Beauty on a budget......

Hey everyone :)

Hope you're all good :) I went to Boots today and managed to pick up a couple of bargains! You know how much I love a good bargain and I felt that I needed to share with you all!

Firstly all the Soap and Glory range is 1/3 off! This is fab, I never really was into the Soap and Glory range but my Mum got that massive hamper for Christmas and everything smelt gorgeous and Mum said that everything was so nice! I got this shower gel for £3.40 which is just fab for the size of it! I'm (almost) out of shower gel so I thought that I couldn't turn it down! ( Mum if you're reading this don't go to Boots to buy any Soap and Glory stuff.. okay....) The stuff is really great value with all the reductions! I am tempted to go back and get more like the breakfast scrub & righteous butter...

I also needed some more moisturiser, being a fake tan addict, I like to moisturise twice a day to keep my tan intact, my favourite, favourite moisturiser is the Body Shop's Body Butter Coconut flavour. I love anything with a coconut scent, it reminds me of holidays. When I first moved to uni in my first year, everything was coconut, my hand was, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel etc. Most of my stuff is the same but I got a Body Shop coconut set for Christmas and I ration myself with my body butter as they are pretty pricey so I let myself only use it a few times a week. I realise how much of a dork I sound. Anyways I picked this body lotion up as it's coconut, I've used it before and it's great and it's really cheap. It was like £1.20 or something like that which is pretty good for the size of it and it comes with a pump which means less waste age!

I also picked up a half price razor, Pantene shampoo + conditioner ( 2 for £5.00) and some No.7 nail varnishes using my £5.00 off vouchers for my Mum + Henry's step mum as it's her birthday soon. Altogether I saved something mad like £14.00 off my whole shop which is pretty impressive.

So there we go, if you really like Soap and Glory stuff or want to try it then head down to Boots as the offer is great!

Hope you've all had a good day, it's been gorgeous here! We went to the beach which was lovely and then sunbathed in our communal gardens. First day of the year that I got my legs out! Yay for summer coming :)



  1. The Breakfast Scrub is brilliant and it smells so delicious! xx

  2. Love the soap and glory shower gel, I used it tonight and it smells so yummy! :) xxx

  3. I LOVE breakfast scrub and clean on me, two of my fave S&G products! xo.

  4. Clean On Me is one of the best shower gels I've used. it smells beautiful! And skin doesn't feel dry after you've used it, bonus! xo

  5. Got to love a bit of Soap and Glory. :)


  6. Great stuff, I really am getting to the point of not wanting but NEEDING the soap and glory hamper!
    Ohh I have that shower gel, I <3 coconut!
    I also have a coconut scented hairbrush so that when you brush your hair, your hair smells good :)
    Its a saviour for those in between washes days :)
    Izzy xx


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