Dr. Nick To The Rescue...

Lately my skin has been having a right old funny do. Broke out in loads of spots and like any girl would it makes you feel a bit poo.

I've heard quite a few people say that the Dr.Nick Lowe Spot Gel actually is quite good for reducing spots. At the moment, Boots have a £5.00 of certain skincare brands at the moment, so of I hopped to Boots thinking it's time for these spots to say goooooooodbye.

I picked up the gel (this sounds nicer than spot gel) for £4.00 with my £5.00 off voucher so that's not too bad. If I found a product that completely cleared my skin up, it wouldn't matter what price it was!

So I have been using this gel for the past two nights and yes my spots do seem to be reduced but they are still there. I am going to keep going with it though and give it a good week at least!

I have noticed a difference though in redness and size so hopefully this will be a new product I will go to when I have a break out.

Hope you're all having a great Saturday- I've been in all day waiting for an Asda delivery- My delivery slot was from 10am- 6pm and you know what time they turned up? 17.57- Yep three minutes to go. Grrr got up early and everything this morning. Oh well.

Hope you all have a good night ♥



  1. Yeah I've heard that Dr Nick Lowe products are good although I haven't tried any of them yet! The spot treatment I've got is from Origins and you can literally feel it working straight away so I've been pretty impressed with that. I didnt't know that you could even buy Nick Lowe from Boots, I'll have to have a proper look when I next go to town!xx

  2. @Rachel: Yeah me too, this is the first one I've tried! Oooh really, might have to check that out, I love ones that you feel working cause you think they must be doing a good job!! x


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