Have your nails got the Xfactor?

Cher Lloyd I think is like marmite. You either love her or hate her. I'm not a fan, I'm not going to lie, I probably should be a fan considering everyone says she is "a mini Cheryl."

Anyways on Sunday nights Xfactor when she was in the sing off with Paige, I noticed how nice her nails were.

After studying some photos and trying out some looks myself, I finally think I have recreated Cher Lloyd's nails.

Now the only reason I have done this post is cause I thought they were a really gorgeous design which are really easy to recreate at home.

Okay so all you're going to need is:
Base Coat & Top Coat (depending whether you use them or not)
A Gold nail polish (for my re creation I have used No.7's Warm Gold from No.7's Precious Jewels mini kit and The gold colour from Urban Decay's Summer of Love collection.)
Barry M Instant Nail Effects.

Okay to start with, apply your base coat, then once dried apply your gold colour. It won't matter what brand you use, I think any gold will work with this look.

Left Nail: Urban Decay Gold. Right Nail: No.7 Warm Gold.

Wait for the gold to dry, then apply Barry M Instant Effects... now this is quite a funny polish to work with, I've personally found it works better when you apply a good thick layer as the polish will crackle more and make a more interesting effect on the nail.

As you can see, each nail will have a different effect as shown here. The right nail has turned out the most similar to the original look.

Then apply your top coat and you're good to go! It's that easy.. I think this is a fab look which will look great at all the Christmas parties coming up soon :)

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