I Heart Models Own

Hiya everyone ♥

Now I mentioned earlier in the week that I was a very lucky girl and won not one, not two but six new Models Own Nail polishes in a Twitter competition.

I've always loved Models Own nail polishes so to win these was just amazing! I went to pick them up from the Post Office Depot today as the lazy postman couldn't be bothered to put them through the letterbox yesterday but never mind I have them now!

I was really impressed how fast they were sent out, I thought I might of received them next week but to get them just three days later is amazing!

Now onto the exciting part♥

The colours I won were:
Bronze Rage
Concrete Mixer
Gold Rush
Pink Fever
Black Swirl

I think that Gold Rush is the only one you can get at the moment- I think the rest are released at the end of this month- I could be wrong though so don't hold me to that!

Every single colour is gorgeous and I can't wait to start wearing them, they will be frequently popping up on some NOTD's definitely ♥

My favourites so far are:
♥Concrete Mixer
♥Gold Rush

So there we go :) I hope you are all having a great Friday ♥



  1. What beauts! I love the look of Blooboo :) xx

  2. love the look of concrete mixer! xx

  3. Ooh lucky you, there are some gorgeous colours there. :)


  4. Congrats, lucky girl! Blooboo and Concrete Mixer look gorgeous (=

  5. lucky you for winning all those gorgeous colours! Black swirl looks gorgeous!



  6. @Meg- I know, Blooboo is my favourite :) x

    @Little Miss Sparkles- I know, they're gorgeous :) x

    @Rachel- I know, it's one of my favourites too! x

    @Jess- I know, I am very lucky :) x

    @Gaby- I know, yeah there my two favourites too! x

    @R- I know very very lucky :) Yeah it's lovely :) x

  7. I love Gold rush i bet that will look lovely winter and summer! x

  8. I love love LOVE the concrete mixer color. You're a lucky girl to have won all of these! :)

  9. @ellerosee- It's gorgeous and your right will look lovely whatever season :) x

    @stefany- I know, I love it too! I know very lucky! :) x

  10. Wow they're all so pretttyyyyy! :) lucky girl! :)


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