Mini E.L.F Haul

E.L.F otherwise known as Eyes Lips Face is a brand I've heard lots of good things about. I ordered a lipstick and lip balm from them back in like May and I was very pleased with the products, such great value and great quality too.

However I've never purchased anything else from them- I don't know why just never got round to it. The other night I had a little look online and before I knew it, I had ordered a little collection of goodies.

I purchased four items and with delivery it came to about £14.00 which isn't too bad when you think about it. The delivery was really fast I ordered at about midnight on Tuesday and it arrived on Thursday morning.

I ordered The Make Up and Mist set (Make up setting spray) Daily Brush Cleaner, A Studio Foundation Brush and a Golden Bronzer Palette.

So onto the reviews:

Studio Foundation Brush- This was £1.50 which is just a bargain really isn't it. It's a nice looking brush however, I did find that you have to put a lot of foundation on for it to work properly. I'm guessing it will take a bit of getting used to as I've been using a completely different shaped brush for foundation over the past few months, but I will continue to use it.

Golden Bronzer Palette- I got this for £3.50, I really like the different coloured bronzers and I was getting a bit bored of my bronzer as in the winter it's a bit too dark. I used this, this morning and I found it was quite shimmery but I bet it will be a staple for in the summer when I have a natural tan or on a night out when I'm fake tanned upto the dozens.

Makeup Mist and Set- This was £3.50 and I was slightly disappointed when it arrived because online it looks exactly the same size as the daily brush cleaner but it's not. It's actually only 60ml so it's a fair bit smaller as the brush cleaner is 250ml. I bought this because my Body Shop Vitamin E spray is almost out and I've seen alot of hype about this as it's half the price. I sprayed it on this morning and the smell is not pleasant. It reminded me of wet dog but I don't know if that's a reason to stop using it completely. As for my make up, yes it's still in tact. But I've not really done much today so I will continue to use and see how long it sets my make up for.

Daily Brush Cleaner- I'm really awful at cleaning my brushes, tut i know, but I figured if I had something like this, I'd be more willing to clean my brushes. When it arrived the box was all soggy and almost a 1/4 of the spray had leaked out. I emailed E.L.F, I was in two minds whether to email them as I didn't know what they'd do but I thought maybe it' s a packaging malfunction. Anyways I received an email back within like two minutes asking me to take photographs of the product, so I took a photo of the product and the watermarked box. They again replied like instantly saying they could see the box was watermarked and that they'd send me a replacement free of charge. Now even though it had leaked I was still really impressed with their customer service, as they replied within like two minutes and said they'd send a replacement which I wasn't expecting. I haven't used the brush cleaner yet but I probably will over the weekend.

Well there you go, bit of a rambley post. All in all I would defintley order from E.L.F as the quality is good,prices are low and good customer service :) you can visit them here
This will have to be one of the last spending sprees I have now as we're going on two holidays with our families this year so it's going to be expensive so I need to start saving and stop shopping. I'm saying to myself that I can holiday clothes shop just before my holidays and to think of the tan I will get!!

Have a good weekend folks :)

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  1. Looking forward to a review on the brush cleaner, I've been thinking of getting it for a while :)


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