"It's Fantastic Being Plastic."

Like I told you I would,I repainted my nails and boy am I glad that I did.

I went from a dark grey to bright neon Barbie Pink!

I got this China Glaze polish for Christmas and this is the first time I've worn it, it's gorgeous, so bright, glossy and just Barbified!

China Glaze: Pink Voltage (Neon)

This will definitely be a holiday colour!

Without Flash♥

With Flash♥

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday- you know what tonight is...... Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and 90210. Whoooop. Best night of telly, I think. I think I also need to get a life!!

Hope you all have a great night and that it will be a little more interesting than mine!! ♥



  1. Hotttttt. Where do you get your China Glaze from? :) I don't have a tele, I wanna see what the fuss is about!

  2. I get them from Sally's the beauty outlet store or Ebay- either of them are quite good! :)
    ooooh 4OD it! You won't regret it- amazing tv! x

  3. muy lindo esmalte de uñas!
    te queda muy bien :)
    un beso!

  4. too hott for words! love that colour!


  5. love the nail polish :) It reminds me a little bit of a barry m colour I have. Aww I love gypsy weddings too but missed it last night boooo :( will have to watch it on 4od tonight.

  6. Thanks lovelies :)
    @The Style Mac: Thank You :)x
    @misskirstenxox: Yess it's fab! :)x
    @Onyxsta: Thank you- I love it's so bright! x
    @Sammie Louise: aaah noo have to watch it again!x


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