Don't Rush To Be A Grown Up

When I was little, all I wanted was to be was a grown up. I wanted to be old enough to get my bellybutton pierced, and basically be the same age as one of the Spice Girls. I was always in a rush to be older, from applying loads of make up, to dressing in clothes from Tammy Girl that made me feel sassy and grown up. I wanted to be like the girls in my favourite movies such as Hannah in Freaky Friday, Gretchen Weener in Mean Girls and Terrence in Bring it On. As I write this, I'm still of course so young at 23, but these days I am an actual grown up. No one tells you how tiring being a grown up is. I was thinking very wistfully of my days of being a young un' and a teen and laughing to myself of the funny things that were deemed as big decisions back in the day. Seeing as I've just had our quarterly electricity bill which was way more than I was expecting *does Frankie sit in front of the tv all day or something?* I thought I'd write a blog post, and take myself back to the days pre bills, and adulthood.

I miss the days when:

Primary School:

  • You had fights in the playground with your friends over who would be which Spice Girl in the tribute band you were making up (why i wasn't allowed to be Baby just because my hair was brown, I don't know. So hairist) 
  • The biggest controversy was when Tag got too rough at school, so it was banned. You then had a whole school protest and afternoon break was banned. Literally it was all anyone spoke about for the next year. 
  • When your heart only raced when the wolf turned round when you were playing 'What's The Time Mr.Wolf' 
  • When you're biggest frustration was being the 'piggy' in piggy in the middle 
  • You're only goal was finding a TY Beanie Baby with your birth date
  • When you used to create bands and perform shows in front of your class, and even though you sounded like a cat being strangled, you were still treated like Britney Spears. Bow down bitches. 
Secondary School: 

  • When the biggest bain of your life, was your teacher telling you to do the top button of your shirt up
  • The only days when you dreaded getting out of bed was days when you had PE in the winter
  • When your biggest worry was if your weekly crush was talking to another girl 
  • When the worst thing imaginable was lunchtime detention. 
  • When you didn't have urges to snack all times of the day, and even if you did it was fine cause your metabolism was like 10776463788383993 miles fast. 
  • When cellulite was a word I'd never heard of. 
  • The biggest decision I ever had to make was who to 'share the love' with on Bebo. 
  • Feeling like a bad person if you knocked someone out of your 'top eight' friends on MySpace
  • The only dilemma was choosing the perfect profile song on MySpace
  • The only money I had to worry about was my £20 wages and what to spend it on. (Usually it went on two surprise bags from Claire's, a CD single from Woolworths and lunch from KFC) 
  •  When I could never decide who was my favourite member of Busted. 
College & University: 

  • The biggest annoyance was not being 18 and not being able to go out
  • However the best thing in the world was when someone let you borrow their ID
  • When you never used to get hangovers
  • When vodka was a drink you could stomach
  • When you had an afternoon nap at least once a day, sometimes even twice a day. 
Of course being a grown up isn't all that bad, like hello I can wear all the eyeliner I want these days. But sometimes I wish I'd appreciated the worry free days of being a kid. 

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The Embarrassing Beauty Products

Whilst we're all happy to talk about our make up routines and how we do our hair. It occurred to me the other day, we don't really talk about the embarassing side of beauty. The stuff that we all do and is all a necessity but we just never really talk about it. When I was growing up, there were some parts of beauty that I just didn't get and felt like I was abnormal for doing these things. I thought it may be nice to get down and talk about the embarrassing stuff, you know as I want this blog to be as real as possible and maybe if there's someone out there who felt like I did, maybe you'll feel a bit better at the end.

Hair Removal:

Oh gosh hair removal. Do boys realise how lucky they are? I mean us girls literally have so much hair to remove. Legs, armpits, bikini lines (see I told ya we were getting down and dirty with this blog post) the whole lot, we are constantly on the mission to be hair free. Shaving is of course the easiest way to remove hair, but be sure to use shaving foam or a good moisturising soap alongside it. If you're like me and you have sensitive underarms, I tend to use a hair removal cream such as Nair to help dissolve the hair and it's not as harsh as regular shaving. Using hair removal cream is also perfect for keeping hair at bay a little longer, it's perfect if you're going on holiday or for a weekend away and you don't want to be fretting about shaving every day.


Oh eyebrows. They're a funny old thing when you think about them aren't they? Two lines of hair on your face, like seriously what is their purpose? When I was growing up, everyone was into really tweezing their eyebrows till they were basically two teeny tiny tadpoles. Thankfully my Mum wouldn't let me lose with the tweezers and would do them for me saying it was better to be natural. At the time, I hated them and was convinced I was Charlie from Busted's doppelganger, but now I am thankful. When I was younger, I used to have a monobrow, oh yes. But thankfully thanks to years of waxing, and threading that has now disappeared. I find that tweezing can be quite hard to get a really nice polished shape, so I always get my eyebrows threaded, it lasts for 4-6 weeks and leaves you with a polished look. You'll usually also be able to get them down for under £10 too so it's not that expensive. If you have unruly brows like me, then threading is a good way to go. Oh and yes it hurts, but it's only for two minutes, I promise.


Spots aren't cute right, but most of us do suffer from them unfortunately. When I'm having a major break out, I turn to a clay face mask such as the Una Brennan Superfacialist Pore Purifying face mask, a spot treatment such as this one from Malin & Gometz and Sudocrem. Yes it's not for everyone but it always helps my skin out when I'm having a crisis.


I was about 12 when I was sitting in my chemistry class and a boy who I still remember the name of, turned to me and said "Corrie, you have a moustache." Can you imagine how mortifying that was for a young girl who's just starting to grow up and to be told they have a moustache. Well it's scarred me ever since and being a brunette and a bit of a teen wolf, about once a month I turn to my old friend Jolen. It's a facial bleach that you use to lighten the hairs on your face, I've been using this for about ten years, I grab the sensitive version, apply it for 10 mins and voila, goodbye tache! You can also use it on other areas such as side burns, etc.. but it's a life saver, and if you're brunette like me, don't worry we all have a secret tache, real girls have them okay ;)


Oh the dreaded cellulite. Sadly there seems to be no tried and tested formula, but I tend to try and exercise, drink loads of water and use a dry body brush. Using this in upward stroke motions before the shower helps to get all the cells moving in my body meaning that the stagnant cells which cause the effect of cellulite get up and packed on their merry way.

Okay so that's all I can think of right now for the embarrassing beauty front, but lets be honest we all have hair, and we all get spots, it's just part of life. Let me know if you enjoyed this post and maybe we'll talk embarrassing beauty in the future!

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Making My Own Face Mask

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to London with face mask extraordinaries Montagne Jeunesse
 to attend a special event with them. Over the summer, they had held a competition for people to enter to win the chance to make their very own face mask. With the finalists chosen, and invited to actually come and make their mask, I was invited down to meet the finalists and make my own mask too! Being a big fan of the brand and face masks in general, I jumped at the chance to make my own mask, I chose ingredients such as clay (great for oily skin and drawing out impurities) and witch hazel and Tea Tree (antibacterial properties to fight against blemishes and blackheads.)

The event was held at The Hospital Club, and I got there early meaning I got to chat to Jenna from MJ and she told me about how MJ have been going for 30 years and their face masks are sold in over 80 countries! We discussed our favourite masks and I told her how when I was younger, my friends and I would go into town on a Saturday, choose a face mask and then apply it at a sleepover that night. I always like the peel off masks cause I used to find peeling them off fascinating! Jenna even told me how she and the other members of the office will regularly try out the masks whilst at work at their desk! How cool is that, wearing a face mask whilst at work!

The five finalists were lovely, and had some amazing mask creations. From a chai tea inspired one, to lychee and raspberry to a summery avocado, they all looked and smelt amazing! It was such a fun afternoon, and finished with some amazing lemon meringue pie which can't be knocked! You can actually vote for the face mask you like the sound of the most on the Montagne Jeunesse Facebook page, and the winner wins a trip to Paris! How cool is that?

I had such a fun afternoon, and it was lovely to hear more about the brand and how natural all the ingredients are! So tell me what would you put in a face mask if you could create one?
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Making Long Hair Easy

People often seem to think that having long hair is a hard task. Having long hair pretty much for all my life, I was even born with hair. I have mastered a few ways on how to keep having long hair well conditioned, and easy to look after.

Getting a good brush:

Investing in a good brush seriously helps when it comes to detangling hair. I may have a bit of a fear of hair brushes, who else remembers being little and having your hair brushed by your Mum, and it was always full of knots and it was always the most painful thing ever? Yep I do. They were never gentle either were they? Well with that imprinted in my mind, I've always tried to find hair friendly hair brushes. My favourite long hair brushes are the Tangle Teezer (though this can come flying out of your hand when you come across a particularly stubborn knot) The Wet Brush: due to it's flexible brushes, it helps to glide through the hair without pulling on knots and yanking at your hair. Finally the Mason and Pearson brush is is my favourite, a pretty expensive brush but it just always glides through my hair getting rid of knots at ease.

Detangling Spray:

Investing in a good detangling spray always helps when it comes to brushing and knots! Especially in the winter when the old scarf hair comes into play and we end up with huge knots at the backs of our head. Some sprays of detangling spray when wet helps to keep everything a little easier to control.

Condition, Condition, Condition:

I do go through conditioner like no ones business but it's something I say is essential when having long hair. Applying a generous amount to the ends helps to keep split ends at bay and seals in moisture helping you to avoid dry and frizzy locks.

Hair Oil:

Like conditioning, investing in a good oil/serum will seriously help with the condition of your hair. I have currently been using the Keratease Elixir Ultime lately and it's amazing! It makes your hair super shiny and soft. So soft in fact you could sit and stroke your hair all day long.

Invest in non fuss hair tools:

Styling your hair needn't be a chore when you invest in non fuss hair tools, stuff such as waving irons or curling tongs are perfect for creating waves quickly and effectively, or invest in some rollers like I have to have bouncy hair within a few minutes.

Dry Shampoo:

Of course washing and drying your hair can be a bit of a chore so dry shampoo will be your best friend when you have long hair to prolong hair wash days! I always tend to wash my hair in the evenings so I don't have to get up any earlier than I need to!

So there are my tips for long hair easy maintenance! Of course regular trims at the hairdressers help too :)
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My Favourite Face Masks For Spots

When a ugly breakout rears it's head, one of the first things I do is reach for a face mask. I always find that face masks do an excellent job of bringing everything to the surface and help to calm down and soothe skin, leaving you with clearer skin that heals a lot faster. Over the years, I have tried many a face mask, some have resulted in my skin being redder than a tomato, and some have made the situation even worse! However, I finally have three face masks that I have on rotation that always help me out when things get a bit bumpy and yucky.

Una Brennan Superfacialist Salicylic Acid Face Mask: This is the face mask I use when my skin is being super stubborn and is breaking out all the over the place and is really oily. The sayclic acid is great at penetrating the pores and killing bacteria, however I can find this mask sometimes stings on open spots, so I tend to avoid this if I'm having one of my sensitive breakouts. I find this really helps to bring everything to surface and whenever I use this, my skin is a lot clearer the next day. It helps to reduce spot size and keep everything a lot clearer.

Yes TO:Tomatoes Clearing Mask:* I never knew that tomatoes could be good when it comes to spots, but this face mask is good when your fighting a battle against spots. Again clay based, this is great for oily congested skin, with aloe vera it's also soothing for skin and great for restoring everything back to normal.

Mario Badescu: Whitening Mask: This is the mask I use when either A: my skin is very sore and sensitive which can happen sometimes with breakouts, and when I don't really have a break out but I need something to help lift my complexion. This mask has ingredients such as liquorice, and zinc, this helps to soothe the skin whilst also helping to calm redness and inflammation of spots. It also helps to lighten acne scars and marks so great to use when your breakout is healing to prevent scarring. It always feels very soothing on my skin and leaves me with a brighter and clearer complexion.

So what's your favourite face mask for fighting the spots?
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Don't Take Blogging Too Seriously

I started properly blogging in October 2010, but I did write a few posts before then, but October was when I really gave blogging a proper go. In my introduction post, I wrote " Some people love shoes, handbags or jewellery. I love make up. It makes me excited when I buy it. My boyfriend Henry calls me sad." Fast forward four years later and it's still the same story. I get giddy when I buy make up, and yes Henry will never understand my obsession. My first post when I started to blog properly was about when I met Cheryl. I swear all my earlier posts are either about one of two things; Cheryl or nail polish. 

When I was writing these posts and taking dodgy photos of my nail polish collection on a tea towel with my blackberry (cringe) I never imagined  a few years down the line that I'd still be blogging. Honestly I thought I'd get bored with it. But hey here I still am, and blogging is a big part of my life now. I still love blogging, and my blog is like my second baby *after Frankie of course* it's something that at first I used to hide, but now I'm insanely proud of. My blogs helped me get jobs, I know I wouldn't of got my previous job now if it wasn't for my blog.  I've had so many amazing experiences from blogging, I've been to events where I've met famous people, I've done photo shoots, and it makes me think 'how did this happen?' 

It seems that one minute ago I was in our studio flat homesick, writing blog posts to make me feel better and now it's my job. Blogging is something that I still love, well I have to still love it, cause we all know how hard work it is blogging. Taking pictures, editing, writing posts, etc. It all takes time and then if you add that on top of a full time job and having a life. If you didn't love it, you wouldn't do it.

Something I've gained from blogging is that you learn who's opinion matters the most. It's the people who know you, your parents, your other half, your friends. They matter. It's hard with being on the internet as people will only see a teeny tiny bit of your life, I'm pretty sure bloggers aren't always glamorous. Most days my make up looks cakey, I spend my evenings at home in joggers and my hair in a top knot. I sometimes sit and eat nutella out of the jar when I'm in a foul mood, cause I'm a human. It's hard to forget that people on the internet are human. Just cause you have x amount of followers, doesn't turn you into a perfect robot. We all still make mistakes, and most importantly we all still have feelings. 

Blogging has bad sides, of course it does. But what makes the hard work, and sometimes shitty comments worth it, is the lovely people you meet. I've met a few girls who I talk to everyday. I call them my friends, and I'm so glad I started blogging to meet these girls. When someone leaves a lovely comment on my blog or videos, it makes me smile for the rest of the day. Yes I'm rubbish at replying and I'm sorry about that, but I read every single comment and they make my year. I've been incredibly lucky with my blog, it's not a big blog, and I don't ever think about numbers, in fact I still don't really believe anyone reads it, I always tend to just blog for myself and do an outpouring of words. That's the way I want to stay. You shouldn't care about how many followers you have, you shouldn't care if you get free stuff or get invited to events. It's all about loving your little space on the internet and blogging for you. 

The blogging world has changed since I started, and of course it was going to. There's so many blogs now, but I hate this whole 'lets blog to get free stuff' it just doesn't work like that. When I started blogging I didn't know what a press sample was and I didn't even know events existed. I see that the blogging world is changing again right now, and I feel were all moving into the YouTube era. When I worked in social media, it's incredible to see how blogs have changed the way we communicate. Brands now approach bloggers instead of traditional press and that is quite sensational. 

I kind of feel like I've lost my way with this post now, but what I'm trying to say is, don't forget why you started blogging. Its easy to sometimes look at people and think 'why have they got 637848 more followers than me?' Of course we all think that from time to time, or if you get a little jealous that someone got invited to a super cool event and you didn't. We're human, we all get a little green eyed now and then. But take a step back and look what your blog is, and not what it's not. Look at your amazing posts, and pictures. Having the commitment to write posts whilst juggling jobs and lives is amazing. Bloggers don't get enough credit in my eyes. This blogging lark, it ain't easy. 

Be proud of your blog, and don't give a hoot what anyone else thinks or does. Write for you, write posts you'd like to read, take pictures you'd like to see. Be the person you'd like to meet on social media. Don't get down by stupid things and try to not compare yourself to other bloggers. I promise you that the perfect life you envy, probably isn't that perfect, cause no ones is. 

If you've had stuff said about you online, and suffered hate, it's pretty shit. Yes it hurts, and yes its impossible to just 'ignore it.' But take a break, have a breather, and go back to your first ever  blog post. Think 'why did I start blogging' and remember that passion. I've always said that the day blogging becomes a chore or I don't enjoy it anymore, I'm stopping. 

I know I am waffling on now, but I just wanted to write a post about how blogging should be positive not negative.  I mean earlier this year,  we even saw Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange see their perfect family image slip up for a second. That shows us all, no one is perfect, we all have feelings, and life's too short to take everything so seriously. Be proud of your blog and if blogging ever gets too much, have a breather, I promise the world won't stop turning if you miss a couple of weeks of posts. 

Although my job is now my blog, and that's crazy, I sometimes have to stop and think about why I'm really blogging and what really spurs me on. Don't get caught up with what everyone else is doing, keep blogging for you, be proud of your space on the internet and I have promised to make sure I always try to stay passionate, because four years later, inside I am still the same girl from 2010 who loved Cheryl and nail polish. 
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Retail Problems

When I left university, the first job I went into was retail. I stayed there for 18 months, and spent two christmasses working in a department store. Honestly, being an avid Christmas lover, working in retail sucked out the enjoyment for me. With that C word coming round very soon, I thought it might be funny to write a post about working in retail. I hope you like it, and if you think you'll never get out.. you will, I promise.

When someone asks if you work here. 'No I just wear this awful shirt for shits and giggles.' 

When the till won't scan a label and a customer jokes ' Oh it must be free.' HAHAHAHAHAHA I'VE NOT HEARD THAT BEFORE. 

When your manager catches you talking to your friend. 

When you're on the till and the queue is getting longer and longer, and it's your lunch break. 

When customers get angry at you cause something is out of stock. YES I BOUGHT EVERYTHING JUST TO SPITE YOU. 

When customers comment on your appearance. Or ask if you have a boyfriend. 

When a colleague gets you to help an extremely awkward customer. 

When customers enter the store 5 minutes before the store closing and just walk round like they have all the time in the world. DON'T YOU HAVE A HOME TO GO TO? 

Feeling like a superhero when you catch someone shop lifting and you report it to security in time before they leave the store. 

When a colleague (not one of your pals)  tries to talk to you in the staff canteen. I JUST WANT TO SIT IN SILENCE FOR A HOUR OKAY. 

When you're on the fitting room and someone comes in with a basket full of things and nothing is on hangers. 

When someone leaves the fitting room, and they've left their 12 items all on the floor. 

When someone asks for something that is magically going to make them a size 8, Miranda Kerr lookalike and then get angry at you when you can't find that magic dress. I AM NOT GOK WAN PEOPLE. 

When you ask a customer if 'they'd like the hangers' and they literally act like it's a question of life or death. 'YES. OH ACTUALLY NO. OH ERM YES.' look lady I'm not asking if I can have your kidney, I just want to know whether you want the hangers! 

When a customer tries to return something that has clearly been worn. 

The customer who tells you their life story at the till. 

The customer who doesnt get off their phone when you serve them or reply to your 'Hello!' 

When your pal is serving someone attractive. 

The constant playing of Christmas songs. 

Having 24 hours off at Christmas. 

Forced into helping people buy presents for people who you know nothing about, and then they get shitty and say 'oh that's not really them..' I'M NOT MYSTIC MEG. 

Of course there are many more maybe one day I'll do a retail problems #2! Thanks to my friends Liza, Grace, Emily and Jade for their help with some of these things and also who i am so glad to have met, even if it did mean 18 months of all these problems!

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How To Get A Good Night's Sleep

Sleep doesn't always come easy to me. Whilst I could probably lay in till 3pm, sometimes drifting off takes me a little while. I'm also one of those people who will lie awake and think about every little thing or be convinced that every little noise is an axe murderer. Oh the joys of an overactive imagination. However recently I have been trying to find ways to get to sleep easier, and so far so good. I've been trying to go to bed earlier meaning that I'll wake up earlier in the morning. The thing is as nice as lie ins are you do waste the day a bit, so I tend to reserve them for Sunday's when I don't have any tasks to do.

Switching Off:

I try to shut down the laptop after a certain time, now that I work from home, it can be quite difficult to power down as you have a completely different routine, but I try to stick to the 6/7pm rule or when I've got my day's to do list done. I'll then shut it down for the evening and only go back on if it's an emergency! I find that switching off from work for a couple of hours before bed helps you clear your mind.

Make a To Do List:
I then make a to do list for the next day, this just gets everything off racing round in my mind making me feel more chilled. If I have a plan, I can relax for the evening and be ready for a busy day the next day. I also get everything prepared so say if I'm going to London the next day, I'll make sure that my train tickets and routes are all sorted so that I'm not stressing about anything.

Having a Bath:

Having a bath is always great for chilling out in the evenings. I'll run one and sit back in the dark and relax. Sometimes I'll catch up on YouTube videos and just chill out and relax. You feel much more stress free and chilled once you're out of the bath.

This Works Stress Less Oil*:

I've had this oil for a little while now and wasn't sure what to think of it at first. I didn't think that it would provide me with a good nights sleep but it actually does. I tend to roll the roller ball on my wrists and then inhale, the scent of lavender and eucalyptus instantly makes you feel more chilled and every time I use this, I have a deep, restful sleep! Even if I'm nervous/edgy it really helps. My Mum even tested it out and even she agreed it helped her to sleep!

Read a book, not Twitter:

Something I can be guilty off is sitting on my phone in bed, however if I really need to chill out, I will read a book as I feel it helps me switch off and takes my mind of stressful things. However I do have the cheeky twitter scroll, but if I need a really good nights sleep, I'll log off and pick up a book!!

So there is some things I have been doing to help myself sleep! I've also used apps in the past which use white noise such as raindrops when I've been particularly edgy, but these things above have been really helping recently and the This Works, Stress Less Oil has been a life saver or should I say bad night sleep saver recently!! What's your tips for a great nights sleep?
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For The Days When You Don't Care.

The other day, I woke up after an awful nights sleep. Okay quite normal. But then I go to check my emails and I have loads of comments on my YouTube channel from some d*ick, saying all sorts of stupid things. At first I was annoyed, but then I thought hey! i am not going to let some idiot ruin my day. When I'm tired, I'm not a happy person, but this is what I do when I'm feeling grumpy or annoyed, or upset. I don't even really know why I'm making this as a blog post, but hey, something to look back at next time I'm in a mood ha.

This girl is my role model. #sassy

I sing this song really loudly.

Then I dance along to this one. 

I watch my favourite films..

If someone's upset you, get all sassy.

If all else fails, I turn to my trusty friend. 
And remember..
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