It's a Small World..

Last week I started a new module at university and whilst on a little break the subject of blogging came up. To my surprise there were a few bloggers in the room and Alana who has a fashion blog had very similar views on blogging like I have.

I was really pleased to meet someone who also blogged as I don't know anyone else in person who has one. I've told about one of my closest friends about this blog but the others don't have a clue- I'd never post it on facebook and when my sister told my Mum, I was mortified.

Now I'm not ashamed about blogging but I just feel a little protective over it and people can judge and I didn't want anyone saying anything bad about this little blog.

Anyways digressing as usual, I was in good old Primark today (when am I never not there?!) when I bumped into Alana :) We were both on our own so decided to shop Primark together. We then headed to Boots to go get Alana some Bronzer.

We both got some lovely things- Alana bought some gorgeous headscarves and she's going to review them for me as I'm not sure whether the whole headscarf look would work for me!

I thought Primark had some lovely things in a couple of weeks back- they have some even more gorgeous things now- I know, I know I shouldn't be spending money ( slapped wrists) but in my defence I did take a dress back sooo I didn't spend that much..

So who wants a little peek at what I got?

I'm in love with all these- the pretty rose earrings, the vintage looking rings and the six sets of gorgeous earrings. Primark really does such lovely jewellery and for £1.00 or £2.00 you just cannot beat it. ♥

I've been needing some new exfoliating gloves for ages! Mine have gone quite manky and these were a £1.00. I love these and nothing else gets your fake tan off like these!

This dress might not even look nice on me, but I saw it and thought one word " holidays" I love the colour, print- just everything- it might look a little silly on a little poppet like me but we will see eh!

Just look at the print!

Finally.... This little beaut of a dress. This reminds me of some tunics that Topshop had out a couple of summers ago- I bought a fluro one and always wear it in the summer, this one is darker and will look gorgeous with tights and bare legs in the summer! Oh please hurry up summer!!

So there we go- me buying more pretty things ( oh dear,oh dear)

Please go check out Alana's blog it's fab :) here's the link ♥
Hope you are all having a good Wednesday- I'm off to make my tea and catch up on last nights Gossip Girl ♥


  1. Funny how things work out sometimes.
    Love what you bought from primark x

  2. Ah that's so cool :) I know a pair of bloggers who are housemates of my best friend, and they are very open about their blog but I couldn't be!

    Can't wait to get myself to a primark you always have lovely buys from them :)

  3. I'm exactly the same about my blog!!! I would never put it on fb and none of my friends know about it! It's my secret space :o)
    Lovely buys. I saw some of the rings last week and I'm kicking myself for not buying them!
    Zoe x
    Please take a look at my blog and giveaway, here!

  4. I'm the same with letting people know about my blog. My mum knows I have one but doesn't know the name nor how to find it *yay*. I'll tell people as and when I feel ready to or want to.

    Beautiful bits from Primark btw.x

  5. Nice haul -- I am loving the accessories and the first dress.:D

    I understand, I am also private about my blog.

    I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  6. Oh that pink dress is so gorgeous! Making me wish for summer and beaches!

  7. Very cute dresses! I like your blogging views. Love the blog :) and i will be back for more ;)

  8. my mother first didn't know that me and my sister were blogging to x)
    but she discovered :P
    love the dress is lovely! love the jewelry to ^_^

    ps: I'm doing a Hugo Boss and Armani giveaway.

  9. I'll be looking out for those dresses :)

  10. I love that last dress! I'm more open about my blog. I guess it helps that many people I know are bloggers so it's easy to talk about it without feeling weird.

  11. Thank you girlies :) It's nice that you all seem so open about your blog! I am getting more open as I go along! It's something to be proud of at the end of the day! Primark have some gorgeous stuff in at the moment :) x

  12. eeeek! why did i not see this post?!?!?!?! i'm so sorry :( thank you for the linkage, i've been feeling so pooey not blogged that much. thanks for your help the other day! i went out the other night and my make up stayed matt all night! haha- mwah! muchos love, xoxo avs


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