Hello ♥ Just a quick little nails post. Painted my nails last night and decided to be a little creative. I am not sure of the outcome and it has confirmed one thing- that I will never become a nail artist.

I painted my nails with Barry M - Grey then used a Cina Black Nail Art Pen, Barry M- Bright Pink and Models Own- Beth's Blue to create a bright leopard print effect on my ring finger.

I'm not sure,as I am quite loving my bright nails at the moment, so I might paint them again tonight when the boyfriend is watching Top Gear.

I thought I'd let you all have a little look anyways :)

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday- Beef Casserole is in the slow cooker ( domestic goddess eh?) I'm trying to eat a bit healthier as lately I feel all I've eaten is chocolate! I bought fruit with this weeks shop! I've put lots of vegetable in my casserole so that's healthy right?! Have a good Sunday lovelies ♥
Also my Ebay listings are ending today- have a little peek if you wish :)



  1. I think it looks really good! I love Barry M Gret polish.
    Zoe x
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  2. I think this looks amazing, I really need to get into nail art.


  3. This looks really good, I bought the Models Own nail art pen a while ago but I haven't got round to giving it a go yet! xx

  4. Aw thank you :)
    Zoe: I love it too, but it seems darker on me today- how odd lol x
    Jess: Thank you :) It was sooo easy, I am really clumsy with nail polish and I just about managed it! Lol x
    Rachel: ooh I was after one of those- I've heard lots of good reviews about them and so many pretty nail designs! x

  5. I love Barry M nail polish! That grey colour looks gorgeous! I might have to buy that!
    Wish I wasn't so clumsy, then I might try doing a leopard print effect, yours is so pretty! :D.

  6. I like that you only did it on one nail x

  7. tu esmalte de uñas color azul me encanta ;D!
    te sigo!


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