Staying in is the new going out..

Hello everyone :)

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday afternoon,it's lovely and sunny here but I imagine it's still pretty nippy today. I am having a good old lazy day today, I should do some uni work but none of it's urgent so I'm having a day off.

Now firstly as I posted on Friday night I spoke about how I was dying my hair "Iced Chocolate" instead of the faded red/plum that my hair colour had become, anyways I dyed it yesterday and it is a nice colour but I can still see red and my boyfriend said when he came home " Have you dyed your hair red again?" It is a nice colour like a dark brown/red. It is a nice colour and in the pictures below it looks quite dark so at least it's not a strange faded colour anymore!

Now my boyfriend and I actually ventured out last night which doesn't happen too often, I quite like sitting in on a Saturday night with Take me out on but it was a lad from Henry's work so we went out. Needless to say the night out was a bit of a disaster as Saturday nights are very busy and expensive and we ended up coming home at about half 12. Rock and Roll eh?

I much prefer going out on student nights when it's less busy and cheaper! But hey at least we went and it gave me an excuse to dress up which is always nice!

The Outfit

Skirt: Asos
Shoes: Primark

Make Up

Revlon Colourstay Foundation
Maybelline 24hr concealer
Revlon Stay Matte Powder: Transparent
L'oreal Bronzer: Brunette
17 Blusher- First Flush

Selection of neutral shadows used from 17 Metallic Nudes
Black Matte Eyeshadow from Sleek Storm Palette
Maybelline colossal waterproof mascara: in black
Falsies from Ebay
Models Own Black Kohl eyeliner

Natural Collection: Apple Blossom Moisture Lipstick


Fingers: Black Swirl by Models Own
Toes: Woodwink by Urban Decay

So there we go- sorry it's such a beast of a post thought I would make the most of going out outfit and make up pictures! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)



  1. You look fabulous! :) Really love your top and shoes!
    Hope you had a great night out <3 xx

  2. Love your outfit! Primark have some really nice things if you know how to style it :) You always choose great stuff!

    Also, Take Me Out was a goodun! xx

  3. you look amazing, your hair is beautiful, love the curls xx

  4. as if those shoes are from primark? they are an absolute find!

  5. You look gorgeous! & im very jealous of you hair :)

    The outfit is amazing, i love asos! New follower :)

    Love Belle

  6. cute outfit! thats funny, if you read my last post from friday night, my bf and I did the same thing. got all dressed up and went out for less than an hour!!

  7. @Hannah- Aw thank you :) x

    @Rachel- Thanks lovely :) I love primark and you have to be paitent and find stuff :) I have to walk round the store about three times to get everything! x

    @Ash- Aw thanks sweet :) x

    @Abby- Thank you :) Amazing for Primark eh? x

    @Belle- Aw thank you lovely :) I love Asos too- thank you for following means alot! x

    @Sarah Elizabeth- Thanks :) Ooh I'll have to check it out, good to know we're not the only ones who don't stay out long!! x

  8. Love love your outfit you look so pretty! Lol! I always end up coming home early now lol, think we're getting old lol! xxx

  9. Super gorgeous outfit! And your hair... I'M JEALOUS!!!

  10. You look gorgeous, love your outfit! x

  11. Your so gorge!
    You look amazing, love the hair colour :)
    izzy x

  12. I absolutely love your outfit!

  13. lovellyy outfit for a night out :)


  14. @Jessica-Thank you :) I know it's not good, I used to be a right party animal- now not so much! x

    @Gaby-Aw thank you sweet x

    @Golden Glow- Thanks lovely x

    @Izzy- Thank you :) x

    @River- Thank you :) x

    @Ria- Thank you :) x

  15. heyy, your blog looks amazing, right up my street! you look lovely here, jealous! :) xx

  16. oh! I love your heels

    please visit&follow my blog:

  17. @Nicci- Thanks sweet :) x

    @Miss Mercury- Thanks lovely :) x

    @Kay- Thank you :) I will check your blog out now :) x


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