Fearne's Hat Box Delights..

Hello everyone :) Hope you are all well, I am so relieved, all my uni work has been completed!! Three group presentations and one 4000 word essay all done and dusted! So glad to be able to come home and not think " Urgh got to do uni work tonight".I probably should do what most students would do to celebrate this by getting stupidly drunk, but I don't really drink so I'll sit and watch 90210. ( I know, I know I am like a old lady but I don't care.)

Now then onto the main reason for this post, I got a Fearne Cotton Make Up Hatbox for Christmas off my Mum, but with all this uni work, I've kind of neglected everything and it wasn't till tonight, I had a proper good look in my hatbox to see what delights were inside and to swatch them all.

Now firstly, the box is soooooo pretty, I am currently debating on what I can store in it, cause it's definitely a box that needs to be out in view, it's all floral and pretty :)

Inside there are a collection of make up goodies which include:
Two jumbo eye pencils in a violet and turquoise colour

Black Kohl Eyeliner

Black Mascara

Four lip glosses in a dark red, glittery pink, nude and clear gloss.

Lipstick in the most gorgeous nudey pink colour ever!

Two glittery eye dusts in a Nude and Gold colour.

A eyeshadow eye palette with five of the most gorgeous colours ever.

And finally a Make up bag.

So not bad eh?

I am so excited to try the eyeshadow palette, I've gotta be honest I thought it was a compact mirror then I opened it and actually went "wow" out loud. The colours are so up my street and so pretty.

I am currently using the lipstick, which is the lip colour which I've been searching for like ever, it's a nudey pink which seems to suit me. I am going to have to match it to another make when I run out and there's no official colour for it :( might have to look on the old world wide web :)

Everything in this box is beautiful and I'm really impressed with the quality. I like Fearne Cotton, but her fashion sense isn't really me so I'm surprised her make up range is actually the colours that I use!

I think there are still some left in Boots so if you like the look than go get it as I don't think they'll be around for much longer! Will do some FOTD's soon using the products :)

Hope you have a nice Tuesday night :)


  1. I think I might have to get one, as I love everything about her, thanks for sharing x

  2. It's okay :) They're currently half price atm so a bargain :) and really lovely make up too!! Wish Cheryl did one! haha xx


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