Thursday, 23 October 2014

Style: The Snuggly Jumper

Jumper: Missguided
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Zara 

I hope you're ready for another exciting outfit post! Whenever Autumn comes around, I always invest in some new knitwear. Being someone who is pretty much cold 90% of the time (and the other 10% I'm too hot) I have to invest in jumpers and cardigans or I would literally walk round a shade of blue and possibly look like one of those avatar creatures. This year I couldn't resist these off the shoulder jumpers from Missguided. I'm always partial to an off the shoulder top, and I thought these were a little more interesting than the usual run of the mill jumpers.

However these might not be the best for when the real winter comes as you do have your shoulders out, but for the time being, they are keeping me pretty snuggly. I do struggle to wear them under my leather jacket as altogether, I look a little like the Michelin man! Not a good look I tell you! I'm tempted to get the cream version too as well it's a bit livelier to my current wardrobe which is all black! I tend to wear these with ripped jeans and boots usually! It's a real lazy day outfit but with added warmth! :)

*Big thank you to Lindsay for taking these outfit photos for me :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Barry M's New Autumn Nail Colours

From L-R Nightshade, Ballerina and Vintage Violet

I have been a big fan of Barry M nail polishes for a fair few years. I used to stalk the counter looking for new releases every few weeks back in the day, and new seasonal colours always made me go a little giddy. This year's Autumn collection made me very excited and made me feel 17 again and took me right back to being in Boots! Three new colours have been added to the Barry M main nail collection, which are all priced at £2.99 each, meaning they are a real bargain.

The new releases consist of a dark black/purple called Nightshade, Vintage Violet a dusky mid toned purple and Ballerina, a dusky baby pink. The colours are girly and perfect for Autumn and when used with a good base and top coat can last a good three days without chipping which isn't bad for a nail polish that costs under £3! Vintage Violet is my favourite colour from the new releases as it's an unusual purple and I don't have a another nail colour like that in my collection.

If you're into purple and pink nail colours and wanted an autumn revamp on those colours, I definitely would check these out! They are available in Superdrug already :) so what are you waiting for!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Budget Beauty: Make Up Revolution's Give Them Nightmares Palette

Halloween is an event that I don't usually partake in. Unless I have a party to go too, I don't tend to dress up as that may be a little sad, I'm sure you can imagine me and Frankie sitting in our costumes watching the TV. However this year, I am actually going to a Halloween party (photos to come) and something I forgot is that how much money Halloween can actually cost. From party arrangements, to costumes, it can end up costing you a small fortune for the one night. What I'll say is to try do everything on a budget, for example the dress I've ordered for my costume was in the ASOS sale and cost £11. You can also go for budget make up, and this palette from Make Up Revolution definitely ticks both the Halloween and budget box. 

The Give Them Nightmares palette* consists of 18 colours which are a mixture of green, blues, purples and greys. Perfect for creating smokey Halloween eyes. There are shimmery colours with flecks of glitter and matte shades, so you can create whatever look you like. Although the palette is just £6, all the colours are insanely pigmented and are really blend able too. In fact you could even use this palette post Halloween, for wintery smokey eyes! I've been really impressed with this palette and will definitely be using it in prep for the Halloween party I'm going to :) so let me know, what are you dressing as this year? 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Frankie's Pamper Day

Hi guys, it's me Frankie here. If you don't know who I am, then get out.

I am just joking, I am a dog, a labradoodle and today I have taken over the reigns of this blog to tell you all about my visit to The Groom Room at Pets At Home. My Mum/owner got an email from Pets At Home, telling her all about their new grooming services in selected Pets At Home branches, which is totally my favourite shop btw. I love it so much that I tried to do a wee last time I was in there. Hehe.

Being a labradoodle, I'm quite high maintenance when it comes to grooming, I need to be brushed once a day, thought I don't like this and will run away from my Mum when she comes out with the brush. Ha I'm such a lad. I also can get quite matted with my fur so after a couple of months since my Dad went loose with the clippers on me. ( I looked like a shorn sheep I tell ya for the whole of August) we thought it might be a good idea to visit The Groom Room to get me all pampered for Autumn.

This is me before and after. 

We went to the Andover branch, and the lady there was really nice. She asked what I'd like to have done, sadly my mum said no to a bright blue Mohican that I suggested, so she and my Dad made the decision. Boring! I was a bit anxious, because I don't like not being with my owners, but the lady was really nice and calm and after my owners went, I started to feel a bit better and started to enjoy my pamper session.

I was bathed, dried, had my nails clipped and was clipped. I was just trimmed as it's getting colder and I didn't want to lose my fluffy jumper, they also trimmed around my face so I could see again and had a general tidy up. I was all done in two hours, and my owners came back to collect me. They were really impressed with how I looked, and how soft I felt. I tell ya, if I could stroke myself, I would've done!

(This is me jumping for joy at how good I look) 

Gosh I'm good looking.

My owners were really impressed with how speedy The Groom Room were grooming me, and how efficient and good value the service was. We've been to groomers before who have made me stand all day to be groomed, or have had waiting lists for about 63327327 years. I think we'll definitely go back to The Groom Room and Pets At Home, even sent some nice products to use when it's bath time. I tell you, the Pet Head Strawberry conditioner smells yummy enough to eat. I did try to eat it and it tasted very soapy so don't actually eat it.

Now I'm going to leave the laptop as I have some important business to attend to; chasing my own tail.

Lots of love Frankie x

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