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Hiya ♥

Firstly what a horrible,horrible, horrible day. It's rainy,dark and cold. It might not be like this at all where you are but where I am it is vile.

Now here is another mini Primark haul- I don't know why just cannot keep out of that store! It's like I'm addicted to the place, it is not good at all!

I got a few little earring and headbands bits but they didn't photograph that great so just going to show you my favourite two buys.

I think I am going to have to restrain myself from going to Primark.

So here is a couple of bags that I picked up. I really liked them both because they're a bit smaller than the beast of a bag that I use at the moment. These I think are going to used throughout the summer when I won't have to carry uni work.

Firstly Tan Satchel- I've seen this on a few blog posts, I really like this cause it's different to any other bags that I have at the moment and it has a vintage feel to it. It also doesn't look £7.00, think it looks more! I'm hoping to use this for uni tomorrow but if it's raining might have to use my normal bag!

Secondly this black embroidered design, I think this is lovely and again doesn't look the £6.00 that it was. I have one like this which is similar which I used to death last summer but the handle has broke so this can be it's replacement :)

Hope you're all having a good Sunday so far- I am having one of those days when I'm glad that I don't have to venture outside! I am also trying to keep healthy eating but this will all go down the pan with our Valentines Meal tomorrow night but hey allowed a treat now and then♥

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday, just a cheeky plug my few ebay items are finishing in a matter of hours- have a little look if your fancy



  1. Ugh, your posts always make me want to go to Primark! I haven't been in ages! :(

    And yes the weather is vile here too.. lame!

  2. ♥ Yu- I know I am in there too much, you should go though so many nice things in there at the moment :) aw it's horrible outside :( want summer to come now! x

  3. Love these bags! I don't usually shop in Primark but you've defo converted me! Will have to visit my local one when I'm back home cos it's nicer than the one in Norwich!

    And totally know what you mean about the weather, I'm practically sitting in the dark right now! Miss the sun soo much x

  4. Wow, they are stunning :D
    <3 your blogg x

  5. i honestly believe people who have the patience to find the cute buys in primark are particularly talented. i am far too impaitent. These are lovely though. well done!!! x

  6. ♥ Rachel- Yeah definitley hit Primark! If you find a nice one then you're sorted and be able to find some lovely pieces :) x

    ♥Avy- Yeah me too- love the vintage look of it :) x

    ♥Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld-Thank you :) Deffo a bargain! Thank you lovely :) x

    ♥ LC- Lol I know alot of people who don't have any patience with Primark, I'm lucky the one by me is quite tidy and I go in the week when it's quiet :) Thank you :) x

  7. I need to find that tan satchel. Cute :) x

  8. ♥ Abby- It's sooo nice isn't it! A good buy for £7.00 :) x


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