Not just for old ladies you know.

Yes I am talking about the brand Cath Kidston. I know this isn't speificlally a beauty post but just wanted to share my love for the products that are all thing floral and pretty!

Cath Kidston is apparently meant to be more of an older ladies brand.. My boyfriend bought me some goodies for Christmas and the shop assistant said " I really should buy my Mum some stuff like this for Christmas. Did your Mum choose these?" He said he was too embarrassed to say " Errr these are actually for my girlfriend."

I don't really see why Cath Kidston is a brand for older people, the products are the prettiest thing ever, and to be honest I don't care if not alot of young people have it, makes it a bit more unique! Especially when you have a couple of friends who like to copy everything you wear/own/do.

But bringing this slightly back to beauty, I purhcased a gorgeous new make up bag in the sale, it's a really nice big size and it fits all my make up and brushes in and will be alot easier to pack compared to my other one which was like a mini holdall.

For Christmas I got a few Cath Kidston goodies including a saddle bag :), Umbrella which is just far too pretty to use! An apron for cooking ( how times have changed) Toiletries bag, Purse and a Oven Glove. Then also in the sale my boyfriend bought me a matching toiletries bag to match my new make up bag :) My Blackberry is also protected by Cath Kidston :)

If I could have my way I would have everything Cath Kidston, Duvet Cover, Towels, Tea set, Cutlery, Cushions.. I could go on.

So if you've ever thought it was just for old ladies have another look, as you might be surprised!!


  1. That's so funny cuz in Japan this stuff is like really popular amongst young people :P I'm the same about Laura Ashley decor and some of their stuff.. I've got a make up bag from them and I love it! :)

  2. What? Haha that is ridiculous..everyone at our school uses the make-up bags as pencil cases and they are good quality etc. etc.
    I love Cath Kidston but don't like spending lots in there because they are too pretty to use!!

  3. Yu- really? I love it all and laura ashley too!! I'd love to live in a house full of wallpaper and floral stuff!! haha x
    Hannah- ooh that's a really good idea, well where I'm from it's asscoiated with old people! Crazy eh! I love them all!! x

  4. I love all the Cath Kidston stuff, my bf does say it reminds him of his gran though ha. I have a floral duvet and when i stay at his I make him carry my cath kidston floral bag!


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