Friday, 15 August 2014

Beauty Wishlist #1

Isn't it always the way that when you're supposed to be saving, you want loads of different things? Of course none of the things on my wish list are necessary but where's the fun in that? Recently I have been after some new additions to my make up collection, and well a lot of them are from the more luxury side of things. Oh dear. 

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set: I have been eyeing up this set for so long, as I am in dire need of some new brushes. I think I have one eyeshadow brush that I actually like? And that's a bit shocking. I've not bought a new set of brushes for probably a couple of years and all the good reviews of these are making me very tempted to put in an order. I also love the Rose Gold design, I just think they'd look really pretty which I know isn't everything when it comes to brushes, but sure does help! I am so close to ordering these and not sure how much longer I can hold off! 

Charlotte Tilbury: Lip Cheat Liner:  Pillow Talk: I've been after a good lip liner for some time, especially after stalking Kylie Jenner's instagram most days. This lip liner looks like the perfect nude, I imagine you can fill in your lips to make them look bigger and then colour them in for a long-lasting nude colour. After seeing Amelia and then my friend Sam pick this up, I may have to be a sheep and follow suit. 

Charlotte Tilbury: Filmstar & Glow: I do love a contour and a highlight so this contour palette from make up artist Charlotte Tilbury's line has been on my wish list for a good few months. However the price does slightly make me wince hence why I haven't bitten the bullet yet. Everyone raves about this palette, but I am not sure if it will really give me the Kim Kardashian cheekbones I desire. 

The Balm: Betty Lou Manizer: This glowy bronze highlighter, is something that I saw Teni use in one of her videos, and I made a vow that I had to get it too. You guys know me, I love a highlighter and I love bronzer so surely this like my perfect product. 

Nars Blush: Douceur: We're going to blame this craving on Suzie, who used this blush in one of her latest videos and I just fell in love it. It seems to be like a nude, peachy pink blush which is very natural and perfect for just adding a little colour to your cheeks. Dare I say it, I'm in a rut with blushers and I think this natural blush would be perfect for the transition from summer to Autumn. Yes I went there. 

YSL: Fusion Ink Foundation: This foundation is high on my wish list as it sounds blooming amazing. I love the YSL Touche Eclat foundation, and this seems to be an even better version. With some kind of amazing technology that means the ingredients soak up sebum aka oil, it seems like it's going to be an amazing foundation for oily skinned girls. Touche Eclat does work for oily skins but you do have to be prepared to powder, but this may be a bit more suited which sounds fab! I always love the colour ranges in YSL with B40/50 being a pretty perfect match for me. I think it gets released this week, and  my bank card is already cowering. 

So there are my current beauty wish list items, will I be good and leave them on my list or will I be naughty? Hmmm I guess we'll just have to wait and see :) hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Homeware Haul

You know you're getting old when you get excited about homeware shopping, the other day I got excited about plates. Yes plates. But they did have hearts on, so y'know excitement justified. Homebase very kindly sent me some vouchers to spend on some new things for the house. I do love nice knicks and knacks for around the home, and I was having a craving for a few new bits. So this is what I bought, as well as the video with all the items I bought :)

Candles- I fell in love with this heart candle holder, can you tell I have a thing for hearts? Just another  candle accessory for the house, but I just couldn't resist it.

Coconut candle- My favourite smell like in the whole wide world is coconut, and I've been yet to find a really nice coconut candle, and this candle was just £4 which I could barely say no to. It's as big as the large Yankee Candles and smells like suncream but for a quarter for the price, what a barg.

Morphy Richards Kettle and Toaster: We desperately needed a new kettle and toaster as ours was looking a bit worse for wear. A lovely lime green colour and the kettle was full of limescale, we thought it was about time we treated ourselves. The toaster has four slices for toast! Yes four slices, this is big news in our household!

Wooden spoons: Yes wooden spoons, how exciting, but when you have a sneaky labradoodle who steals them when you're not looking we were in dire need of some new ones.

We also got some other new bits, but they are in my haul video below :) Let me know if you'd like to see more home type posts for me, as I'm sure I can get something arranged!

*This was post was in collaboration with Homebase. However all opinions are my own, and I chose the items for the house which were all things that I needed!*

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Style: My Favourite Accessories

I've never been a huge one for jewellery. I went through a phase of wearing ridiculously big rings during the age of about 16-18 and then last year, I was loving statement necklaces. Lately, I've been going for more subtle accessories, is this a sign I am becoming grown up? I thought I would show you, exactly what jewellery I wear most days, and in a strange twist of fate, I am all about the gold right now!

First of all we have my new baby, my Micheal Kors watch. I have been wanting a proper watch for sometime now, and I decided a few months ago, I wanted a gold watch, and I was supposed to buy one when I went to America earlier in the year. Anyways, I ended up not having enough money, lol whoops, so the watch had to wait. With this in mind, I decided that if i was lucky enough to receive any birthday money, I would spend it on a watch. I always end up just putting birthday money into my savings, and never actually spending it, so I thought 'you know what, I'm going to treat myself!' I bought my watch from Ernest Jones, and it was in the sale which was even better :) although it took me a while to get used to this big gold thing on my wrist, I feel lost without it now. I also feel that the watch adds a bit more to a boring outfit, although I know it's not to everyone's taste, I love it.

I have been going through a phase of loving dainty necklaces, I think paired with a v-neck top they look really nice. Astrid & Miyu are one of my favourite jewellery brands, as they always sell really lovely jewellery that is a little different to other jewellery on the high street. I love this charm necklace* as it's really dainty but the diamante charm really stands out still. Definitely my favourite necklace at the moment.

We may as well continue the Astrid & Miyu love, and this ring, is something I've also been wearing a lot of lately. It's a midi ring* on me, but then again I do have sausage fingers! I love the gold and diamante design which still looks really delicate and classy. Although I tend to not wear this every day as the amount of midi rings I have lost, I could probably count on two hands and this is way too pretty to lose. So this is reserved for more special occasions!

Finally I've been getting a bit more adventurous with my sunglasses, prior to these, I was an aviators girl through and through, and although they will always be my favourite style, I have been enjoying using these RayBan Clubmasters. I wasn't sure at first if they'd suit me, but I actually really like them, and although Henry said they gave me a round face (rude) but I really like them. I feel they're a bit more classier than aviators, and I literally can't stop wearing them!

So that's my current favourite jewellery pieces, I'm really getting into more delicate pieces and I'm sure my collection will be added too very soon :)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Video: July Favourites

Typical Corrie, I have left my favourites a little later than normal this month, but hey, better late than never right? This month I have been shopping my stash and enjoying some oldies from my collection, as well as a new foundation and luxury concealer that don't go cakey. Hallelujah! I've also discovered some new spot fighting products from Freederm, and yes I have been using face wipes. But in a new way than before! I've also been trying to tackle the cellulite and listening to my new favourite not a boyband band 5SOS on repeat. So I hope you like the video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already, as I'm going to be uploading twice a week so that's two new videos a week :) hope you all had a great July! :)

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