Not For Senstive Skin..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hey girlies♥

Hope you are all having a lovely Saturday so far, I'm in a bit of one of those " I can't be bothered" moods, I should do something productive like carry on with my PR essay or do some cleaning but just can't seem to get in the productive mood.

Oh well, now I got these last week so sorry just blogging about them now, I saw these Garnier Daily Purifying pads on Phoebe's blog- Peluxe, I saw that alot of people had said they really work and help clear your skin up. I knew that I needed these in my life, if they made such a difference.

It took me a good week to find them, they had been sold out everywhere but I managed to get my hands on some in Superdrug.

Now I have to admit been using them for a week now and my skin isn't clear at all. The tub says notice a difference in five hours and yes my skin seems a little calmer but not clear. Now I am going to continue these as I realise that with skin products most things don't happen over night but one thing I will stress is, if you have sensitive/dry skin then these wipes are not for you. I have oily skin that isn't sensitive and these pads make my skin sting. I imagine it would be like wiping your face with nail varnish remover pads if you had dry/sensitive skin.

I will keep using them and will let you know if I see any difference, the thing is with some skin products they work on some and not others. I will report back though.

Hope you all have a nice Saturday afternoon/evening♥

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  1. Eurgh these sounds really painful and horrible. I guess it shows its working though but they sound a bit harsh to put all over your face! Maybe the formula would be better just as a spot treatment? I don't reckon my dry skin would be able to handle these! xx

  2. @Rachel- Yeah I do think they're pretty harsh on the skin, mine can just about handle it though! x

  3. great post..just followed :) what nail polish is that? LOVE IT! x

  4. @Erica- Thank you for following :) It's china glaze- I did a review on it here so the full name is there as I can't remember off the top of my head! x