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Sorry I haven't blogged all week, kind of had a little blogging slump and just couldn't be bothered really but after a busy old week of uni and having a quick visit home to see my sister for her 15th birthday and I'm back and ready to blog again :)

Remember I told you about the No.7 Fake tan that I bought with my Boots No.7 £5.00 voucher? Well I finally tried it out. I wasn't really holding much hope with this tan, being a tanorexix, fake tan has to be dark. The darkest of the dark basically.

My current favourite is St.Moriz- it gives a gorgeous dark colour and is only £2.99. But there are cons, it stinks, it's messy and fades patchy after a couple of days.

However No.7 have surprised me. Firstly on application it smells really nice, well nicer than the normal fake tan smell and even as it's developing it smells nice and I couldn't really smell any usual fake tan smell the next day.

My Arm to demonstrate colour of tan- taken two days after application :)

The colour has turned out a really nice golden colour, which looks totally natural and is quite dark. I have to admit I did St.Moriz my chest as well as using this just because as well as the sun, my fake tan doesn't tan that well and I have to apply alot more fake tan to it to get it the same colour as my legs, tummy and arms. I have a freaky chest basically.

All in all I am impressed with this tan, yes I probably wouldn't use it if I was going for a night out but for just everyday wear it's great :)

If you're into golden tans that don't smell of biscuits then go check it out esp with the £5.00 voucher, think it's about £7.00 with the voucher :)



  1. where did you get those bracelets from hun?

  2. The coral one is from Accessorize and the black one if from Ebay :) x


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