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Hey girlies,

Monday has come around again! I always hate how fast the weekend goes! A slightly different post from me today, I recently came across the fashion site Missguided and I have to say the clothes on there are gorgeous! I haven't bought anything yet as I am trying to save but here is three items that I have my beady eye on!

Frankie Dress: This is a dupe for the Zara dress which Frankie from The Saturdays wore on a night out, at Missguided this dupe is £24.99 compared to the £39.99 Zara price tag.

Next I love these rust shorts, I've been after some rust shorts for a while and I just think these just look really lovely and could be dressed up or down.

Finally these navy shorts are just gorgeous, I really like them for dressing down and dressing up. Argh I wish I could get all three of these items!!!

Do you shop at Missguided? What are the items actually like? Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Monday guys.. you can shop online over at Missguided here....



  1. I love the black boots in the first two pics too! x

  2. those navy shorts made my heart skip a beat! infact, the entire outfit did.

    so adorable!


  3. great picks!
    cant say as ive every brought some missguided but i always have a look!

    weekends go SO quick- roll on friday feeling again :) xxxx

  4. Oh i love these too, great picks :) x

  5. I love the red dress!

    Sarah xx

  6. I love that red dress too!
    I've bought one dress from missguided.com. Tho when i put it on it was TINY, more like a tunic. But I kept it anyway and just wore leggings with it. I've had it a long time now so the quality is good!
    Prices are sooooooo much better than most other high street shops.

  7. Zoe- Me too they are gorgeous :) x

    Ms. Elisabeth- I know, gorgeous outfit :) x

    Twiggs- Thanks :) I know, I will buy something soon I'm sure :) x

    Suzin s- Thanks love :) x

    Sarah- Ooh me too- my favourite :) x

    Ash- Aah really, good to know the quality is good :) x


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