Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Backstage at LFW with St. Tropez

I've been almost blogging for four years (crazy where does the time go?) and I have never attended fashion week. To be honest I just don't get it, do you have to apply for tickets or do you just get invites? I was never sure, and to be honest I'm not exactly the most fashion-y of people. However a few weeks ago, I got an invite from St.Tropez asking if I would like to go backstage with them at the House of Holland show. I of course said yes, and jumped at the chance. I usually only look forward to two shows at LFW and that's the HOH show and the Topshop one. Of course checking out the FROW is just as exciting, and I was excited to see what goes on backstage at one of these huge shows.

I was ushered into the backstage area which was bustling with beautiful models (never have I felt more like a Borrower) hoards of hair and make up artists, Henry Holland himself running around and tucked in the corner the St. Tropez team with their pop up tents. I spoke to Nichola Joss who is St.Tropez's Global Tanning & Skin Finishing Ambassador, who explained to me the look they were applying to the models. The official term for the models tan was 'the woodstock glow' which is essentially the look you have after spending the weekend at a festival in the sun or say you have been walking around in the sun all day. The tans were matte, deep and dark, something that the team were excited by as they could really go to town applying the tan! The Instant Tan in Medium/Dark was sprayed onto the models, however you could achieve the same look by buffing it in with a mitt. To then finish the look, the Powder Bronzer Matte was applied to areas such as shoulders, knees and where ever the sun may naturally hit to make the look more natural. The girls tan looked really sun kissed, and although an instant tan was used the tan is waterproof so is perfect for tanning in a rush, or if you're going on a night out! 

After getting the lowdown on the tans, I snooped around the make up and hair area, where the models were being pampered by MAC and ghd. Natural dewy skin was the base of choice, but a sparkly blue eye was applied to the models which looked amazing! It sounds like something that shouldn't work but totally does! The girls hair was left quite natural with some wave. I caught a peek of the girls before they hit the runway and the pieces looked amazing, very hippy,70's folk inspired. I fell in love with a bright orange two piece which of course looked fab with the tans, and a gorgeous blue skater dress. 

This is what I wore btw;
Top: Peacocks 
Skirt: Topshop 

Being backstage was pretty mental, with so many people bustling about, I wasn't quite sure where to put myself! But it was fun to see what goes on behind the scenes, and thank you to St.Tropez for inviting little old me! 

Sunday, 14 September 2014

New Favourite Spot Products: Freederm

Hey Hey! Sorry things have been a bit sparse over here in the past few weeks! Sometimes life gets in the way, but I am hoping to get back into blogging and wanted to tell you about some new spot products that have been helping with breakouts lately! 
Throughout July I was breaking out all over the place, it really wasn’t pleasant! Also during this time, I ran out of basically all my skincare products and on top of my list was to find an effective spot treatment that would help hurry along the process of spots healing up. I had to do something as some of the spots I was getting were big enough to be a second head. Seriously not cool. I turned to Freederm which is one of the more popular spot skincare brands. I have been trying out two products from them; the Fast Track which is a spot treatment and I picked up some of the Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes too. 

I used these products for a good few weeks and was really impressed with them. First of all let’s start with the Deep Pore Cleansing Wipes which I picked up for using when working out, as when I go to the gym/swim or come home to workout the last thing I want to be doing is my proper cleanse to take my make up off. So these just take away my make up meaning I’m not working out with a full face of make up and then once I’m home/finished I do my cleanse as normal. It’s quite rare to find wipes that are suited for spot prone skin, and they include anti bacterial ingredients to deep cleanse the pores and fight bacteria that causes spots. they are great for on the go and my skin always feels clean and fresh after using them! A gym bag staple! 

The Fast Track spot treatment is what I’ve been using as an overnight treatment on pesky spots that need taking down a peg or two! After cleansing I apply this treatment and leave it to settle over night, and by morning they are significantly smaller and less angry and red. Whilst the product claims to reduce size in three hours, I find using it overnight works best and I even apply this under make up to work through the day! 

Both these products have been working wonders for my breakouts! Thankfully during August my skin calmed down but if you’re looking for a budget friendly spot range, I’d definitely try Freederm. You can get the products from places like Boots, Superdrug and Tesco :)

Have you ever used Freederm products? What’s your favourite?

Thursday, 28 August 2014

My New Miracle Hair Product...

Jennifer Aniston was probably my first ever girl crush. I grew up watching Friends so throughout the 90's and early 00's I always admired her perfect hair *hands up who else longed for the Rachel hair cut?* Even now she still has pretty perfect hair, so when I heard that the hair brand that she co owns was coming to the UK, I was pretty excited. Living Proof is pretty big stateside, and I have heard good things about the products. However not being readily available in the UK meant that I didn't read too much into them as I didn't want to make myself jealous that I couldn't buy them. However recently Cult Beauty have started to stock the products so this was my chance to try some of the most hailed Living Proof products.

The Prime Style Extender* was something I knew I just had to try, it's something than Jen An swears by, and well if it's good enough for her... having long, thick hair means that some days when I style my hair, it can fall flat and look like rats tails within about 1 hour. I'm always on the lookout for that product that keeps my hair looking styled all day long. The prime style extender has special ingredients that help to keep hydrogen bonds in place, now these are the in the hair fibre that are set when we style our hair, whether it's with heat or water, etc. And these bonds keep the hair in place, so within the Prime Style Extender is ingredients which help to keep those bonds in place for twice as long, meaning that your waves, curls, etc stay in place for double the time. The formula also repels dirt meaning that hair is left looking cleaner for longer, and helps to protect the hair from UV rays and heat protects your hair too. It sounds pretty perfect yes? But it does it actually work?

I was dubious how this would work, and when the directions say apply generously to your hair from roots to ends, I was a bit like :O. Applying a hair product to your roots? Say whatttt. However I needn't have worried, this formula is so lightweight you needn't worry about greasy sticky roots like some hair products leave your hair. Your hair is left feeling weightless, shiny, and soft. I literally could stroke my hair all day long. But of course the main thing is, does it keep styles lasting longer? Well I have one word for that YES! I have day one hair fear, as when I wash my hair, as soon as I style it my curls will fall out within minutes. Day one hair is reserved for top knots and fishtail plaits for me. This means I really put off washing my hair, as my hair works better when it's slightly dirty. Grim but true. However when I use this, I wash my hair, blow dry, and then put in my rollers, no joke my hair lasts pretty much all day. Yes my hair isn't as big as it was to start but there is still waves unlike when I don't use this my falls polka straight within the hour. I was impressed, I was like 'how can this be?' For me this is a bit of a miracle hair product for me, I actually enjoy washing my hair now, honestly never thought this would happen!

I've also been trying a few other bits from the range including the No Frizz Discovery Kit* which is  a travel shampoo, conditioner and leave in cream for frizz free hair. Although I am saving this for next time I go away, as the travel sizes are so cute, I have used this and it makes my hair feel so soft and of course frizz free. What I have learnt is that the Living Proof products really are lovely, and if you're into hair care (and Jennifer Aniston) I'd definitely give these a go. So now I am going to go... and probably wash my hair. Who'd of thought it eh!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Video: Back To School Hair Tutorial


Been a bit of a slacker in the past week with blog posts, I've been a pretty busy bee with work and all so unfortunately blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Do you ever lose your blogging mojo and just literally can't sit in from the laptop to write? Well that's what I've had! However hopefully some things will be changing soon, so I can get myself more organised and back into a regular routine! I managed to get some videos filmed over the weekend *hoorah* and one of them was a back to school hair tutorial video. I think that schools are going back pretty soon here in the UK and when I was at school I always wanted to try new hair styles that weren't too complicated or took much time. After all every minute of sleep is precious!! I've done a video showing three hair styles that I do when I haven't got a lot of time, or can't really be bothered. There's a messy french, but not french braid, a messy quiff and a messy fishtail plait. When I can't be bothered to curl my hair, I always turn to one of these hair styles!

I hope you like the video, and hopefully I'll be back soon with new blog posts! I have been quite good with videos though, and I'm going to try keep up the twice a week videos, so don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out. Well you won't be missing out much but y'know you catch my drift! If you are going back to school soon, I wish you loads of luck and hopefully it isn't too boring!!

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