Lady In Red

Right you all know I LOVE Cheryl Cole and since she dyed her hair red it's given me a little to push to do it myself...

I explain how I wanted red hair before Chez in my other post...

But I tried dying my hair about 3 weeks ago and it went a reddy brown, to be honest I washed it off after 15 mins cause it looked too bright!

3 weeks later I was back to boring brown, so I went and bought L'oreals Casting Creme Gloss in Mahogany 550 again which is supposed to be Cheryl's actual hair colour.

Anyways this time I left it on for the whole 20 minutes and it's made a difference, it's a warm reddy brown and in the light is pretty red.

I doubt it will stay like that for long though as red hair fades sooo fast.. anyways here's some pics :)

P.S do you know how blimmin hard it is to capture your hair colour on camera?!

This is how it looks in normal light.. a reddy brown :)


  1. love your photography!:D love your sister x

  2. heya been googling reddy purpley brown hair colours and came across your blog :] that colour really suits your eyes :D <3

    which colour would you say you liked better and seemed more purpley brown, This one, Or the Casting maple burgundy red you used? <3

  3. @Claire: aww thank you :) hmm well I think I preferred the casting maple one as it was more of a plummy red and it seemed to last a lot longer than the casting creme. The casting creme was more reddy and faded so fast. The maple one is more purpley brown and is a really lovely rich colour, so I'd definitley recommend that one :) hope that helps!! x

  4. love your photography!:D love your sister x

  5. Nah just used the one, there's quite alot of product!

  6. Thank you for replying to all my questions, love your hair so much! haha love the new browny colour you've got too, but im obessed with plum hair!! :D it just never stays need to keep dyeing it haha xxx


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