No.7 Goodies

Boots are currently handing out their £5.00 off No.7 vouchers again, I always wonder just what to spend mine on and usually they end up sitting in the bottom of my handbag and expiring.

But I felt inspired after reading MakeupSavvy's post on what to spend your voucher on.

So I popped into Boots and had a good look around the counter and decided on a blusher and some fake tan.

I bought this blush in Coral Flush,I really like it so far, I used it today and it went on really nicely and the colour is gorgeous! Such a bargain for £4.00 :)

Here is the blusher on..

I've never heard any reviews of the No.7 fake tan which is a bit risky, but I liked the fact that it said it developed in just two hours. I'm really intrigued about it, so I will let you know once I've tried it :)

I hope you all have a great Friday night, I am so excited about my tea which will be Gammon, Roast potatoes, Roast Parsnips and Cheese sauce. I am also excited about us using our new steak knives we got for Christmas. Oh dear lord, I do sound like an old woman don't I?
Have a great night <3


  1. Good ideas I think! The blusher looks gorgeous :) I usually get myself a Ruby & Millie manicure blocks thing, the ones that you use to smooth the surface of your nails? Another good idea is brushes by No7 or Ruby & Millie :)

    I love gammon! My bf doesn't :(

  2. I usually get No 7 nail polishes, I have 2 now and I've got another 2 vouchers to spend :) They are usually £7!

  3. They are great the vouchers, xoxo- Yeah i got the nail polishes last time but I have soo many at the moment! Yu- I know, might look at the brushes next time!! x


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