Rain, Rain Go Away...

I am seriously fed up of this rainy Sunday. It has not stopped raining since I woke up this morning, so in order to brighten things up painted my nails :)

I've decided to go super bright on fingers and toes :) It certainly beats this dark rainy weather.

Models Own: Fuzzy Peach♥
A gorgeous bright pastel orange that is lovely and summery.

Toes: Now I'm sorry to put a picture of my toes as I have horrible feet but I want you to appreciate the bright pink and nail art :)

Urban Decay- Woodstock.♥
This is the most gorgeous bright neon pink ever, it's a matte pink so no shimmers that you usually find in neon colours. This is definitely a colour that will be a contender for holiday nail varnish as it will look lush with a tan :)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday afternoon/evening..♥



  1. Ahhh definitely a good choice to cheer the mood! I've got greige polish on, it's not doing me any good lol. I def want Fuzzy Peach, alongside Nude Beige :) I've never tried Models Own though, but I've heard so much.

  2. Wow! I love Models Own nail polishes - they are affordable-ish, and come in huge bottles :)
    I had to cheer myself up with an oufit post (@ welcometomyfloordrobe.blogspot.com) and it worked.
    But I have school tomorrow, Valentines Day and half term a week away, so that kinda sucks!!

  3. ♥ Yu- Oh yeah Models Own polishes are fab :) Nude Beige is a lovely colour aswell :) x
    ♥ Hannah- Yeah they are good value :) aw no, hope it all goes okay! x

  4. The Model's Own nail polish is gorgeous!


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