Winter Beauty Videos.

Now that I have more time to make videos and create content for my blog, it also means I have a lot more time to take on more opportunities, that I may not have had time for before. Recently, I have been working with YouTube channel Pose to make a beauty series. I've been lucky enough to work with them in the past for an Autumn beauty series, and they asked if I'd like to create a Winter series too. I of course jumped at the chance and the last in the series went up last week, so I thought I would just blog about them, in case you'd maybe like to check them out.

Even if you're not interested, definitely go check out the Pose channel, as there's lots of great videos on there from other YouTubers and celebrities too. The videos that I created for the winter series are ;

  • Back To Work Beauty Essentials 
  • New Year Beauty Resolutions 
  • My Top Beauty Trick 
  • My Top 4 Eyeliners 
  • My Top 4 Products for Flawless Skin 
  • Date Night Handbag Essentials 
  • 5 Low Cost Beauty Heroes 
  • Top 3 Products for Battling Pores 

I hope you like the videos, and I'm actually in the process of doing a Spring series too, so I'll be blogging about them soon when they're all uploaded :) hope you're all having a great week so far, halfway through the week already! Hoorah! 
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The No Make Up Make Up

 I've always been a pretty full on make up girl. I love nothing more than a smokey eye and a lot and I mean a lot of highlighter. However some days, when my plans consist of sitting in front of my laptop and walking Frank, the smokey eye seems a bit OTT. Also when you've got deadlines, the last thing you want to be doing is sitting for a good 20 minutes doing your make up. So recently, I've been trying out the whole 'no make up, make up look'. As I've said before, it's very very rare that I will go out without make up because I am so self conscious of my skin. So with this being said, I like to apply a little bit of make up to make myself look a bit more alive, and well fake that whole ' I woke up like this' vibe.

I start with base, I usually ditch foundation and will either head straight for concealer (on good skin days) or go for a lighter base. Recently I have been using Bare Minerals new Complexion Rescue Hydrating Gel Cream*; a tinted moisturiser/bb cream, this base has been perfect for no make up, make up days. With a low/medium coverage, I do need extra concealer, but this feels so light on the skin that I often forget I'm wearing make up. With moisturising properties to intensely hydrate your skin, I would say this would be perfect for dry-normal skin types. However even with my oily skin, as long as you prime and expect to powder throughout the day, you can still enjoy this base. Just be prepared to powder or things can get a little oily. The coverage is build able but usually I apply just one layer and then go in with a concealer such as Maybelline's Fit Me concealer to cover up spots, blemishes and dark circles. The finish of the gel cream is pretty flawless and gives you a natural almost airbrushed finish. It's great for faking perfect skin and I'm going to keep this for the warmer months as I think it will be a lovely summer base. The new Bare Minerals gel cream doesn't launch till April, so keep your eyes peeled for when it hits the shops.

Once I'm all concealed up, I'll use a bit of powder to just mattify everything, but not going too over the top as obviously, I'm trying to make my make up look as natural as possible. But for this I use Antipodes Skin Brightening Mineral Finishing Powder* which eradicates any oil, and leaves my face with a flawless but natural finish. I've been really enjoying using it as it doesn't make my face cakey at all.  I usually skip bronzer, blusher and highlighter ( I know shocking) and I'll either apply a very light eyeshadow, think Virgin from Urban Decay's Naked Palette or just a medium matte brown to my crease, but sometimes, I don't even do this. I'll then add mascara, something I see as important as putting on pants in the morning. I have been rotating between Benefit's new Roller Lash mascara and Too Faced's Better Than Sex mascara. I won't say too much as I have a post planned to go into more detail about these. Finally a sweep of brow gel in the form of Benefit's Speed Brow to tame my unruly Charlie from Busted brows and I'm done. Most days, I don't bother with lipstick, or eye drops or anything else because I can't be arsed. In total it takes me 5 minutes, it makes me feel slightly more human and well seeing as I have to cross a busy main road to walk Frank it also means I also don't scare any fellow pedestrian's with my make up free face.

I hope that one day, my skin will be good enough for me to skip the make up. Nothing makes me hope that more, but for now whilst it's pretending it's 14, we will carry on with the no make up, make up. I definitely didn't wake up like this though, and well that's okay.

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Driving Problems

I failed my driving test three times when I was 17. I gave up on driving and thought it just wasn't for me. However back in late 2013, I gave it another go and passed first time. Wahoo. Obviously time made me 1. lighten up on the fake tan and 2. make me a better driver. In the time, I have been driving, I have found it both amazing and terrifying at the same time. I'm starting to get my confidence up though, and I even get sassy when people annoy me these days. I thought the other day, whilst driving, why not do a driving problems gif post? And well here's the outcome...

First of all. How you feel when you pass your test. 

When another driver/pedestrian catches you singing out loud in the car.

I can drive. I just can't park.

Motorways are quite possibly one the scariest things about driving .


Road Rage. You say you won't get it. But you will.

People who drive really close behind you.

But then being stuck behind people who are doing 10mph less than the speed limit. 

When someone stands and watches you park. Can you not.

Getting the nerves whilst waiting to cross a roundabout.

Feeling sympathetic when you see a learner driver.

Pedestrians who just step out into the road without looking. REMEMBER THESE HEDGEHOGS? THEY TAUGHT US THIS FOR A REASON. 

Still saying things that you had to say in your lessons. 'Only a fool breaks the two second rule.'

When someone is in the car with you and is telling you how to drive.

When someone in the car tries to change the music. MY CAR. MY MUSIC.

Happy Driving :) 
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YSL Beauty Hamper & Giveaway...

YSL make up is always something that I have stared longingly at when in department stores. Although I have got the odd lipstick here and there from the brand, I've always wanted to try more from the luxury make up house. However today, I have got a few products into my collection, and I'm going to tell you how you can get the chance to win your own too. A few weeks ago, Jen's Journal which is a beauty website set up by insurance company Zenith Insurance in an attempt to create beauty content for young women, got in touch to tell me about their website and the exciting competitions they will be running on their website. This month's competition is to win an exclusive YSL beauty hamper. Consisting of nine products, and worth £150, it's a great way to win the chance to try some of YSL's most coveted products. 

I've been trying out the products from the hamper courtesy of Jen's Journal, and I will tell you now that you will all love them. From the classics such as the Touche Eclat which is perfect for highlighting and removing all evidence of the bad night's sleep you had last night, to the False Lash Effect mascara which creates dramatic lashes. So the hamper consists of;  False lash effect mascara, travel size False lash effect mascara, travel size Black waterproof eyeliner pencil, Touche Éclat, Forever Youth Serum,City Drive 4 wet and dry eye shadow palette,  Iridescent 101 Extreme shine lip gloss, Black Opium perfume, then finally to put it all in a black YSL make up bag. 

My favourites from the hamper have to include, the False Lash Effect mascara which gives me long, black lashes, which obviously compliments my smokey eye perfectly. I also love the Touché Éclat highlighter too, I've been using this after concealer on my under eye circles and also down my nose when contouring. Also word on the street is that this is one of Eleanor Calder's favourite products so naturally this makes me like it even more. The eyeshadow palette I was expecting to be one of my favourites, however I found the lighter colours to not be as pigmented as I hoped. However the palette which consists of neutral colours in the form of; a taupe shimmery brown, a warm bronze brown, a navy steel grey and a champagne pearl colour is still very pretty and creates a  smokey eye suitable for day or night

Here I used all the products from the hamper to create this look :) 

The giveaway launches today, which you can find here. Be sure to enter as it's such a good prize and I knew a lot of you would like to win it :) and to also check back every month to see what other exciting giveaways are happening on the site. 

All of the products are so nice and it would be a lovely prize to win, and the products would be very welcome in your collection, that's for sure. This has kick started my YSL obsession though and I now have a hankering to dabble in their foundations now too! Do you have a favourite YSL product?

*Sponsored Post 

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Five Favourite Blogs: You Go Glen Coco #4

 Hey hey. Back when I decided I wanted to do a regular feature on my blog, I wanted it to be one that was positive and shared the love around. I wanted it to be something that I could talk about stuff that I didn't really give time to in other posts. Well four weeks in, I've already hit a stumbling block. Ha. I didn't quite anticipate the weeks where I just basically work and don't really do anything and don't have anything to report. So for this week's You Go Glen Coco post, I'm going to be sharing a list of my current favourite five bloggers and YouTubers. Honestly, I could probably tell you five hundred blogs and YouTube channels that I love, but for today we'll keep it short and sweet, and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do. There's a mixture of beauty, lifestyle, and fashion content from these ten bloggers/vloggers.

One of my favourite things to do is 'share the love' for fellow bloggers and vloggers on my blog and YouTube, it's something that I don't think is done enough, I guess maybe in fear of competition. But I don't see how sharing good content means that people won't stop reading yours. I dunno. Anyways, here is a list of some of my favourites and if you find yourself at a dead end this weekend, then I'd recommend settling down with a cuppa and having a good read/watch of one of these :)



I hope you enjoy my current favourites as much as I do, and in the comments leave me your favourite blogger/YouTuber as I always love finding new people to read/watch :) Have a lovely weekend :)
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Let's Talk Fitness


I have never been a sporty person. My worst nightmare when I was younger, was having to be Sporty Spice when playing The Spice Girls. I was always more of a Baby/Posh Spice kinda girl. I hated P.E and was quite happy to leave it behind when I left school. However, gone are the days where I can eat two mars bars for lunch and it have no effect on my body. I learnt this last year, and decided that I had to start eating healthy and working out.

Truth be told ( I always think of Ness from Gavin and Stacey whenever I say that) I have been working out on and off for the past four years. I have always been a slave to The 30 Day Shred every summer, and have even joined gyms for a few months at a time. I have found that I actually quite like working out, though I have to admit that the 30 Day Shred does make me want to punch Jillian Micheal's in the face.  Repeatedly. Recently, I have been on a bit of a health kick. I was fed up of moaning about my thighs and decided I wanted to do something about it. I now have the time to go the gym and I decided I wanted to start eating healthier. I used to think that eating healthier, was just eating salad for every meal. Oh no. I've been looking at different things to eat, and I have to say I feel a 100x better after a couple of months of eating better. Whilst I still have days where I will eat McDonalds, or raid my Christmas chocolate collection, I eat a lot healthier than I used to. Gone are the days of crisps, sandwiches and chocolate. I might do a healthy eating post if that's something you'd like to see? Let me know in the comments or tweet me if you are interested :)

Anyways, today I'm talking about working out. I know that not everyone can afford the gym and they are pretty pricey. The only reason I've joined, is that it's a way to get out of the house. Now that I am working from home I have found that sometimes I get lonely, and escaping to the gym gives me a distraction. At the gym, my workout consists of about 15/20 minutes cardio (I also do cardio when I walk Frankie every day, which is a 3km route that I tend to power walk round)  at the gym, I usually use the cross trainer for cardio as I enjoy that and sometimes the bike. Then I will get to work with the free weights. I do a series of exercises with weights including squats, lunges, triceps dips, planking (god I hate planks) sit ups, Russian twists, dumbbell side twists and much more. I also use the gym weight machines, I like the chest press for working my arms and the leg press.

It's taken me a while to work up my confidence at the gym. At first, I was scared that everyone would be looking at me thinking ' she's doing that wrong' or 'look at how sweaty she is.' I've realised that people are more concerned about their own workout than looking at you, and what's the point in going to the gym if you don't sweat? It is just fat crying after all. I made myself be brave and have an induction, so I knew how to use the machines. It was a pretty awkward hour of having to show I knew how to use the machines properly and I did realise afterwards that my gym leggings were giving me a camel toe. Brilliant. But at least I know how to work them without hurting myself. I always feel so much better after going to the gym, even though, I find it hard some days to drag my arse out of bed.

I know that the gym isn't for everyone, and some days where I either don't want to go or are having a rest day from the gym, I'll turn to YouTube instead. You really don't need to spend much to get fit and these YouTubers are who I turn to when I want to workout from home...

  • Carly Rowena - Litreally the loveliest person ever, really useful tutorials which are easily explained. Carly also does healthy eating videos, which I've found a lot of inspiration from too. 
  • Blogilates- These workouts will make you ache for days on end. 
  • XHIT Daily- I love the Victoria's Secret model workouts, they're really good and show you some different moves. 

Of course The 30 Day Shred is blimming good too and really does work. Just pop on a pair of headphones whilst you're doing it, or you will go mad. Talking of headphones, music helps me massively when I'm working out. I create playlists on Spotify and blast them to be motivated. You can find me on Spotify to have a peek if you like, my username is Dizzybrunette3. 

 Vest: Jack Wills
Sports: Bra: Missguided
Leggings : Missguided
Trainers: Addias

Finding the right clothes to work out in, has also taken me a little while to find what's best for me. I didn't want to spend too much as I was already forking out for the membership. So my favourite places to buy stuff are Sports Direct (so cheap) and recently launched Missguided Active. Who have fashionable pieces which don't cost the earth too. I tend to go for darker pieces, and throw in some bright colours such as pink to match my trainers. I like to be comfortable and I'm happy with my gym gear at the moment. I do want to get some different trainers soon, I'm thinking about some Nike Free Runs but I'll cross that bridge in a little while.

I've been trying hard to keep on the healthy wagon, and I've been going to the gym 3 times  a week, is this a good amount to go? Or do I need to go more? I can't work out when I'm supposed to have rest days haha. Whilst I feel that my thighs are slightly smaller, I feel better in myself so I'm going to keep going, and let's hope that by summer, I'll be bikini confident. I think because I'm not putting myself under pressure, I can do it gradually and enjoy getting fit instead of stressing that I have to fit into holiday clothes! So you tell me, what's your favourite ways to get fit? Do you have any inspiration of how to be motivated, or what's your favourite move? Let me know down below, as I'm new to this whole thing but I'll keep you updated on my progress :) 
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New Spring Releases From Barry M

Barry M have always been one of my favourite brands. I spent many a Saturday when younger, browsing the aisles of Boots and seeing if there were any new releases to the brand. I used to boast about my Barry M collection when I was at college ( was obviously destined to be a beauty blogger) and now that I get to preview new releases does make me feel very lucky. The 17 year old inside me (and lets be honest most of the time, I act like a 17 year old) gets very excited when news of new collections get released. Spring make up releases are always amongst my favourites, and I always look forward to Barry M's spring nail new releases. I knew there was a reason to be excited as this Spring there are some gems to hit the beauty shelves.

First of all let's start with a new range; Speedy Nail Paint, a collection of nail polish with a new flat top brush which makes painting your nails so much easier! I love these types of brushes, and honestly was so pleased to see this had been added to the new range. The formula is also to meant to speedily dry too on your nails, the premise of the brush and the formula means a quicker experience to paint your nails. There's 9 shades in the range and I wont lie, all of the shades are very pretty. Taking on a spring pastel theme, there's a baby pink, to a coral, to a lilac, to a cool toned grey. The polishes are based on car racing, from the checker board lids to the names which range from Full Throttle, to Pit Stop. I did think that the polishes dried pretty quickly when I applied them, and they are quite long lasting on the nails too. With a top coat, they last a good four-five days without chipping. Well they did on me and I was seriously impressed. Definitely worth checking out and the colours are perfect for Spring! They're £3.99 and I already spotted them in Superdrug last week, so you should be able to get your hands on them right now!

Next up is three new additions to the well known Gelly range, and the new additions are also very pretty and Springlike too. Basically Barry M have knocked it out of the park with their new nail shades. Cotton is an off white, Fondant is a lilac and Sky Blue is a baby aqua blue. All seriously pretty and all have the great formula that we love about the Gelly range.

Finally I have two new additions to the Gelly High Shine Lips range, a series of glossy lipsticks, which launched last summer. They were released in statement shades such as reds and pinks, so it's nice to see two new shades added to the collection, one which is a nude! Orion is a brown toned nude and Sigma is a peachy coral, which is a new fave in my collection and will sure to be a staple in the summer! Both the sticks are glossy yet don't feel sticky on the lips.

I've been really enjoying the new launches from Barry M, especially the new nail shades. Now that I've seen a little bit of sun in the mornings, there's no stopping me painting my nails in all the pastel shades now :) are you fan of Barry M? What was the first polish you ever bought from them? Mine was called Baby Pink and reminded me of pink smarties :)
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Life Lessons The Hills Taught Us

The Hills in my eyes, is one of the greatest reality TV shows ever created. Strong words? Perhaps. But growing up, The Hills was something I binged watched way before the likes of Netflix were invented. I remember one summer when I was 17, I literally sat and watched a whole season in a day. I formed the biggest girl crush on Lauren Conrad (one I still have till this day) and then did a fringe braid for the rest of the summer. Fast forward a few years, and I jump at the chance that an episode is repeated. But the likes of LC, Heidi and Audrina didn't just teach us how to wear braids, and how to stay away from guys like SPENCER PRATT. Sorry I felt caps locks were needed there... but we were also taught many life lessons. So let's have a look back...

Sometimes you just have to let things be. 

Make decisions based on your head and your gut. Your gut instinct is usually right, its telling you something for a reason. 

Life isn't fair. But unfortunately it's something we have to accept. 

As Lauren says, if you act shady, you own up to it. It's much better than hiding and denying it. Also whenever I say shady, i always think of LC.

Break ups aren't easy. It can take a long time before you feel whole again. 

It's true.  Do people have a radar or something? 

Sadly sometimes your best friend won't like your boy choices. And yes sucky is a word. 

Sometimes you think it's best to just leave people be, but sometimes you have to reach out. 

When you're growing up, it seems better to have as many friends as possible. However when you get older you realise it's better to have fewer closer friends than a whole bunch of fake friends. 

 Sometimes people won't change. Sometimes they will. 

Everything is always alright in the end. Things get worse sometimes before they get better. Keep that in mind when things get tough. 

Isn't this the ultimate shade? When I watched this when I was 16, I desperately wanted a chance to say this to someone. I still haven't ha. But it's true, if someone does something to hurt you, you can forgive but also forget them too. You don't need people like that in your life. 

Sometimes you just have to let that shit go. 

Wasn't the Hills full of good advice? I reckon I could probably make another post, let me know if you'd like to see another Hills post soon. But for now, I am going to go watch.. you guessed it. The Hills.

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