Everyone deserves a second chance. Including nail polish.

Now I don't know about you, but sometimes I paint my nails a colour and for some reason, I rush it or I don't use the right top coat and it just looks awful and you never use that colour again.

Well I do. I'd done it with No.7's Stay Perfect Nail polish in Damson Dream. I chose this colour last year for my Christmas stocking. I fell in love with it because it was a gorgeous deep red which lots of red shimmer, it was rich and soooo christmasssy :)

But when I painted my nail on Christmas morning, I was so so disappointed. I don't know if it was cause I was in a rush but it ended up a almost brown colour with no shimmer and bubbly.

However the past eleven months it's been at the bottom of my nail polish case and tonight I picked it up and thought hmmm.. it's such a pretty colour let's try it again.

Now I've managed to get a much prettier result, I took my time applying it and I used a super glossy top coat so in the light the colour shimmers and looks fab.

What a mucky puppy.

However applying was so difficult! The brush meant I got in a right mess.. I got it all over my fingers then I couldn't seem to get enough on the brush or then I had too much and it went all over the edges of my nails.

All in all, a very pretty colour, but this isn't a polish you can just slap on and voila... leave yourself a good hour for drying and painting. Oh and definitely use a base coat or your nails will be stained to high heaven.

Look you can see my stained finger from where the polish ran!

I think I will be giving some of my other polishes a second chance now :)

Hope you enjoy the fireworks this weekend :) <3

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