Braided Bunch..

Hey everyone ♥
Hope you are all having a good Saturday so far, I am feeling very productive as I have been into town to get a couple of bits, cleared and tidied my wardrobe and sorted some more clothes to go on Ebay and now I'm waiting for my Asda shopping to be delivered. Not bad eh considering I usually have a big long lie in and usually I'm not long dressed at this time!

Our noisy neighbours were out in force again last night, was awoken at about 2.40 am to the sounds of banging, I soon realised that a couple round the corner from us had indeed had a fight and again one had locked the other out. So the locked out half of the couple was banging on the door, shouting " JOHN" at 3am. I was not amused at all. He was banging for a good hour then I finally went back to sleep. But it really annoyed me cause yes it's annoying to be locked out of your flat but no need to wake every single other person up is there? I felt like I was back in halls not good.

Anyway I have rambled on, just a little post about how I wore my hair yesterday and today. I created a chunky french braided headband. Whenever I usually do one of these I include my fringe but I didn't this time and I was really pleased with the outcome.

Been experimenting more with plaits lately and I think plaits are a really great simple hairstyle.

Sorry about the dodgy quality of the photo's couldn't get the lighting right.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday afternoon and evening♥



  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! Sorry to hear about your noisy neighbours! I use to have the same problem x x

  2. So proud of myself to find your blog :)
    My neighbours recently moved out and the house was sold. A couple of weeks later, the old residents realised they'd forgotten something in their old garden and need to get it back, so naturally they bang down the gate, breaking it and taking their precious watering can!
    At 5am!
    Not amused!
    Izzy xx
    LOL x

  3. you got nice hair :)

    I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a great blog. Do check out mine as well

  4. ♥ Joanna Louise:Thank you lovely :) I know they're a pain in the bum! x

    ♥Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:)- Aw thank you :) Oh wow that sounds awful! Some people just have no common sense do they?! x

    ♥ Sara.H- Thank you :) Thanks for following, it means alot :) I will check your blog out now :) x

  5. your neighbours sound like a right nightmare! I used to have noisy neighbours at once, I used to live in a student area, wild house parties and all that, not good!

    the braids look lovely! And your hair! Super shiny. xx

  6. ♥DesignerSpray- I know it's not as bad here as halls were, they were awful one time at my boyfriends someone was playing 70's music at full blast till 5am! Thank you :) xx

  7. Haha :)
    Check out myyblogg??
    izzy x


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