Barry M's Newest delights...

Alright lovelies :)

Hope you've all had a good Friday! How quick has this week gone? Can't believe it's a week since we came back home, mental mental chicken oriental.

Now if you've read this waffle  blog for a while you will know I am a big fan of old Barry M. I have all the nail varnishes (not bragging like) so when I heard there were new releases, I did get very excited.

I managed to finally get my hands on Pink Fizz - the pink version of the nail effects and Peach Melba one of the new shades that have been released. There was also the blue and white version of nail effects but I wanted the pink one and the other new shade Blue Moon was there too but it just looked the same as Models Own Blooboo so I didn't get it. I'm sure it will be purchased at some point though.

From the swatches they seem the same as ever, great quality + colour, I am liking the pink nail effects over a orange base! Also Peach Melba seems a lovely creamy peach that will suit a lot of skin tones, cause sometimes shades like this like make your nails look like they're not there. And I don't like when that happens!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday evening :)



  1. LOvely post, I like your waffle haha :)
    izzy xx

  2. Heard loads about these nail varnishes, shame i chew on mine constantly!


  3. I got Peach Melba too, I'm so excited to try it out tonight! I was about to buy the pink one but it reminded me of Bright Pink which I don't like.. but I still feel the urge to get it just because I don't have a crackle polish.. LOL.

  4. I've been looking for the perfect peach colour! Very lovely :) can't go wrong with Barry M xxx

  5. Lovely post :)
    I really want the new instant effects polish!

  6. I really love peach melba - might have to pick it up when I'm in town. Great post. x

  7. these look amazing! i have the black effect one and if i could get the pink one i think i would definitely buy it :) it looks great! xx

  8. that peach melba is a beautiful colour! and i shall be purchasing the pink nail effects, but you can get a silver nail effects from 17 and its really cheap as well, many nail effects to buy! <3

  9. It seems like Barry M have released some really lovely new shades recently. I love the look of Peach Melba, I might have to pick that up next time I go shopping :) xx

  10. also, where do you buy your nail circles? ive been looking for some for agesss :\ <3

  11. they now do coloured nail effects?? EEEK!!! :)

    BLEURGH & Xisses


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