Hey Girlies :)

Hope you're all having a lovely day so far, it's been my day off from uni today and I am glad. I can tell that it's almost the end of term as people are seriously annoying me. I feel so stressed with the work load we have at the moment. I hate moaning as I know people have it so much worse, but I just feel like I am constantly doing uni work and I have to admit, I don't enjoy alot of it. But hey ho, I have literally two weeks after Easter then my second year is finito!

Moving on.. I've wanted a pair of these shorts for ages! There's a few around at the moment, I saw a nice pair in New Look and I picked these up in H&M. They were £14.99 which I think isn't bad as they look more expensive. Only problem is that the smallest size they had left were a size 12. I tried them on as I loved them and with the tie they seem to fit. I don't know whether to keep them though or try and get a smaller size, so thought I would let you guys see what you think.

Top: Topshop
Cardi: Zara
Shorts: H&M

Hope you're all having a good Thursday so far, I am going to chill tonight by watching 90210 ( obsessed much?)

Have a nice night lovelies & let me know what you think on the shorts! :)



  1. LOVE the shorts :)
    Love the natural makeup too, really suits you
    izzy x

  2. Absolutly gorgeous. Looks great. Might buy some shorts like that now :) blog is amazing <3

  3. Aah my workload is horrific at the moment as well, handing in a good 16 pieces after Easter, handed a website in today and doing my final photoshoot tomorrow. Roll on Easter and endless Malteaser bunnies and Creme Eggs ;) Your shorts were such a bargain, they look lovely! Might have to nab myself a pair tomoz sweet! Hope you're well! xx

  4. They look lovely! great colour too, I want a pair! xxx

  5. Very pretty outfit.And I love the detail of the flower on your hair!

  6. I've got a very similar pair of shorts from Topshop that cost me £36! I love them so may have to pop into h&m and get a cheaper pair did they have any other colours?

    Have a look at my topshop shorts here: http://confessions-of-a-fashion-outsider.blogspot.com/2011/03/get-shorty.html

  7. Great outfit! I adore it. I will def be trying on a pair of those shorts.



  8. These are gorgeous!
    You have a fabulous figure xxx

  9. Love the shorts, such a lovely colour!!
    YAY for being off uni soon :)

  10. awww I really hope these shorts are at my H&M!!!! you look fab honey



  11. Lovely outfit again love! The shorts actually look fine :) If they're comfortable enough then I'd say keep them, they look fab xx

  12. I've got these exact ones in black. They're so comfy aren't they! I've had so much wear out of mine already. The colour of yours suit you loads! x

  13. what an amazing blog...
    if you want we could follow each other..let me know...

  14. still want a pair of these so bad!
    they look so lovely on you just made me want them MORE! xxxxx

  15. they look really nice, definately a keep :)



  16. @Izzy- Thanks Izzy :) x

    @Emm- Thanks Lovely :) x

    @Michelle- Thanks lovely, I know, sure our uni are slave drivers! x

    @Hannah- Thanks sweet :) x

    @Rania.K- Thanks love :) x

    @Golden Glow- Thanks love, were a bargain! x

    @Confessions of a fashion outsider- OOh really? They had a black pair aswell in store :) x

    @Zoe- Thanks lovely :) x

    @Lauren- Thanks love :) x

    @Ash- Thank you :) I know love the unusual colour :) Yay whoo! x

    @Shel- Hopefully you got them! Thanks lovely x

    @Rachel- Thanks lovely :) I know you can't tell their a couple of sizes too big so it's fine :) x

    @Emma- They are very comfy,I like the black ones too!! Thanks love x

    @2befab- Thanks sweet x

    @Twiggs- Thanks love :) go get some! x

    @MJLS- Thanks lovely,think I will keep them :) x

  17. I absolutely love how your wore that short! It's lovely, well done x

  18. I absolutely love how your wore that short! It's lovely, well done x


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