Style: Winter Walks

Coat: ASOS
Jeans: Topshop
Necklaces: Astrid & Miyu*

One thing that didn't really cross my mind too much when we got Frankie, was the fact that I would in fact have to walk him every single day. That means walking in rain and shine, snow or wind because well he's basically the same size as me and that's a lot of dog to be bounding round the house if he's bored. Now that I'm self employed, I have taken over the role of dog walking. Sometimes I enjoy it (on a dry not too cold day) as it gets me out of the house and gives me time to think, though other days, I will literally be turning into an icicle, and embarrassingly picking up dog poo from a main road which Frankie loves to choose as a toilet destination.

Finding the right stuff to wear when walking is hard, I tend to obviously not dress up, and go for layers to keep warm. I usually walk in jeans, my Leigh jeans are super soft and stretchy meaning they are really comfortable, usually some sort of jumper, and then a big coat. Footwear can be a little more difficult, but I tend to go between some converse and these new Hunter ankle wellie boots that I have. Looking like a regular Chelsea boot, these Hunter wellies are perfect for throwing on with jeans. I can sometimes find normal wellies,  a bit heavy to walk in so these are perfect as they are lighter. You could also wear them with normal clothes on rainy days without them looking to out of place.

For extra cold days, I add a scarf and gloves, and I always wear thick socks with my Hunter wellies as the sides can be quite sharp on your old ankles. Et voila, my dog walking gear that hopefully isn't too unfashionable but actually keeps me warm and dry! Hey maybe dog walking isn't that bad after all...
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The Best of Glitter Nails

 Barry M : Twilight*
Barry M : Starlight*
Barry M : Fashion Icon*
Essie: A Cut Above
Models Own: Pink Fizz
Ciate: Twinkle Toes

As soon as Christmas comes around, I dig out one thing. Is it the eggnog? Nope (and I've never even had eggnog so don't even know why I said that) Is it my Christmas jumper? Well yes but still not the right answer. I tell you what, I'll put you out of your misery and just tell you. It's glitter nail polishes. Oh yes, Christmas is the one time where you can go all out with the glitter and no one can say anything. From glitter eyeliner, to even glitter hair spray, the world goes a little glitter mad in the name of Christmas. Why we love glitter at Christmas, I'm not too sure, but if you cant beat them, join them.

Glitter nails are something I always try to rock around Christmas. I am usually quite boring with my nail polish colours and lately I have been favouring dark colours such as black or purple so a touch of glitter just livens everything up. I have a collection of glitters that I always dig out, and the majority of them are quite cheap too which is good considering that I only use them for about four weeks of the year.

The pro's of glitters are that they last a long time on your nails, they seem to be a super strength top coat, but the con is of course taking them off. You will literally sit for hours scrubbing with your nail polish remover, using tin foil wrapped around soaked cotton wool helps, or you could do what I sometimes very naughtily do, and peel them off. But don't let anyone hear, I've told you that. I've been loving these new glitters from Barry M this year so far, they have chunky glitter particles for a 3D effect, I also love Essie's A Cut Above, a girly chunky glitter, in fact their winter collection is five glitters, so check that out if you're after a new glam Christmas glitter. An old favourite is Models Own Pink Fizz, something I have used for years, and is a typical thick pink glitter nail polish, think Barbie has vomited everywhere. I also have a Ciate glitter called Twinkle Toes which is a loose glitter (ooh scary) which you can add to your nails by pouring over a top coat. This is for the slightly more steady handed and you need to do it over some paper or things will get seriously glittery. I love the holographic effect of this glitter though, and it's worth the patience.

These are what I'll be wearing on my nails in the lead up to Christmas, yes a little tacky and a bugger to get off, but ever so pretty and lets be honest who doesn't love being a disco ball at Christmas?
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Christmas in London

Last week I went to London for a couple of days. Although I visit London, quite frequently for work, I rarely spend time going round central London, or doing the touristy bits that people like to do when visiting the capital. With Henry in meetings for two days, I found an excuse to be a little tourist for a couple of days, and well what a perfect time to go, when London is decked out in Christmas decorations.

I rarely ever go shopping in London, mainly because it's so damn busy, to be honest I hate any busy shop, so I knew that I wasn't going to get a lot but it was nice to visit the likes of Harrods and Hamley's to see their Christmas decorations and soak in the atmosphere. I pottered down Carnaby Street and found american store Brandy Melville. Amazingly the shop was practically empty so I shopped to my hearts content and managed to leave with a bag full. Whoops. I fell in love with basically everything, as it's very simple, a lot of dark colours and well everything was just what I like right now. I could of bought the whole shop if I was honest. I also visited Victoria's Secret of course on Bond Street, and that shop is just beautiful. I have decided that after seeing the pictures from the latest fashion show that I will be making a more conscious effort to work out.

We also visited Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, which was full of christmas market stalls and fairground rides, I loved the atmosphere and the smell of all the doughnuts and crepes, but sadly it was raining meaning we didn't hang around too long, but I loved walking round and feeling all Christmas-y. We had a really lovely stay in London, and I just loved walking around soaking up the decorations and the hustle and bustle of the city. If you'd like to see my vlogs of us in London, you can do here and well you can see what I'm getting up to in general this December (not a lot) on my YT channel :)
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The Soap & Glory Gift You'll Want Under Your Christmas Tree

Every year, I wait with baited breath to find out when the big Soap & Glory bundle is going on sale in Boots. Usually full of the best sellers, it's usually something that I will go and buy three of, as most of the women in my family love S&G,  and also I do that thing of.. ' one for you, one for me.' This year's offering is called The Next Big Thing and comes in a limited edition box. It's also full of a whopping ten products, worth a retail value of £76 but only costing a steal at £29.

With ten products including favourites such as The Righteous Butter, Orangeasm, Sugar Crush Scrub, and Whipped Clean, there isn't a duff product amongst the lot. Even the Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss in a nice nude *dare I say it Kylie Jenner esq shade* that most people will love. The box is also super pretty and is designed by London Fashion Doodler Hattie Stewart. There are two box designs, one for in store and the other online, so pick your favourite and then either get your elbows or keyboard out! Both designs are very cute and will be handy for storing things afterwards :)

For under £30, I think this gift set is such a good buy, and I'm sure like many others, I will be at the doors of Boots to buy a couple more for gifts for Christmas. If you're struggling for gift ideas then just pick up one of these and know you'll be in the recipients good books for the next year.

The Next Big Thing By Hattie Stewart will be on sale in Boots instore and online on Friday 12th December,  but they're only available whilst stocks last, be ready for 9 am tomorrow morning ladies!
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He Was A Skater Boy.

Jacket: Warehouse
Top: Mee Mee
Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: Zara 

So I recently made a 00's playlist on Spotify. It includes all my fave songs from growing up, from cheese, to emo/angst songs. It reminds me of my teenage years and well I think I may have been listening to, too much of Avril Lavigne ( yes you can't have a 00's playlist without a bit of Avril) as I feel this outfit is very much inspired haha. Well minus the tie obviously.

As you may know, I have been living in ripped jeans, and well I think I counted the other day, I have two pairs sans rips. I know, who'd of thought it. However with the now cold weather we are having, my poor knees are getting very cold, oh and I also keep forgetting about the fact my knees are showing so when I do a lazy fake tan (top half only) I forget and then I have pasty knees. However ripped jeans problems over (hey maybe that's an idea for a gif post. lol just joking. kind of) I still love them, and I will still continue to. I've been getting into more casual wear this year, and tees and checked shirts are something I am wearing a lot of lately. This shirt is from Primark and it's actually from the men's department. I know, officially dressing like a boy. But I loved the print and colours, this tee is from Mee Mee and I love the vintage effect of it. I feel it almost has that band tee vibe about it but not if that makes sense. As I feel I can't really pull of the whole band tee thing.

Then we move onto my new boots. (Que the angels singing hallelujah) I found these on the Zara website for in my opinion a bargnious £29.99. Now I did say, I wasn't going to buy any heeled boots this year, but in my defence, the boots I bought last year and love, have a Frankie shaped bite mark out of the front of them. Yes my boot is missing a chunk. I wore these to the Kim Kardashian event, and realised I needed to get new boots, I mean people may think that I got hungry and took a bite. It's too risky. However I thought these were a good price, and I love the design of them. I feel they're very tumblr. I don't know how I've got to that impression but we'll roll with it.

I wore this outfit, to a trip to Salisbury, Christmas Shopping, and we found this park on the way back (as we couldn't find the cathedral for pretty pictures, and it was raining) and found this rather colourful skate park. I feel everything is getting a little Avril Lavigney, but I loved the colours and thought it may be a slightly different background to the usual trees, that I stand next to.

So this is my current casual attire, layers, and men's clothes. My next mission is to find a winter coat, I am struggling, I tell ya. Any fellow petite ladies, shout out if there's any coat recommendations!

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Beauty Hacks #1

I've always been obsessed with beauty. But sometimes I can find myself in a beauty emergency. From orange hands to awful breakouts, we've all been in the position of 'ah crap how am I going to sort this out?' I thought it might be fun to write down some hacks I've been doing since I was knee high to a grasshopper (ha I've not said that phrase in a very long time, let's bring it back) and well I'm sure I have many more to reveal, so I'm sure there will be another one of these posts to follow :) 
  • Use a cold flannel on tired eyes in the morning
  • Use an exfoliator on ingrown hairs (works a treat on bikini line, tmi I know)
  • Leave some of your face mask especially if clay as an overnight spot treatment
  • Spray hairspray on your hair before you style it
  • Use dry shampoo for extra volume
  • Use concealer to conceal stray eyebrow hairs
  • When contouring your nose never let the bronzer blend down the side of your nose as this makes it look wider.
  • For under the skin spots/cysts press a hot flannel on it and then a cold flannel to reduce size
  • Moisturise twice a day to keep a tan and use an oil free moisturiser to keep it lasting longer
  • If you want your fake tan to last, avoid baths and choose showers instead 
  • Woken up with orange hands? Wash your hands with toothpaste to help fade them 
  • Using a primer will help your make up to last longer, my favourite is The Body Shop Tea Tree primer. 
  • Use a nude eyeliner inside the waterline to make your eyes more awake (Rimmel do a great one) 
  • Use a piece of paper to perfect winged eyeliner. Hold a straight edge where you want your flick to be and draw along the straight line, then go back on the line and back to the lash line in an almost triangle shape and voila perfect winged liner! 
  • Always use a topcoat for nail polish as well as a speed dry nail polish, (my current faves are Sally Hensen and Bourjois for top coats) 
  • Use the jagged side of a kirby grip face down in your hair, as it secures the hair tighter
  • Apply more top coat to the top of your nails as this is where the most chips will happen
  • If you've dyed your hair and it's too dark, use head and shoulders on it to lighten it up

Let me know if you have any beauty hacks that I need to add to my list.. :)
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A gift guide for every girl

With Christmas creeping closer every day, it's time to dig out the elbows and the purse. Why you may ask? Because it's officially Christmas shopping time. Okay so if you've been super organised you may have all your presents wrapped and ready to go. I haven't been so organised this year, and even though I love the Christmas period, I've just struggled to get into the Christmas shopping mood. If you're like me and feeling a little Scrooge (if I dare say) then this gift guide may help. I did a gift guide like this last year, and it proved quite popular so thought it might be worth doing again. It's the gift guide for those diffucult people that you're not sure what to buy. I've included three generic types of people with some gift ideas, I hope it comes in some help for someone :)

For The Cool Girls 
The Cool Girls who awe you with their coolness. In fact you wonder what on earth you buy them. If you want to go for generic, gift vouchers will probably go down a treat, try vouchers for Urban Outfitters, MAC, Topshop, etc... Other than that here is a few gift ideas, from a cool bleach hair kit, to pretty necklaces you can layer. 

The Girly Girl: Think your little sister, cousin or girly friend. She loves the colour pink and Disney. River Island have an array of cute gifts, as well as Lush, this Candy gift set would be perfect! Also maybe look at Zoe's book as I'm sure she'll be a Zoe fan, and Benefit have some nice kits which are also really pretty and are sure to look lovely in their make up collection.

Dressing Gown
1D Book
Zoe Sugg Girl Online Book
Lush Candy Gift Set
Jack Wills Coffee Cup 
Benefit Blush Kit

The Girl Who Has Everything; Think your older sister, best friend, etc.. the girl who has everything. She's a little older and likes the little luxuries in life. From gorgeous candles, to pretty make up brushes, this is the kind of thing that will be up her street. Or perhaps treat her to a personalised notebook for her thoughts.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze & Glow
Initial Name Candle
St. Tropez Kit
This Works: Seventh Heaven Kit 
Zoeva Brushes
Personalised Note Book 

So there we have a few suggestions for those awkward presents that you're not quite sure to get! Keep your eyes peeled as next week, I will be doing a beauty gift guide video and post that hopefully should give you some more ideas if you're still hunting for the perfect Christmas presents :) 
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Christmas Shopping In Salisbury


The other week, we popped down the road to local city Sailsbury. Not to be confused with Sainsburys aka my second home, but this pretty quaint city is home to some cute shops and I thought it was the perfect place to start my Christmas shopping. Yes I have been a bit late to the whole Christmas shopping party scene this year, I must say.

I enjoyed walking round looking at the christmas decorations, and they seemed to be adding more to the collection which I am sure are now in full swing. Armed with a  Christmas Costa, and getting slightly damp with the mist of rain that was falling, I definitely managed to get into the swing of things and got a good start with my Crimbo shopping. Hoorah.

I'm looking forward to visiting more cities over the Christmas period, so far on my list is London, Chichester and Winchester, in fact even old Southampton looks alright with the German Market in town, where's your favourite place to shop and feel all Festive?

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Blogging & Working Full Time

When I first started this blog almost four years ago (jeeezz) I was a second year university student. I started my blog because I was about to go into my second of university, and I'd transferred meaning that my second year would be at a totally new place and in a totally new city. With Henry working most weekends, I found myself pretty lonely and homesick. Writing a blog really helped me and distracted me from feeling on my own, of course back then, although hectic at some parts, the majority of my time was spent doing however I wanted. I would blog live and post a post whenever I felt like it and just blogged when it took my fancy. Even in my third year of university, amongst my dissertation and several work projects, I still always found time to blog, and would never dream of scheduling a bunch of posts. Also a year into blogging, I started to make YouTube videos, however filmed when I felt like it and edited very shabbily with good old Windows Movie Maker meant that I never really spent too long on them.

Fast forward to now, and well blogging is now my job which means I have a lot more time to blog and create content. However if you go back a few months, I worked full time alongside writing my blog.  Though it was hard to fit everything in, I did find a way of trying to do everything within my time, and hopefully you'll find it useful too if you work full time and blog!

Plan, Plan and Plan:

First things first when it comes to blog posts and videos, I make several lists. I write lists of ideas, these tend to pop up when I'm walking Frankie, at my desk, sometimes when I'm drifting off to sleep, and I will always pop down on the notes section on my phone. I'll then come back to them when I'm writing posts and taking photos. I would make a calendar of blog posts which may sound very professional, but this just helps me to see what's going on and what I've blogged about. I found some content calendar templates online and through Pinterest and just edited them myself to fit my blog.

Work Out A Routine:

First of all be realistic, I was burning myself out trying to write 5+ posts a week and working full time, this just wasn't happening. I sat down and thought if my favourite blogger only wrote a post once a week, I wouldn't stop reading, I'd appreciate how many posts they wrote. So I used to aim for 3-4 a week. I'm not one of those people who's prepared to stay up till 1am every morning and just spend all weekend tapping away, I'm one of those people who needs sleep, lazy chill out time and a break away from the computer. So I'd try to just get as many posts up as I could and would try to stick to posting on certain days to keep a routine.


I would always sit down at the weekend and whack out three or four blog posts in a couple of hours, it's completely different to the way I used to work back at uni , but I found this is the most efficient for me. I would of course sometimes come home in the evening and write a post and sometimes I'd sit down at the weekend and spend 2 hours on one post. It happens. Sometimes I'd even write a quick post on my lunch break, but of course this didn't always happen. Although I do miss the days of just writing a post and letting it be published there and then, this just wouldn't happen anymore. I had to be organised or my blog posts would be very sporadic!

Take Photos In Bulk:

Once every couple of weeks, I have a mass photography session, I've been finding taking photos really hard, because I feel everyone has seriously upped their game when it comes to blog photography. I've never been one of those creative people who just knows where to place items in a pretty order, so I do struggle, however I just try to make my backgrounds white and clear and add a few props such as flowers, candles etc.. I usually take about as many photos as I need usually 100+ (wowza) and then I have a bank of photos ready to use alongside posts.

Using Handy Tools:

One thing I used to find a right ball ache was posting the links to posts through my twitter and social sites. So I'm going to share with you a big handy secret tool of mine, and be very honoured that I'm sharing this with you.. It's a website called iffttt.. you create recipes so you link your blog to your twitter and every time you post a blog post, it automatically sends a tweet out. This saves me so much time and just means I have do one less thing (wahooo more time for naps) you can do so much on the website, I also change my instagram pictures to twit pics, as instagram isn't very user friendly on twitter! Seriously so glad I found this website, so so handy.

Although I no longer have a full time job alongside blogging, these things all really helped me to manage time and make sure I still made time for my blog. I left my job for a few reasons but if you are organised although it's hard, working full time and blogging can totally work, it's all about the organisation and if you love blogging, it won't seem like too much of a chore :) do you have any tips for blogging when you have a busy schedule?

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