My scientific experiment...with a Bumpit..

Hey Girlies :)

Well I feel like I haven't blogged in ages! Being away for the weekend has made me feel like I've been away for ages and I'm sure that loss of an hour has messed up my routine! I hope you all had a lovely weekend, it was nice to go back home for a bit and have a break from uni work and stress.

On Saturday, I worked and it was nice to be working again and on Saturday night we went to my boyfriend's step mums 40th birthday party. It was a Cally ( I think that is how it's spelt) so I was worried about what to wear as you can't go in normal dress for a party as you'll be dancing about!

I decided on this playsuit from Primark, I paired it with my trusty blazer, tights and my gorgeous new wedges which I did take of for dances (health and safety and all that)

Blazer: Primark
Playsuit: Primark
Belt: Primark
Shoes: Primark
( Hmm nice varied outfit post there Corrie) 

Now onto the hair, I decided to straighten it and add a bumpit to add volume. I thought that this might be a rather silly idea as dancing about and a hair insert, sounds like a recipe for disaster. But I thought, I will see if this Bumpit lasts a Cally, we will see just how strong it is!

So I can conclude that after four dances, being thoroughly swung about, my Bumpit did in fact survive! It didn't even move! I am very impressed as I think if it can survive a Cally it can survive pretty much anything! In the photos I do look a little Amy Winehouse, but hey who cares at least my hair wasn't flat right?
Hair with Bumpit at 1am after a night of Cally dancing

Well I'm sorry for the waffle can you tell I've been in uni all day writing a boring essay? I hope you've all had a lovely Monday!



  1. I love your outfit- I've always worried about using a bumpit incase it does fall out or something.

    Also its a Céilidh.
    Aha do not ask why I know that :p


  2. Hmm this has made me want some! :) I never knew what you would use the 2 tiny ones for though.. lol.

  3. For some reason I read ur blogpost backwards and I was like I wonder what a cally is??? I was like oh it must be like her dance she does when shes out or something LOL. Then it clickedd when I read up a bit haha.

    Love yourr outfit! The primark were I live is awful I never see nice stuff. When I lived in Manchester I was in Primark all the time it was so amaaaazing!!!!! xxxx

  4. Love the outfit, I really need to find some good stuff in Primark, lately I just haven't seen anything and gone - MINE!

    The hair looks good, I literally do anything for volume.

  5. Absolutely love the outfit! I wish I could spot all the primark beauts but I struggle. :)

  6. Oooooo I've always been curious about bump-its - must give one a go at some point!

    Loving the playsuit + blazer combo! You can never go wrong with a blazer!

    Just discovered your blog and love it! *new follower*

  7. Love the outfit, my primark is awful for some reason, good too see your back and that you had a good time ;)
    Izzy x

  8. Love the outfit, my primark is awful for some reason, good too see your back and that you had a good time ;)
    Izzy x

  9. Can't beat a bit of Primark. I can never find anything in there, probably because I can only ever spend 5 minutes in there without losing patience.
    Lovely outfit xx

  10. Thats like the most adorable playsuit ever! ^^ x

  11. I like that it looks normal and not fake.:D You look great, loving the flower too.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  12. Can't believe that whole outfit is from Primark! You wouldn't think it x


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