Ooooh look what finally arrived through my letterbox...

I feel like I have been waiting forever for my Sleek 50% sale items to arrive, I was starting to wonder whether they would arrive before 2011 but low and behold they popped through the letterbox today!

I can't even remember when the Sleek sale was now, I'm guessing it was like 3/4 weeks ago? Seems so much longer though.. anyways less of the ranting here's what I bought..

Now looking at this it's pretty amazing, I got all this for £15.00 with delivery.

I think these are my favourite things from the whole order! I ordered blushers in colour Pixie Pink and Rose Gold.

Pixie Pink is a real bright barbie pink, to some this might be a bit woaaah. But I love pink blusher, I think it's cute and girlie and I cannot wait to try this.

Rose Gold- wow. This is gorgeous. It's really hard to photograph but trust me it's lush! It's a shimmery rougey/pink. I have heard some comparisons to Nars Orgasm but I haven't tried this but the colours do look similar :)

Falsies: Fixx Harare lashes: these look really nice and long and natural. Can't wait to try these out.

Eye Dust: In the Nude: now this wasn't what I was expecting, I was expecting a nude shimmer like the name suggests but it's very very glittery. It's like pure glitter, I may give it a go tomorrow, I may end up going to uni looking like a discoball but hey ho it's almost Christmas right?

Kohl Pencils: very boring, Black Kohl for the waterline and Brown Eyebrow pencil, I thought it was time to get a eyebrow pencil as whenever I use brown eyeshadow I do it too heavy and end up looking like a drag queen.

Pressed Powder: I got this cause it promised full coverage and a mattifying effect. The only thing is I have ordered a shade way to dark I think. It might be alright when I've got a fake tan on, that's one of the problems with ordering online, you can't see the swatches in real life. Oh well keep till the summer won't it.

I can't wait to try this all out soon, and it was all 50% off :)

Hope you had a nice weekend :)


  1. Okay all this Sleek blush in Rose Gold around blogs is driving me insane I HAVE to pick one up soon! Lovely haul sweetheart :)

  2. Yeah you should go buy it! It is such a gorgeous colour, I'm so excited to try it tomorrow (how sad eh) x

  3. Not sad, it'd be bad if you didn't wanna try it! :) Yayyy, can't wait to pick one up!

  4. Yay! I was going to order from this sale but just gave up after I couldn't get on the website. Shame they weren't more prepared for it! I have that Rose Gold blusher too, I don't wear it enough, but it is a lovely color. =)

  5. Wow, you got so many nice things!
    Love the blushes!!!


  6. @Lauren Baker- you should, I'm loving Rose Gold at the moment so pretty :) x

    @Vikki- yeah was worth the wait for the blushes definitley :) would reccommend them for sure :) x


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