Summer Nails

I was looking through Primark the other day and started to get very excited about all the Summer clothes being out. There are so many gorgeous bikini's and they're so cheap as well!! I might have to purchase now because come July they will all be sold out.

After seeing all the bright summer clothes, I decided I'd had enough of dark nail polishes (well for this week anyways.)

So I painted my nails with the very bright and summery Coral by Barry M.

I got this colour for Christmas and it's a gorgeous colour that will be a great holiday nails colour.

Ring from Primark

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend <3


  1. Love it! It's almost like a muted red, very wearable, might have to check it out :)

  2. yeah it's gorgeous, so bright and summery :) x

  3. The colour is SO summery! I can almost taste spring! Haha. The ring is gorgeous. :) xx

  4. i have that nail polish too :) barry m is fab for nail varnish and so cheap! i love the ring too, i may have to see if i can find it for myself. xx

  5. Aw thanks :)
    It's a gorgeous colour :) ring is from Primark :)


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