What I Wore On a Rainy Day...

It rained where I live today. I bet you're think "wow that's nice.. not." But I was just telling you anyways.

I hate the rain, but I also hate the rain and wind combined, cause my umbrella always goes inside out and I look like such a tit in front of other people and traffic and then when I put it the right way again, it splashes all in my face. Luckily my boyfriend was walking to uni at the same time as me, so he got official umbrella carrier job as I'm too small and my arms aren't long enough.

More to the point of this post: I received a tripod for Christmas off my boyfriend so I could do proper outfit posts, I think he was fed up of me going " Here take a picture of me!"

I've got soooooo much uni work at the moment it's untrue but quickly took a few snaps on my outfit today as I'm wearing some new items that I bought from Primark yesterday!

I aplogise for looking so rough, I took these when I came back from uni and I know, I know I'm a pale Gail. I really need to fake tan but I keep trying to get my skin clear. Should just give up and go orange.

Cardi: Primark
Top: Primark
Top Underneath: Topshop
Leggings: Primark
Boots: River Island
Belt: Primark

Hopefully my Outfit posts will get better, I'm not the best at photography so I think it will be practice makes perfect!

Hope you're all having a good Thursday!


  1. cute belt and shoes! :)



  2. love the cardi.
    Cute blog honey, new follower! x


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