Blazer Loving..

Ever have something in your wardrobe that you forget about, then slip it on and remember why you loved it so much and you can't believe that you haven't worn in ages?

Well I've had one of those moments this week with my boyfriend blazer.

Last year when these were really in fashion, I practically lived in mine, I went to uni in it, I went shopping in it, I threw it over a dress when I went out.

Then summer came and then winter arrived and all jackets were banished to the wardrobe and the snoods and heavy coats came out in their place.

Yesterday I threw this on thinking I'd look stupidly smart for uni but you know what I didn't. I loved the look with my high waisted shorts and today I paired it with jeans and it just brought a new dimension to a usually boring outfit!

I've paired my trusty blazer with a pretty patterned scarf which I got from Primark in September last year.

I have to say, I am loving reconnecting with my blazer and I think I will be wearing it many times throughout spring.

Here's a couple of snaps of yesterday's and today's outfit.


♥Spotty Top: Primark
♥Shorts: Topshop
♥Tights: Primark
♥Boots: Ebay
♥Scarf: Primark

♥Blazer: Primark
♥Scarf: Primark
♥White Vest Top: Topshop
♥Jeans: Topshop
♥Boots: Ebay

Make up looks


♥Foundation: Revlon Colorstay
♥Concealer: Rimmel Perfect Matte Concealer Stick
♥Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder
♥Bronzer: Bourjois Chocolate Block :)
♥Blush: Benefit Thrrobb
♥Eyes: mixture of colours from Sleek Storm Palette
♥Mascara: Diorshow Mascara, Benefit Bad Gal, Rimmel Lash accelerator, Maybelline Colossal Waterproof.
♥Eyeliner: Models Own Black Kohl eyeliner.


Everything the same as above part from eyes:
♥L'oreal Color Appeal in True Silver smudged with Black Matte from Sleek Storm Palette
♥Liquid Eyeliner: L'oreal Super Liner in Black.
Check out the fishtail plait.. getting better eh?

Sorry for the mass of pictures and waffle!

Hope you've all had a great Wednesday, my Dad came to visit today which was nice, he's not seen our flat before so was nice for him to see it and not seen him since Boxing Day!

I also just got a essay result back, I had to complete a 4000 word essay on a place of consumption and I chose Nando's. I thought I hadn't done too well but I actually got a 2:1! I know it's not a first but I'm really pleased with that. I'm one of those people who thinks it's not about getting A's- as long as you try your best then whatever you get is an achievement. I never did this well last year so I'm pleased, I'm finally doing okay ♥

Have a good rest of the evening (well what's left of it!)

P.S I am still loving my bright pink nails!! ♥



  1. well done on the grade. I agree about the blazer!

  2. I'm loving your scarf! And the nail polish colour is gorgeous!

    check out my blog, and if you like it please subscribe :)


  3. you are super gorgeous!
    i love your makeup.
    and your outfit is great.<3

  4. @R- Thank you :) x
    @Julianne- Aww thank you lovely :) x

  5. I do that with my mothers designer dresses.

  6. I love that blazer, it looks so cute on you! I know what you mean, I always want to wear my blazers to class, but I don't want to feel too dressed up.

  7. The outfit is gorgeous and I love your plait. I've been a fan of the fistail plait since seeing Cheryl Cole and Diana Vickers sporting them on X-Factor last year, but my hair is nowhere near as long as yours.
    Well done on the grade!


  8. i love the mixture of colour and textures and your fishtail looks stunning

  9. @Avy- ooh wow good idea :) x
    @Vida- Aw thank you :) Aw go for it, they don't look that smart with jeans :) x
    @Loveinthecity- Thank you :) I know, I love them, I hope I'll get better with them over time :) Thank you lovely :) x
    @Sara Louise- Thanks lovely :) x


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