My Favourite Thing Of The Moment..

Hiya girlies :)

Hope you're all fine and dandy, it was another gorgeous day here down south, it was so sunny and quite warm, love it when the weather is nice, it instantly puts me in a good mood which is pretty hard in the morning as I am not a morning person!

I seem to go through little phases of buying stuff, sometimes it's make up, shoes etc, at the moment it's clothes. I am a typical girl who has a full wardrobe yet claims " I have nothing to wear." Every week I have a new obsession, for example a couple a weeks in I was obsessed with denim cut off shorts, I got some from Ebay and now my new obsession is sheer shirts.

I bought this little beauty in the picture below from good old Primark, I think it looks alot more expensive than the eight pounds that I think it was. I also last week bought a goregous sheer shirt from Zara which is just gorgeous, I'm yet to wear it as I'm saving it to wear this weekend when my boyfriend's family visit and hopefully look all sophisticated and fashionable and all that. But when I do wear it, I will post a cheeky OOTD :)

 Shirt: Primark
Shorts: Ebay 

I'm also debating chinos at the moment, but don't know if they'd suit me because I am so fussy with trousers- and I am petite so alot of trousers are too long for me. I went into Primark today cause I'd seen some nice beige and navy ones but they only had navy ones in my size and they were really skanky so I left them and thought I'd go in another time when they had more stock! Wow this is a bit of a ramble isn't it! I'm in a bit of a strange mood tonight- I'm blaming the long boring day at uni! I think it's probably best I stop here and go watch 90210. I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday night..



  1. The outfit is lovely, I love the blouse/shirt :)♥
    Wish we had primark here! :( xxx♥

  2. This top is so pretty, I am making a resolution to shop in Primark lots from now on!x

  3. @Hannah- Aw thank you, I don't know how I'd cope without Primark! x

    @Izzy- Thanks sweet x

    @Fashion Written with a lipstick- Thanks lovely :) x

    @Charlie- Thanks love :) x

    @Rachel- Thank you :) Do it! So many nice things! x

    @Zoe- Thanks lovely :) x


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