My Lucky Week

Well last week I had a little lucky week which was fab! I was lucky enough to win TWO blog competitions, I won two pairs of False Eyelashes from the two blogs which were:

So a big thank you to these two lovely ladies who were kind enough to run a blog competition, winning made my week :)

Also, Cadburys were running a competition in association with their new chocolate bar Bliss... the prizes were Nails Inc nail polishes in a vanilla colour and chocolate colour... you had to text a code in and lucky me I won a set yay :)

I'm very excited about receiving these as I haven't got any Nails Inc colours and the colours look gorge!

I thought with my luck, I'd try the lottery, needless to say I didn't win and I got ID'D for the ticket.

I'm 19 not 15. I'm blaming my lack of height for this happening!


  1. hello - new follower (waves helleeeew!) - luck you winning these - am super jealous about the cadburys nails inc colours - they look amazing in the promo pics - you'll need to let us see swatches when you get them! a x

  2. Hello :) thank you for following :) oooh I will, I can't wait for them to arrive! x

  3. Great blog!


    PS Hope you can enter the giveaway on my blog!


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