking pictures. Okay I still am a bit, but I could barely work a camera. I didn't know how to set up a tripod and a MacBook genuinely scared me. These days though, this is all a breeze. From blogging, I've learnt so many new skills that I wouldn't of without it. From social media knowledge, photography, editing, and writing. I've learnt so much that I never thought I would learn. 
  • You Get To Do Incredible Stuff: As you read this, I'm in Vegas on a blogging trip, Yes that's right VEGAS. Because of my blog. That's bloody crazy. I've been able to do amazing stuff I never imagined, such as meeting celebrities, working with my favourite brands and going on trips. Who knew one day when I started blogging about nail polish that these things would be a possibility? I sure didn't that's for sure. 
  • People Actually Care: This one may seem a bit of a weird one, but for years I felt people didn't get me. Then I started writing a blog and people actually cared about it and what I wrote. Over the years, I've had people comment on here and send emails who get me and my blog. I feel the same when I read blogs, I feel the same way as other bloggers and actually look forward to reading their blogs. Even if one person reads your blog, it's a lovely feeling. You appreciate every person who reads your blog, 
The next time that I feel a bit negative about blogging, I'm going to read this and remember just how good blogging can be. 

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Cute Homeware From Lily Rose Co

what would blair waldorf do, blair waldorf, gossip girl, homeware, cute homeware, lily rose co. interior design, pinterest

what would blair waldorf do, blair waldorf, gossip girl, homeware, cute homeware, lily rose co. interior design, pinterest

what would blair waldorf do, blair waldorf, gossip girl, homeware, cute homeware, lily rose co. interior design, pinterest

what would blair waldorf do, blair waldorf, gossip girl, homeware, cute homeware, lily rose co. interior design, pinterest

I always think you know you're getting older when you get excited about stuff like homeware and cleaning products. Ever since I have been living away from home, I've become obsessed with home ware. From buying copious cushions (Henry moans at me every time I do) and several candles, I cannot get enough. When it comes to birthday's and Christmas, instead of circling things I want in an Argos catalogue (90's kid reference there) I can only think of things like a steam mop, cushions, and trinkets.

I. Am. Officially. Getting. Old.

I love finding new places to buy homeware, and Lily Rose Co

. is one of my favourite places to buy cute knick knacks. I've been meaning to write this post for ages and since then the brand has actually gone under a re brand, and was previously known as Gifts & Pieces.

Selling a number of things from party accessories, to prints, to kitchen accessories, there's something for everyone and I want it all trust me. I've been adding a few things to my Lily Rose Co. collection, and I think they add such a nice touch to my blogging room.

My What Would Blair Waldorf print is one of my favourite things in my room, the gold letters tie in perfectly with my theme and well you all know how much I love Blair. I have also loved writing with my Mean Girls inspired pencils with sayings on such as ' You Go Glen Coco' and 'That's So Fetch.' Every time I write with them, I hear Regina in my head saying 'I know right?'

With the re brand, Abby who runs Lily Rose Co. Kindly sent me a lovely package including a cute bird salt and pepper shaker, which are just adorable. I think I'll keep these safe till we have a lovely big kitchen which I hope will be one of these days. Then this lovely heart which I hang from my noticeboard to look at, and this gold pineapple which you may have seen featured in some of my blog photos. It's perfect for summer, and of course nails the pineapple trend which is big right now.

I can't get enough and I'm sure once I'm home from Vegas, I'll be doing another order as I feel having a little summer revamp for the house :) where's your favourite places to buy home ware from?
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I'm Going On An Adventure.

trek america, holiday, vegas, trip to vegas, blogger trip, dizzybrunette3 holiday, i trek here, trek america trip

I can't quite believe this even as I type this out, but today I can finally tell you all about something that I've been keeping under wraps since February. Let's rewind shall we? An email popped into my inbox one dark dingy February afternoon, I looked up from whatever I was doing to see it was from a company called Trek America and they wanted to tell me about their blogger and YouTuber trip to Vegas. I just skimmed it and thought it was them  wanting me to promote it. It had been one of those weeks where I'd received email after email about brands wanting me to do stuff for nothing, I was getting fed up and thought this was another one of those emails. But I re read it and in fact they were inviting me on their trip to Vegas. What the actual.

It was one of those moments where I screenshotted it and sent it to Henry with a WTF? He replied with an expletive as just a few short days before, Henry had said this kind of trip was his dream one. As you probably know by now, I'm quite a home bird. I like staying in, I like the company of Frank, and Henry and I'm not that adventurous. But this was my chance to be adventurous and do something I never thought I would do.

After talking to my parents who urged me to go, and Henry, I replied with yes, I want to come. That was back in February and now it's just a few short days till I get on a plane at Gatwick to start an adventure in Vegas with Trek America.

I'm going with 9 other bloggers and YouTubers, and for ten days we'll be exploring Vegas, national parks and seeing some rather amazing sights. It's somewhere I never thought I'd go, and definitely not by myself. I go from being excited to nervous to anxious. It's a fun cycle and one I've been doing since February. Ha Ha.

I will be blogging, vlogging, tweeting, and instagramming throughout the trip. We'll be travelling back and forth in a bus with fitted wifi so I'll be able to update you all throughout the ten days. But I think I'll probably leave the vlogs till I get home as I'm not sure what the wi-fi will be like upload wise. But you can follow me on Twitter/Instagram and I'll even try get a post up here and there if I've got time to check in and let you know how I'm getting on. Check out the hashtag #ITrekHere for updates on what we're all doing.

I'm so excited I can finally talk about the trip though, I was sworn to secrecy for months, and I've been dying to say this is what I'm doing. I need to get my case ready, and tbh I have no idea what I've let myself in for as I will be camping for a few of the nights whilst I'm away. But I felt like this was a great opportunity to take myself out of my comfort zone and do something completely different. And as my friend Sarah said ' think of this as something to tell the grand kids. The story of that time you almost went to Vegas doesn't sound as good does it?'

I wish I could stop worrying, but I am a little worry wort, I'm hoping that if I do get homesick, it will only last a couple of days, and I will be making Henry send me pics and updates of Frank most days. We'll have a film crew following us around who'll be uploading videos daily of what we get up to on the Trek America YouTube channel, so you can see a snippet of the days events then. Also there will be competitions whilst we're away on the social and YouTube for Trek where you can win stuff such as a GoPro, Beats Headphones and even the chance to win a trip on the trail we're doing ourselves. So keep your eyes peeled as you have to be in it to win it!

Even though I am feeling a bit nervy about it all, I feel incredibly lucky to be invited on such an epic trip. I never imagined when I started blogging that it could lead to something like this, I thought I'd get a free nail polish if I was lucky, not a 10 day trip to Vegas! Although I wish I could bring Henry along with me, I'm excited about meeting some new bloggers and hopefully making friends with them.

So now I need to go back to scheduling everything and well packing. I'm trying to wonder just how many denim shorts a girl needs, so far I'm thinking 4? Hahah. But yes, I'm off on an adventure, and I cant wait to share it all with you!!
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