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Hi girlies :)

Hope you're all having a good Tuesday, uni was pretty boring, but I got good feedback on my dissertation proposal (yay) I really thought it was quite rubbish so feel a bit more motivated towards uni work.

Now I am sure that many of you won’t need a tutorial as you’re all very glam, but lately I’ve heard a lot of people saying that they are simply too scared to fake tan! I am a huge fake tanner; I don’t like being pale so after a few years I think that I finally may have the knack to fake tanning!I also realise that I haven't posted any beauty related posts in what feels like ages! I haven't really bought anything new as clothes are my obsession at the moment, so I will try more beauty again!


  First things first are exfoliate! If you don’t prepare your skin beforehand you will find that your fake tan will fade so much more quicker and go all patchy ( which is never a good look) I recommend exfoliating gloves as they really get rid of dead skin and old fake tan without being really harsh on your skin. I picked my latest pair up from Primark for £1.00 which is a bargain! Use your favourite body exfoliater with these and you’ll be good to go! 

1.       Next is tanning time! I have used many tans over the years and I’ve finally found which ones are good and not so good.

Fair Skinned: for all you porcelain beauties I have a high end and drugstore brand- For fairer complexions, I’d personally start with a gradual tanner which you add over time and build your colour up that way. Then once you’ve got used to that then move onto the hardcore self tanners, my favourite gradual tans are St.Tropez everyday which is a high-end product but is gorgeous, it smells lovely and gives you a delicate golden glow. High street wise I recommend Dove’s summer glow beauty body lotion which you can pick up from Boots/Superdrug for about £4.00 I think.

Dark skinned- For all you olive skinned ladies which I include myself in and you want a dark tan then I also have some recommendations- High end again it’s over to St.Tropez again and I used to use Tan Maintainer which left me with a gorgeous dark colour like I’d just stepped off a plane from the Caribbean. However I am now a student and I haven’t got a budget that stretches to St.Tropez so I have swapped to St.Moriz( Dark) this is just fab, it’s £2.99 and gives you an amazing colour! I cannot get enough of it and if you’re a fake tan lover then definitely try this out!

1.       Application: For application the best way is to apply tan with a tanning mitt. Again you pick these up cheap from Boots/Superdrug etc and these give you a streak less finish and save you from orange palm syndrome! I cannot recommend a mitt enough!
iI usually apply my tan at night so it has the full time to develop and with tan’s like St.Moriz, the guide colour is quite dark and I think that I would probably get laughed at if I went out in it!
3.       Once you’re all bronzed, maintain your tan by moisturising twice a day with your favourite body moisturiser. Do this when you have a shower in the morning and before bed, by doing this, your tan should last between 4-7 days!

I hope this has helped and I’m sorry to all you fake tan gurus already who know all this! These are just my little tips that I’ve found out over the years as boy I have had some tanning disasters!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, I have just finished a uni essay so I'm going to chill out by watching 90210( my current obsession) and having a nice bubble bath! Enjoy your evening :) 



  1. I always use St Moriz but I find that if I shower it just comes off and I'm back to being pale!

  2. Thanks for this I've actually been looking up tutorials as I bought my first St. Moriz in a blogsale the other day and have ordered tanning mitts in anticipation :)

  3. Thankyou so much for this. I have pale skin and find it really hard to find good fake tans so this was a great help. Your blog is amazing
    Thanks <3 xxxx

  4. Great post. I am new to the tanning world, and I need to find a good gradual tanner to get started. :)

  5. eugh i'm so bad, i never tan but when i do i never use a mitt (but i wash my hands afterwards so i don't get orange palms).
    i use L'oreal sublime which is amazing, never had any problems with streaks and it shows up in a few hours.
    lovely post. xo.

  6. Thanks for this tutorial, I'm such a fake tan noob!

  7. Great post, Im one of those too terrified to us fake tan as I am very pale!
    Thanks, I think I may have the confidence now!
    Izzy x


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