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So today we round up a very hairy week on my blog. I've blogged about all my favourite hair tools and how I use them. Today, I have run out of hair tools, so instead I will be blogging about some hair tricks and tips that I use all the time that hopefully you may find helpful :) I think after this week, we need to have a break from all things hair for a while haha. 

How To Make Your Hair Last: 

I get a lot of questions on how to make your hair last. Especially when it comes to using rollers, and I won't lie in the fact that some days, my hair doesn't last. It will literally be curly for 20 minutes and then go flat. However some other days, it'll last all day! So I thought I'd share the ways that I use to try and make my hair last as long as possible.

  • Use a hair primer: I use Living Proof's prime style extender to keep my hair style in place. This is a hair primer and gets your hair ready for styling and long lasting wear. The company Living Proof is co owned by Jennifer Aniston (fangirl) and I have to say that when I use this, my hair lasts so much longer than when I don't use it. It even works on freshly washed hair, as before I'd style my hair and it wouldn't last longer than 10 minutes, however when I use this primer, it usually lasts the majority of the day. This means I have pretty much gotten over my hair wash fear... well kind of ;) 
  • That being said, dirty hair always lasts longer when it comes to styling for me. Kind of rank but it's true. To give your hair more texture, I tend to use texturising sprays to add an almost 'roughness' to the hair, and sometimes I will spray a little hair spray onto my hair before I style it to help hold the style. 
  • Hairspray wise, my favourite is Wella Silverkin which is super cheap and yes it does smell like a granny and is a little sticky. But it's so cheap and it's the only hairspray that helps to keep my hair in place all day. 
How To Get Big Hair: 

I like big hair and flat hair is definitely a pet hate of mine. However getting your hair big can be quite difficult! So these are some tips that I use on how to add volume to my hair! 

  • Getting volume into your hair can be quite difficult. I find that using dry shampoo always adds uplift to my roots and it stays in place too. 
  • I find that I only backcomb when I need to, I use a thin comb and brush backwards on the roots. However I find backcombing quite damaging on my hair so i try to not to do it too often. 
  • Using heated rollers always helps to create volume and bounciness to my hair that I struggle to achieve with other hair tools. 
How To Grow Your Hair Long: 

So many of you ask how do i grow my hair so long? Truthfully, I avoid the hairdressers a lot! Haha and also I was born with basically a full head of hair, so I'm guess I'm kind of lucky that I have the hairy gene. Secretly I am a teen wolf. joking. not really. 

  • Getting your hair trimmed is obviously essential, but make sure you have a hairdresser who you trust and will literally only take off the ends so that you aren't going round in circles when it comes to growing your hair. 
  • Keep your hair in tip top condition. So I use a shed load of conditioner on my hair and always concentrate on the ends as this where the most damage can occur. I also use once weekly hair masks to condition my hair. 
  • Ditch the heat! I try to have at least every other day as a heat free day for my hair. I also use heat protector on my hair and ditch the hair straighteners which can be the most damaging for your hair in my opinion. I do braids, or topknots to keep my hair looking interesting on the heat free days. \
  • Be patent! It's not going to happen over night, buy keeping your hair healthy and well conditioned means it will happen quicker in the long run. 
So there we have some of my top hair tips! I hope you enjoyed this weeks posts :) let me know your favourite hair tips and tricks in the comments below :) 
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Hair Tool Week #4 Heated Rollers

My hair when I've used rollers. This is from using the Remington Silk Rollers. 

For the forth day of Hair Tool Week, we are discussing my most used hair tools. Heated rollers. You guys have heard me talk about rollers many a time, and today I am going to speak about three types that I have either used over the years or recently. Now the reason I like heated rollers, is that they create volume in my hair that other tools cannot. I find them so easy to use and within twenty minutes, my hair is big and bouncy in a way, I never thought I could achieve.
So let's talk about my favourites. First of all we have a recommendation that I would say is better for shorter hair. That's the Toni & Guy Salon Professional Extreme Volume Hair Roller Set, with fewer rollers than the others I've tried, there are additional packs you can buy if you need more btw. I think that these would work well on shorter finer hair, as the clips are quite slippy and I found that my hair was  a little too heavy for them. However if you have shorter hair and are looking for some rollers, and they're quite budget friendly too. The rollers don't get stuck in the hair and they also heat up really quickly. But unfortunately for my thick hair, they tended to not stay in the rollers which I found quite frustrating. However the rollers which did stay in, did create nice big waves but for ease, they weren't my favourite.

Next we move onto two rollers which I have spoken about many a time and if you watch my YouTube videos, you will of already seen these in action. They are the Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers and Remington's Silk Rollers. Both are very similar, in packaging, to the rollers, to the effect they have on my hair. Both have smaller and larger rollers for either looser waves or tighter curls. I tend to use the bigger rollers on the top section for more volume and waves, then on the length of my hair, I use the smaller rollers for a tighter curl. I put these in and then apply my make up and take them out. If I'm going out or want my hair to last, I will leave these in for as long as possible. I do have days when the curls won't last in my hair for some reason, but other days, they will last all day. I think my hair can be quite temperamental. Tomorrow I'll be talking about some hair tips about how I try to make my hair last longer, so keep your eyes peeled for that :)

But yes, I love my heated rollers. In all honestly, they are my favourite hair tools as they create the exact look, I want without too much effort or taking too much time. I can always depend on them. Getting the rollers is a bit more tricky though, the Enrapture ones are very hard to get hold of, the Remington ones are available at places such as the Remington website. The Toni & Guy rollers can be found at Argos.

If you want to see how I use my heated rollers you can check out my videos on my YouTube channel, as I'm sure there's like four of them! But this concludes my discussion on hair tools. Tomorrow we're talking all things hair in general to round up the week :)

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Hair Tool Week #3 Babyliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves

                                            BaByliss Boutique Salon Soft Waves Wand*

Back in November, I attended a very exciting event. It was for Babyliss and the unveiling of their new ambassador; Fearne Cotton. It was a fab evening, Fearne was a proper babe and we also met hairdresser Paul Percival, one half of Percy & Reed and also Cheryl's hairdresser on X Factor. OMG, I know right. We were told about the new boutique range, which is a set of hair tools which have the quality of salon hair products but at a price that everyone can afford.

After the event, I got to play with a couple of the hair tools, and I have been trying out the Salon Soft Waves Wand, and thought for day three of my hair tool week series, I'd talk about this new wand and how I've been using it as its different to anything else that I have used lately. First of all it has a huge barrel which means you don't have to worry about tight curls when using this tool. The barrel has a ceramic coating meaning that the tool won't catch on your hair and also leaves your curls kink free, leaving you with loose smooth waves.

There's a variety of heat settings for this tool, I always knock it up to the hottest setting as I have quite thick and stubborn hair, so this means that I will get the result I want. But it's good if you just want some texture and don't want to use a really high heat on your hair. It heats up in just 30 seconds, and whilst I would recommend using the glove provided with it so you don't burn your fingers, it does provide loose beachy waves.

I tend to take a inch section of each strand of hair and wrap it around the barrel. Like I mentioned above I use the hottest heat and then wrap round the hair and leave it for about twenty seconds. Then once I have curled all my hair, I wait till it's fully cool before hair spraying to keep the waves in place. Waiting for the curls to cool will mean that the curls/waves will last longer as they have set properly.

This tool provides me with an effortless style, it looks very natural in my hair, and if you aren't a fan of curls as such, I would recommend this tool. Also I have it on good authority that both Fearne Cheryl use this hair tool, and well they both have amazing hair, so if that isn't a good enough reason to try it, I don't know what is.
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Hair Tool Week #2 Ghd's

ghd hair straightners

Next up in my second instalment of Hair tool week, is a hair tool that many of us probably own already. The classic ghd's. They stand for good hair days don't you know? I've been a fan ghd's since I was about 13, I traded in my yellow and white crimpers *anyone else have them? Though they won't be making a appearance on hair tool week, I'm afraid* and bought my first pair. I got the thick iron ones and then a few years later, I got the pair that I still use now. I find that you really can't go wrong with a pair of ghd's. Yes they seem pricey at first, but they last for such a long time. I've had mine a good three/four years and *touch wood* they're still going fine.

They heat up in thirty seconds, though I'm sure the newest ones are even quicker now and have a auto shut down, so no more worrying when you get down the road, when you suddenly think ' DID I LEAVE MY STRAIGHTENERS ON?' I never have done, I don't know why I always panic about it. I usually tend to straighten my hair on days when I've just washed it, my hair is naturally quite straight, so it takes me less than five mins to straighten my hair. Of course if you're a bit of a dab hand with the ghd's you can also create curls and waves. I'm a bit cack handed with this, so I leave my ghd's for just straightening.

I tend to sometimes steer away from straightening my hair as I find it can make my hair a bit flat and well you guys know I don't like flat hair. To stop this happening, I only straighten my hair from the mid sections of my hair, so that the roots aren't completely flat and straight. I also always apply some dry shampoo to my roots to give them more texture and volume. To just finish off the look, I tend to not brush my hair after straightening to give it more texture and a lived in look rather than polished and straight.

To me ghd's are like a old friend, something you can rely on, and I don't think I ever need to try another straightener brand, why? Because if ain't broke, don't fix it.
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Hair Tool Week #1 ghd curve Classic Curl Tong

I get a lot of questions about my hair. From what I ask at the hairdressers to what colour I dye it with and most of all how I style it. Truth is, without hair tools, my hair would look like rats tails. It doesn't really do much naturally, and that means that hair tools are my saviour.

I've been meaning to compile a list of posts about hair tools for quite some time. I have an abundance of hair tools in my collection, and some I like more than others. So why not create a series of posts all about my favourite ones, how I use them and most importantly how they make your hair look! I'm going to be talking waving wands, to curling irons, to straighteners. And it's all going to be in one weeks worth of posts, so you can check back every day to see the next instalment in my hair tool series.

I hope you like these posts and more importantly find them useful at least!

ghd Classic Curl Tong  (and how it looks when I use it on my hair) 

We're going to start this week with a hair tool that I have recently been loving. I also not long posted about it, which you can read here. It's the ghd curve Classic Curl Tong. Famed for being used on the Victoria's Secret angels models hair, it's totally worth the hype. From the quick heat up, to the matte barrel, it's a pleasure to use. Even with my abundance of hair, I can create loose curls within about ten minutes. I've been really enjoying using this lately and it's been my hair tool of choice.

It may be pricey, but if the Curve collection lasts as long as the ghd straighteners, it's a good investment. One reason why I love a tong so much is that i don't have to hold my hair, meaning that I can scroll on Twitter whilst I use it. Winner winner chicken dinner.

I will be blogging a little later on in the week about another waving wand, but this is definitely my curling iron of choice at the moment and I'm sure it will continue to be for quite some time. And well if it's good enough for the VS angels.. it's good enough for me.
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Currently Listening To...

It's a bit of a running joke with my friends about my music taste and the fact, that I have the same music taste as a 13 year old. But meh. I realised the other day that the majority of the time, I listen to boys. *helloooo boyband obsession* but recently, I've been listening to a lot more girls and well I'm feeling very girl power-y at the moment so I thought I'd share with you some of my current favourite female artists who I can't get enough of.

Taylor Swift- Okay let's get Taylor out of the way, as it'll be no surprise that I can't stop listening to her. 1989 is an album that I believe most people probably have by now and it really has something for everyone on there. I literally can't get enough.
Favourite Tracks: Blank Space, Shake It Off & New Romantics 

Charli XCX- I started listening to Charli XCX back in the summer, when her song Boom Clap was literally played all the time. I found her on Spotify and am now eagerly awaiting her new album which is released very soon. She's also really cool, and I follow her on Instagram and always think 'gosh I wish I was that cool.'
Favourite Tracks : Break The Rules, Boom Clap, London Queen 

Halsey- I came across Halsey on Twitter, and fell in love with her coloured hair that she had at the time. I then went and found her on Spotify and thought her music was really cool. It's alternative but really good. Although she hasn't really released many songs in the UK yet, but you can listen on her YouTube channel to her other stuff. Some of it it's quite haunting, it's good and totally different tot anything else I listen to.
Favourite Tracks: HurricaneGhost, Is There Somewhere

Fifth Harmony- Going back to the other scale again now, but X Factor USA band Fifth Harmony, I have seen mentioned many times on Twitter but I'd never really listened to them before. However I was intrigued one day, and absolutely fell in love with their new song Sledgehammer. I then went and looked at their older stuff too, which is pure pop but good pop and I'm again waiting for their album which I am sure that I will love. I now also want to join too.
Favourite Tracks: Slegdehammer & Miss Movin On 

Haim- Finally we'll end on a cool note. I've always liked Haim, but recently I've got back into them again. I had to stop listening to them as their songs were always played in the shop I used to work in and well if you work in retail, you'll know that when you get home, you do not want to listen to songs from the shop playlist. However I don't work there anymore, so I'm back to loving Haim. They are so so cool, and their songs make me feel summery. They have this LA vibe and well I always want to go to America when I hear them. They've recently done a track on the new Bastille VS album, which I know is back to boys, but its my favourite track on the album so I'm going to include that too.

Favourite Tracks: If I could Change Your Mind, Bite Down, Forever 

So there are my current playlist favourites, I tend to listen to most of my music on Spotify and make endless playlists. You can follow me if you like :) my username is dizzybrunette3. What's your favourite songs/artists right now?
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20 something girl problems...

As I've mentioned before, last year I had a bit of a quarter life crisis. One of those moments when you realise your age and just aren't sure what you're supposed to be doing with your life. Luckily I'm out on the other side, and feel confident enough to let things be. I'm pretty sure that things will figure themselves out and I just need to stop worrying about things that I can't control. However I thought this might be a fun post to do, and these are problems and thoughts I have most days. I hope you enjoy it too :) 

I really thought I'd of figured where I want my life to go by now.

If an avocado asked me to marry it, I think I probably would.

I wonder what my future children will look like. I hope they inherit my good parts.

Actually liking being ID'd. YES I STILL LOOK YOUNG.

You suddenly don't understand words that young people are saying. What exactly is bae?

You roll your eyes every time a new engagement is announced on Facebook. Not because your jealous or not happy for them. I just dunno. Gets annoying.

You have to work out and watch what you eat to stay slim. SKINNY THIGHS WHAT HAPPENED?

Changing your style over and over. WILL I EVER DECIDE WHAT I WANT MY WARDROBE TO LOOK LIKE?

But then feeling like a grown up when you master the art of the capsule wardrobe. Spend more. Buy less. Yes.

I know I should know how mortgages work. But seriously, I'd understand you more if you spoke in Latin than about equity loans and surveys.

When your parents have a better social life than you do. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

Arranging to meet your friends is like an impossible task. Someone is always busy. You basically have to arrange for a coffee three months in advance.

Why do pregnant people post an ultrasound scan as their profile picture? Does getting pregnant mean you automatically turn into a scan picture? WTF. You then say to your BFF, please slap me if I ever do that.

Can I justify this Topshop order? I promise I'll just eat beans for the rest of the month.

Why do so many people do drugs? What does it seriously do? I mean I can't even take a Pro Plus without feeling edgy. 

I literally can't get over how hot the Jenner sisters are. Why didn't i look like that at 19 and 17?

Is it okay to have a crush on members of boybands? I'm saying yes...?

There are many other things i think every day, but these are just a few things that I do think, but it's all a bit of fun! To being in our twenties.. yay.
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Changing Up My Skincare

I feel I have hit rock bottom where my skin is concerned. 2014 was a year where my skin misbehaved more than ever, and to be honest, it's confidence crushing to still have teenage skin as such when you're in your twenties. I rarely go out of the house without make up as I feel that un confident about my skin, and sometimes I'd even refuse to open the door to the postman because they'd caught me unaware and I hadn't got any concealer on. I decided that enough was enough and I wanted to try and improve my skin. I realised that what I had been trying and using obviously weren't doing the job, but I also realised that it's not what's on the outside what just counts, I need to also think what I'm putting inside my body too.

First of all, I did a lot of research and decided that after seeing how much of an aggressor dairy was to people, that maybe it was time to ditch it in an attempt to help my skin. This means that I have totally cut down my cheese intake, whilst I could never give up cheese, I rarely have it anymore. However finding a milk alternative was quite difficult as I needed to find something I could have in my morning coffee. After trying soy, and almond milk and making a funny face whilst drinking them, I finally found coconut milk. Which surprisingly doesn't taste like bounty's. It's a thinner consistency than milk but its really sweet and you can't notice a difference. In fact I prefer it to milk now. I've also been trying to eat healthier in general, more salad, more fruit and more veg. Oh and less sugar. I do sometimes crack in the evenings when it comes to sugar but I am trying to be strong and I don't eat half as much junk as I used to, so that's a step in the right direction.

Next up I looked at supplements. i found this super helpful post from Meg and also read this book from Liz Earle. These both told me the vitamins and supplements, that I should be taking for my skin problems. So I ordered Zinc ( to encourage healing and balance hormones) Vitamin A (reduces inflammation and excess oil amongst other things) Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin, helps to improve mood swings as sunshine would and reduce inflammation.) So far, I have been taking these every day for about 6 weeks, whilst I haven't noticed a huge difference, I have noticed that my skin has calmed a little bit. But I know that skin doesn't just change overnight. I might add some other supplements to my collection but I thought these three would be good to start with. I'll keep taking them and will keep you updated on the process.

Finally I looked my skincare routine, and got rid of the harsh spot busting treatments that were making my skin sensitive, red and sore. I replaced them with natural more kinder products, and even looked at the fact that the constant red spots on my cheeks could be acne rosacea. I have been trying La Roche Posay's Serozinc ( zinc solution to calm blemishes, kill bacteria and keep oil at bay), Weleda's purfying lotion (to neutralise the area and calm inflamed spots) and La Roche Posay's Rosaliac AR Intense (serum to calm redness and sensitivity, so far the redness in my cheeks is already fading) .

As I said it's still early days, but I'm enjoying using some new things, and to finding out new ways to treat my skin. I'll keep you updated with my skin's progress, but I am hoping to more clearer days soon. What's your favourite product to treat the pesky blemishes?
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The Denim Jacket

                                                                    Jacket: Topshop
Jumper: Topshop
Jeans: Topshop
Boots: zara 
Unruly dog: my own

 I remember being clad in a denim jacket for the majority of my childhood. See the picture proof below. We'll blame growing up in the 90s. However, plot twist, I didn't imagine that at the age of 23, I'd be rocking a denim jacket again, well hopefully in a better way that my 3 old self did. I've been on the lookout for a winter coat for quite some time now. I have sent back three to ASOS over the past couple of months and I was all ready to abandon my search for the winter coat and just accept that I'll be cold till April.

Me age three in double denim. Hey it was 1994 don't be too harsh. ;) 

However, I was browsing the Topshop website, like a sneaky Sandra (I'm supposed to be saving) and fell in love with this Borg denim jacket. For some reason, I could just really see myself wearing it. I did have to check my temperature to see if I was okay. But my style has changed massively over the past year and well I guess part of my new style is now a denim jacket. It's lined with a fake wool material, meaning that it's super warm and snuggly without looking too much like a coat.

You see when you're petite, coat shopping is always a nightmare. I have a really petite top half in particular so I find that most of the time when I'm trying to shop for coats, I look like I've put on my Dad's by accident. So I made sure I ordered this in the petite and it's a size 8 for anyone who's wondering, it also means I can wear jumpers underneath it and not look too much like the Michelin man. I have to say I am totally enjoying wearing this coat, it's warm, it's snug and most importantly I *think* I don't look too much like a B*Witched member. Happy days.

So I am pretty happy with my new coat, I'm not sure if it will entirely keep me warm if we all of a sudden get arctic temperatures, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Have you found a winter coat this year and if you are a fellow shortie where do you find best for petite clothes?
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