Ways To Spend Your Weekend

We've all been there, Sunday night looms around and you're suddenly thinking 'just what have I done with my weekend?' You feel a thief has come and stolen it away from you, and you just can't work out why you don't feel like you've had the past two days off. Other times, it feels like the weekend lasted for ages, and you're ready for Monday. There really seems to be no in-between, but to me, weekends will never be long enough *petition for three day weekends?*

I always feel best when I've had a productive yet restful weekend, usually Saturday is my 'get shit done day' and Sunday is my 'I'm going to stay in my pjs for as long as possible day' and usually it's a pretty successful weekend routine for me. These are just some things that I like to do on the weekend and hopefully will provide some inspiration for you this weekend if you're unsure what to do:

  • Spring Clean: Yes totally boring, but usually during the week, I do let house work slide. On Saturday, I tend to have a full house clean. That means washing up, hoovering (even the skirting boards) mopping, wiping windows..etc... It's amazing how much better it can make me feel having a lovely tidy and clean house. 
  • Fresh Sheets; I will tell you now that nothing feels better than hopping into bed on the weekend into fresh sheets and realising you don't need to set an alarm for the next day. Add some rain outside and you've got yourself the best feeling ever. It may seem a bore to change your sheets on a Saturday night, so do it when you get up on Saturday morning, seriously it's a game changer. 
  • Have a Clear Out: During the week, I'll obviously tidy and clean, but I tend to leave those big jobs such as clear outs for the weekend. I tend to clear out my wardrobe, throw out old beauty products, have a change round in rooms and it makes me feel so much better. 
  • Blog! One of my favourite things to do at the weekend is blog. Of course now it's my job, sometimes I like to take a step back, but sometimes on the weekend, I'll sit with some music and just let myself type. At the weekends, I feel more relaxed so sometimes posts come easier when there's less pressure. 
  • Watch YouTube: Usually over the week, my YouTube subscription box gets neglected. At the weekends, I love nothing more than putting on Apple Tv and watching everything that's been uploaded that week. 
  • Pamper: Sometimes, I have a pamper day, that means painting my nails, tanning, having a bath, face mask, etc...for the week ahead. It makes you feel ready to tackle Monday. 
  • Have a Duvet Day: Sometimes all you need is a lazy day. If you've had a hard week, let yourself have a lazy day. Grab the duvet, get all the snacks and watch film after film or episode after episode all day. Don't feel bad for having lazy days. 
  • Work Out! Okay totally boring, but sometimes, working out makes me feel better and more productive. I tend to not eat as healthy over the weekend *cries it's the weekend!* so sometimes I'll go to the gym on a Saturday morning, which is usually when it's most quiet and even just a 45 minute workout means I won't feel as guilty if we have a sneaky takeaway that night. 
  • Walk: Having a dog means that I actually have to go outside every day. I take Frankie on a walk, and getting outside makes me feel better and always clears my head. However on a sunny Sunday, it can be like Clapham Junction in the park, so it isn't always the most stress free situation, but find somewhere quiet and well you'll have a lovely time. 
What's your favourite thing to do at the weekend? 
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The Life Changing Beauty Product.

I moust-ache you a question. * I really hope this translated as well though writing as it does when speaking..* Today I'm talking about moustaches. A bit of a random one? Yes. But something you may not know about me, and well I have kept it hidden, is that for years, I have suffered with something called 'moustache fear.' Okay, so that technically isn't a certified term, in fact I have totally just made it up, but hear me out when I say it's a real thing.

Let's take things back to the start, I was 12, in secondary school and you're at the age where puberty is hitting *yes I finally have boobs... boo to periods* and it's that awkward stage where you start to like boys and actually start caring about your appearance. Back at that age, I didn't have the best sense of humour, and I seemed to be sensitive all the damn time. So when a boy in my Chemistry class * and yes i still remember which boy and i will always hate him a little bit for saying this* turns around and says 'Corrie did you know you have a moustache?'

Cue panic. Cue going home and staring into the mirror for three hours and wailing 'why did no one tell me?' My mum bought me some Jolene bleach and that was what I used every four weeks to bleach the little blighter for 11 years. But I always felt the bleach never did that good a job, it also used to smell awful and I'd be itching to take it off within 5 minutes. Sometimes, I was like maybe I just need to accept that I'll look like this.

 The thing is, maybe no one else noticed, but it was something I was paranoid about and too scared to look at other hair removal techniques in the worry of how painful it would be. Yes I am a wimp.

Then I was reading Poppy's blog, who completely sold to me the Veet Face Wax Strips. Her post was so convincing that the next time I was in town, I picked up a pack. I did buy the sensitive skin version, just in case I ended up ripping off my lip. I decided that I needed to stop having moustache fear and get on with my life, tache worry free. I mean I am an independent grown up woman, I steam cook broccoli and floss my teeth, I need to do this.

The strips were £5.99, however right now you can pick them up for £3.33. Bargain. There are 20 strips and you need one strip for each side, depending on how fast your face hair grows, if you used these every four weeks they'd last you a fair few months, and for just £5.99, that's pretty darn good when you'd expect to pay £10+ for a upper top lip wax in a salon each time. The strips are super easy to use, you warm them up in your hands for a minute or so, apply to your top lip and pull off in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Now lets talk about the thing were all thinking.. the pain? The one thing that has always put me off waxing, how much would it hurt? However honestly? This was a piece of cake. Yes it wasn't like a massage, or a tickle. But it wasn't a big deal, it was over in a second and then stung for probably a max of five minutes afterwards.

I was left hair free on my lip and suddenly my moustache fear was gone. Years of thinking...' are they looking at my tache?' 'Do I have a tache?' All gone. I was super happy and kind of annoyed at myself for not trying them earlier. I guess this waxing story, is a lesson learnt, that sometimes things may seem scary or painful but in reality they're not that bad at all and the outcome is always worth bearing a little pain for. Hey who'd of thought that I could manage to add a life lesson into a post about wax strips for your face? Full of surprises eh?

So there we have it, my new must have, and something has helped to boost my confidence. Maybe one day I will be brave enough to epilate my legs, but for now we will stick at waxing.
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My Favourite Films Growing Up

Films aren't just things that we watch when we're bored. Okay well maybe they are. But to some of us, films are so much more than that. They inspire us, they motivate us, they can make us feel better and some we will never forget.

Freaky Friday was on the TV the other night, and I literally stopped everything I was doing to sit and watch it. It made me think of all the films, I loved when growing up, especially in the awkward teen phase, and thought it might be fun to have a reminisce and see if we share any of the same favourites. 

Mean Girls

So this is no surprise. Mean Girls wins the title of my favourite film. I know every word off by heart, and I'm one of those annoying people who uses the phrases in real life. Mean Girls was good to see as a teenager, cause it highlighted how being a bitch got you nowhere in life, or could even get you run over by a bus. It shows how you don't have to follow the crowd, and how to not 'let the haters stop you from doing your thang.' 

Freaky Friday

As mentioned above, Freaky Friday, deserves a mention. I went to see this in the cinema when it came out, and well I left wanting to learn to play guitar and join a band. I asked for a pink guitar for the next couple of Christmas's I think. The film also introduced me to the hottie that is Chad Micheal Murray. As a 13 year old, I was wondering why there was no one like CMM at my school. 

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

God I hate the name of this film, but I bloody love this film. Based on the books by Louise Rennison, it explains the life of awkward Georgia. It made me want to move to Eastbourne, and the film totally got across what it's like being in that awkward teen phase. Having to deal with moustaches, hair crisis's and first kisses. I also bloody fancied the pants of Robbie aka Aaron Taylor Johnson who left me heartbroken when he married a 40 year old. Sob. 

A Cinderella Story

Oh another Chad Micheal Murray film. A coincidence or were there few male actors for teen movies in the early 00s? Although the film can be a bit cringe in places, and how no one ever recognises Sam at the ball, when she's just wearing a flimsy mask which covers hardly any of her face, I will never know. But I still love the film and I tried to put stars on my flip phone after watching it too cause I just wanted to be Hilary Duff. 

13 going on 30

This film made us realise we shouldn't wish to be grown ups, as sometimes it wasn't that great. DID WE LISTEN? NO. We still wanted to be like Jenna with the penthouse apartment in NYC with a job at a cool fashion magazine. I remember I went to watch this film at the cinema with my friend Katie, and I wore flared jeans with pointy pink stilettos. FASHIONISTA. 

Memorable mentions also go to; 10 Things I hate about you, John Tucker Must Die, Scary Movie 3 (yes really), The Notebook (which I now find too emotional to watch) & Crossroads *Britney duh* 

What was your favourite films when growing up? 
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New Balayage Hair

If you follow me on twitter/Instagram/YouTube, you've probably already seen a dozen posts about my new hair colour. You're probably thinking 'shut up about it already.' But today, I promise is the last post. Last week I went to London to get my hair done and decided that with the spring sunshine in the air, it was time to go a little lighter. I've been wanting to go lighter with my hair for years, I tried to do a DIY Ombre job back in 2011 when everyone was using that L'oreal home kit with tin foil. Yes it sounds horrific and thankfully I was only brave enough to do a couple of inches in my hair. You couldn't tell really and it went a god awful colour which I cut out, well a hairdresser cut out a few months later.

The next chapter in my hair story, was last year when I went for a dip dye effect again. This time my hair didn't lift very much but I was still happy with the natural sun kissed look although once in the sun my hair lightened up, I felt it was too much of a warm tone and a few months later, I grabbed a box of dark brown hair dye and went back to the dark side.

Then we're up to date, with my Pinterest hair board full of highlighted/balyage haired beauties, I thought I'd give this light hair thing one last try. Then if it didn't work out, that was that. However i am so pleased that I did give it one last go, as I finally have the hair colour that I have been so desperate for and now I think i may have caught the light hair bug. Oh dear. Next week, I'll look like Kim Kardashian. Ah just joking.

I visited Hare & Bone, which is a salon in Central London. Just a five minute walk from Oxford Circus,  and newly opened being just three months old. The owner Sam Burnett is well known in the hairdressing industry, he is a big session stylist and is the UK ambassador for KMS hair products. He's also the hairdresser of Charli XCX who I absolutely love, so I may have fangirled over that.

The salon isn't huge but it's really chic. It has a monochrome design, and with a small but friendly team, everyone there couldn't do enough to make sure I felt welcome. I also saw it with every other client in the salon which was bustling all day long, * I was in there a long time*. So let's get onto what I had done.

So I showed several pictures from my Hair Pinterest board, which mainly consisted of Shay Mitchell and Bethany Mota. I asked for a half head of balyage, which is a form of painting the hair free hand so highlights are more natural and sunkissed, and decided I wanted the tone to be cooler. Rebecca who is Art Director at the salon and I discussed what I wanted to go for. She put on a cooler darker brown gloss on the roots of my hair, and then with painted on the bleach and lighter colour on the ends and mid lengths of my hair. The whole process of applying took a good 45 minutes and it was then left on for a further 45 minutes. I was then taken to the sink to have it rinsed out and then Rebecca ombred the ends of my hair to make them lighter. Then she put on a cool toned toner to my hair and left it for 10 minutes.

Then it was time for the cut. I do have a bit of a fear of getting my hair cut. I've had experiences where  I've been left with an almost mullet *oh being 13 was a good look for me* and had hairdressers get a bit snip happy before. However Esther who is a Master Stylist, totally listened to what I wanted. I wanted to keep the length but knew it probably needed a good inch off due to not having it cut in a good six months. She took off as much as she said and then gave me a few long layers and a bit of shape around my face. I felt totally relaxed with her and wasn't worrying what my hair would look like at the end.

To style, Esther blow dried my hair and then curled using a Babyliss Pro Curling Tong, and then she simply brushed it out for vintage lived in waves. You could totally re create this at home, curl your hair quite tightly and then brush it out once.

I left the salon so happy with my hair. I had the colour I never thought I'd be able to achieve and my hair felt healthy and in good shape again. I'll totally be revisiting back in the summer, as I felt that Rebecca and Esther really did a good job and actually listened to what I wanted. I'm super happy with my new hair and it's nice to have a change ready for Spring/Summer!

Are you changing up your hair for Spring/Summer?

*Disclaimer: I did receive this hair treatment for free in return for a blog review. However I would of totally paid for the service as I am so happy with my hair and will definitely be returning :) 

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Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

 If you could go back in time and sit face to face with your younger self, what would you do? What would you say? Would you tell them what's to come? Or just not say much at all? Would you stop them doing something or tell them to do something? If I got to sit down with 16 year old me, here's what I would say to her.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it. 

Step away from the orange fake tan, I'm not saying stop using it, but just ditch the one you're using right now. 

Let's also step away from the pale nude lipsticks. 

Don't waste time worrying about boys. 

Any boy who makes you ill with worry isn't worth having in your life. 

Listen to your Mum. She's always right. 

Appreciate being at home whilst you can. 

Don't let anyone make you feel stupid. Because you're not. 

Things will always work themselves out, don't stress yourself out wondering if you're on the right path. 

No one knows what they're doing. You're not alone. 

Listen more in science. 

Stop worrying about what other people think. 

Don't ever mix vodka and Rose wine on a night out. You'll thank me for that one, trust me. 

Don't let anyone tell you that beauty and make up isn't a passion. 

Stop beating yourself up about not being perfect. No one is. 

You can't please everyone. 

Life isn't fair. Sometimes good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Life can be a shit. 

Trust your gut instinct.

You can't make everyone like you. 

You can't make everyone behave how you want them to. People will disappoint you. 

Some people are just plain straight up knobs. Stop worrying about them and don't give them another thought. 

Wear your retainer at night.

Don't be sad about Busted splitting up. They'll reform in a few years. Minus Charlie but y'know. 

Start writing a blog now. You'll love it and realise that you've finally found something you enjoy and are good at. 

What would you tell your younger self? 
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What To Do When You Have A Blog Identity Crisis

 Change is good. Change is inevitable. I don't understand people who don't like/get angry at change. It's healthy and we can't expect to stay the same people forever. Things happen that change us or it's something that just naturally happens when we get older. Changing things up such as your style, job, relationships can be scary, but sometimes it feels right. Today I'm talking about blogs. The dreaded blog identity crisis. Something which I know all too well about, and well something I'm sure many of us bloggers have experienced. When you've been writing a blog for years, you can't expect things to stay the same forever. Our tastes change, we find new things we enjoy, and sometimes with that our blogs change. Okay I feel I have said the word change about a bazillion times, so I'm going to try stop that now.

I started my blog back in 2010, I was 19 and well I used to love writing about things such as my nail colour of the week and what I bought in Boots with my student loan. In that time, I have found that I like writing about other things, but what happens when you don't know what you want to write about anymore? In hindsight, our blogs are our blogs and surely we should write about whatever the heck we want? In theory yes, but recently I have been freaking out, because I almost want to not concentrate so much on beauty anymore, but that's what my blog is; a beauty blog. I'm still a long way off in finding what I want to write about, but I do feel, I am getting there and am feeling a bit more positive about my content. So I thought, I would write down what I do when I'm going through one of my freaking out about my blog phases and these do actually help me when I'm going through a blog identity crisis.

  •  First things first. Take a breather. If you're not feeling your blog or your posts, take a break. The world won't stop spinning if you take a breather from your blog for a bit. 
  • In that break, get inspired again. Read your favourite blogs, websites, magazines. Even looking at pictures on Pinterest/Tumblr can help kick-start inspiration. 
  • But don't over do it. If you want a clean break, don't read any blogs. Have a blog free break, if you really want to clear your mind. Don't focus on what everyone else is doing. 
  • Think about the things that you'd like to see on a blog. Think 'what do I click on?' 'What would I like to see when I come onto this blog?' Ultimately, you're the one who has to be happy writing the content, so why not write for you. 
  • Write down what your passionate about; beauty, fashion, lifestyle, cooking, music, technology? Jot down the things you love and you'll soon start to find new genres you can bring into your blog. 
  • Plan a schedule, my blog used to be beauty pretty much every post, but now I have made a schedule of different days of the week for different genres. I now try to include more lifestyle content,  as well as fashion, gifs and things I've generally been enjoying. 
  • Change things up. Get a new layout, even a new colour scheme can give your blog a fresh new look. Change your photography set up, giving your blog a new look which excites and can help to make you want to start blogging again. 
  • Be yourself. Write about stuff you love and enjoy and don't worry about anyone else. 
  • Don't compare your blog with other blogs. Make it yours, make it different, take inspiration from other bloggers, don't compete yourself against them. 
  • Try to not worry. When you want to change things up such as your blog, it can be difficult. Especially when you have followers, as you worry will they stick around if I start talking about something else? When I'm having a moment, and don't know where I want my blog/YouTube to go, I think about my favourite bloggers. Would I unfollow them if they started adding new elements to their blog? No. Because when I read a blog, I invest more into them as a blogger rather than just their content. I enjoy finding out different things they enjoy and I'm sure your readers feel the same way. 
I'm still working out where I want my blog to go, but truth be told, I don't enjoy writing about the things that I did used to enjoy writing about. But that's okay. It's okay to change and always remember change is healthy. Ultimately, your blog is your blog and it's a place where you can write about whatever you want. I need to remember this too and hopefully next time, when I have a blog identity crisis, I can breathe a bit easier in the fact that things will sort themselves out in the end.

* Sidenote- I wrote this post about two weeks ago and got it scheduled. Then in true irony,  I had my own blog identity crisis. Hence the lack of blog posts this week. I've just been struggling to write posts and for some reason everything I write or think of, I just think is crap. So I'm currently having yet another evaluation of what I want to write about. I feel that I'm taking my blog too seriously which you know, you kind of have to do when it's your job. But I feel I need to take a step back to get back the blog that I love and enjoy writing posts for. I'm obviously doing all of the things above, thinking of a blog refresh and new content topics. But yeah things will sort themselves out, I just want to fall back into love with blogging again. 
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Current Favourite Home Pins

Images all taken from my Home Pinterest Board..

One way you know you're getting older is when you suddenly get really interested in homeware. When you're asked what you want for birthday's and Christmas, instead of whistling off a list of handbags, shoes, jewellery (though those things are still always welcome) you think 'hmm I would like a few new things for the house.' Honestly at Christmas, I was hoping for a good steam mop and a new sofa. What the actual?

I guess though, that when you cut the apron strings and move into your own place, you want to make it your own and it's exciting that you have this space to do whatever you want. You can spray paint the walls, okay well not really if you're renting but you get my drift. I love buying new stuff for the house, and nothing gets me more excited than a new cushion, well apart from when One Direction announce a new tour. There we go, I'm still young in some ways.

Recently, I have been loving Pinterest for home inspiration, well I also hate it too, cause it makes me feel like my house is a pig sty and I do feel a bit inadequate that not everything I own is white. Ha. Just kidding. Kind of. But seriously, I love getting inspiration, and recently, I've been trying to add a few things here and there to our house to spruce it up a bit. Late last year, I was going through a serious phase of not loving our house, but sometimes, a change round of furniture and a couple of new odds and ends can totally transform a room. Whilst I do dream about owning my own house, with a dreamy kitchen that fits more than one person in at a time, our cosy house is fine for the time being.  Also of course I have a roof over my head, heating to keep me warm and hot water to wash with, I'm doing pretty okay.

I thought I would show you some of my current favourite pins, I'm currently in the process of almost finishing my blogging room/office and in due course, I'll do a video/blog post about that but I'm also trying to work on our bookshelf next. We had a change round in our living room and I want to make our bookshelf more organised and less bookshelfy. Okay that makes no sense, but I have been scouring Pinterest for inspiration and on my list of jobs to do, along with listing clothes on EBay, is sorting out that bookshelf!

Recently, whilst I've been looking for new bits and bobs for the house, I've been trying to find stuff on a budget. I don't want to be spending an awful lot, but have found places like H&M home, The Range, Ikea and Gifts & Pieces to have a lot of lovely things at good prices.

So I'm going to keep on looking for bookshelf inspiration, do you have any tips or have any blog posts on how to organise bookshelves and make them all pretty? I hope you get what I mean, or I'm going to just sound like a wally haha. Right so time to go now, I need to go back to day dreaming about that steam mop. (Just kidding, kind of.)

You can follow me on Pinterest too, if you like :)
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Triangl Swimwear

 Hello my name is Corrie and I have an obsession with bikini's. Yep I'm not even joking. Something which gets me more excited than anything is when new swimwear drops into the shops. I should of said swims into shops, but I didn't think that made much sense. I don't even know why I like bikinis so much, when to be honest most of the time, I dread about getting into one and spend every day in the gym in the hope I'll miraculously turn into a Victoria's Secret model (never happens.) Triangl swimwear have been causing a bit of a stir online for the past 18 months or so, with many a blogger, and celebrity sporting their colourful sets on beaches across the world. Last year, I had a aqua blue two piece which came with me to Orlando. Perfect for water parks I tell ya. This year, I have a new addition, and well as I write this the wind is blowing a gale, and the clouds are darker than the ones you see in moody landscape shots on Tumblr. So right now summer seems a long way off, but this bikini keeps me hopeful for sunnier days.

The two piece consists of neoprene material, think wetsuit material, which is sturdy and strong. But not the most flexible. The style I have is the Poppy in Peach Soda*. The top is a bra like fit, with attachable straps. Personally I prefer strapless bikinis, as then you get no tan lines. The top is structured though and you needn't worry about it falling down whilst swimming/sunbathing/playing water polo. Yes that latter scenario may seem weird, but I tell you, in 2011 I was playing Water Polo in Crete and my bikini top fell down and I'm sure some fellow holiday makers caught a sight of my cherry bakewells, I tell you.

I love the contrast of the neon pink and orange, and I have a feeling, well I know that this will really compliment a tan. I just wanted to blog about it, as this bikini makes me so excited for summer. Yes the bikini's are quite pricey, but if you're a bikini enthusiast like myself... well I'm sure you'll love them just as much as I do. Size wise, I find that the tops are pretty close to my normal size, so I tend to go for my normal size, but for the bottoms, I would at least go up a size or two, as the neoprene can be quite tight, there are measurements online so see what you measure up. I went for a Small for the top and a medium for the bottoms.

Check them out on Instagram and I'm also dying to get the bikini that my current girl crush Shay Mitchell was snapped wearing recently. So for now whilst the clouds are still gloomy, I'm working hard in the gym so that when summer comes, I feel confident in my new bikini :) so tell me are you a bikini enthusiast? I hope that someone else shares my bikini excitement haha.

*After writing this post, I worked out the conversion rates and realised the swimwear is quite pricey. I felt like quite bad as I do try to blog about more budget items on here. I was sent this bikini but I would honestly go out and buy Triangl bikinis myself, as I love them and being the bikini addict that I am. I worked out that for the average bikini which is $79 that works out to be £54 which is obviously quite pricey, and then the standard international shipping rate of $20 which is £12.95 it can be quite pricey for a bikini. But obviously, I know that not everyone can afford that for a bikini, so I have found a couple of dupes on the high street if you didn't want to spend as much... Bikini 1, Bikini 2, Bikini 3. I hope that's helped in some way :) but there's lots of dupes on the high street at the moment! :)
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Winter Beauty Videos.

Now that I have more time to make videos and create content for my blog, it also means I have a lot more time to take on more opportunities, that I may not have had time for before. Recently, I have been working with YouTube channel Pose to make a beauty series. I've been lucky enough to work with them in the past for an Autumn beauty series, and they asked if I'd like to create a Winter series too. I of course jumped at the chance and the last in the series went up last week, so I thought I would just blog about them, in case you'd maybe like to check them out.

Even if you're not interested, definitely go check out the Pose channel, as there's lots of great videos on there from other YouTubers and celebrities too. The videos that I created for the winter series are ;

  • Back To Work Beauty Essentials 
  • New Year Beauty Resolutions 
  • My Top Beauty Trick 
  • My Top 4 Eyeliners 
  • My Top 4 Products for Flawless Skin 
  • Date Night Handbag Essentials 
  • 5 Low Cost Beauty Heroes 
  • Top 3 Products for Battling Pores 

I hope you like the videos, and I'm actually in the process of doing a Spring series too, so I'll be blogging about them soon when they're all uploaded :) hope you're all having a great week so far, halfway through the week already! Hoorah! 
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