How To Holiday Shop On A Budget♥

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Now I know that we are still in February and the thought of summer holidays seem so far away..However in the world of retail, holiday clothes are out in force! I know that everyone loves to go and get a new wardrobe for your holiday but it can be expensive. After shopping in one of my favourite stores: Primark, I decided I would do a little post and show you some items that you can buy and look fab on holiday but won't break the bank.

♥ My boyfriend keeps saying to me " why do you keep buying holiday stuff now? Our first holiday isn't till July and the second in August.. It's February." Now one tip I have for holiday shopping is - Buy Early. Come June/July or whenever the sun comes out those holiday clothes are going to fly out the door. I have left it before to a few weeks before and I've found that the size I wanted wasn't there or the colour or it was replaced on the shelf by a woolly jumper. Get in there early.

♥ Primark can always be a bit of a hassle- if you can go either early in the morning or in the afternoon on a weekday when the shop is most quiet and you can go try things on in the changing room.

Best Buys At Primark:

Flip Flops: most of my flip flops are from Primark- I look for ones that have a slight grip so they're not too slippy when walking round the pool. Primark at the moment have a great selection of £1.50 havaiana inspired styles. £6.00 + Sandals which are really pretty and more for night time wear and these gorgeous flower flip flops which were an amazing £2.50.

Bikinis: There are some really gorgeous bikinis in store at the moment, there are 2 packs where you get 2 bikinis for £6.00. I picked up a neon pink triangle and leopard print set. For £3.00 each you can't knock it.

Sunglasses: I could of bought about 10 pairs, there is such a vast choice of sunglasses, I love the detailed ray ban esque sunnies but they look really silly on me, I picked up two aviator floral style sunnies for £1.00 each which are gorgeous and pretty :) and some basic Silver aviators which never go wrong for £2.00. At these prices you can afford to buy doubles so that if they break you have a back up.

Hair Accessories: As I have very long hair and being a total sun worshipper, I like to tie it out of the way in the day on holiday, however your hair doesn't need to be boring. I have found numerous headbands,headscarves, Flower clips and bow clips to add to your holiday hair up do.

So there we go, my top holiday buys from Primark. I am pretty much sorted for holiday clothes wise so I'm just praying for summer to get here so I can wear it all!

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday evening, I am feeling quite productive today as I went to uni and wrote 1300 words of my essay in just under 2 hours, I'm gonna try and finish the rest at the weekend, so going to have a nice chilled night and catch up with last nights Gossip Girl and Tuesday nights 90210. I have to say I am very excited about my TV catch up ! ♥



  1. I was totally eyeing up that pink bikini! Why didn't I get it?! I'm kicking myself now, must go back lololol.

  2. I like the bikinis! New follower :) I love your blog and your layout, I wish I could do something as creative but I'm awful with Html! xx

  3. Golden Glow- Thank you for following :) Thank you, I'm no good either, I used the most simple method! x

  4. great post :) LOVE those sunnies! especially the white floral ones.. sooo pretty!

    cool blog!


  5. That's a good idea to shop early. I try to do most of my shopping AFTER the season. Buying winter clothes in spring when they're all on sale and such. Only trouble is, sometimes they run out of the sizes quickly. But, you win some and lose some!

    Great finds!

  6. Love all of it! I've got to get those flip flops. My holiday is in September and I've still being buying for it, there's never anything good left come summer time so you're right! Best to stock up now! xxx

  7. Yes great idea! I got some sunglasses from Red Herring that look a bit like the top ones, but I lost them. Oops! The only problem I have is do the sunglasses work, as in are they UV filters and what-not. I'm not very good at knowing what are fake and what are not. Thats my only problem with Primark sunnies - because they are all so cool but they don't always protect your eyes! And since I already have bad eyes I don't wanna damage them any more.

    Sorry for the rather sombre rant and I hope you all go somewhere nice and sunny in the Summer!!

  8. @Laura- Aw thank you :) I know I love the white ones too! x

    @Barbie- Yeah shopping in the sales are good too! I like to shop early as then it's new season stuff :) x

    @Jessica- I know the flip flops are gorgeous! Yes go and stock up early :) x

    @Hannah- The sunglasses I got yesterday have a UV sticker on them so they are proper ones and won't damage your eyes! I don't think there as good as expensive ones obviously but they do have protection :) they will have a sticker on them if they do :) x


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