Not an Impulse Buy...

Hey you lovely lot,

It's Thursday- last working day of the week-wooohooo. I don't know why I'm woohooing as I'm a student so it doesn't really effect me. It's the big day tomorrow! As I used to work in a wedding dress shop, I am totes excited about what Kate will be wearing. I am gonna guess at something quite fitted, lace with a vintage feel to it. There's my little guess for you all, I would LOVE it if she turned up in a dress that would rival one from Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. But I bet she won't.

Now I saw this in a magazine and I soon hot footed down to Boots- Impulse spray have a offer where you buy a spray and get a free LIMITED edition Barry M lipgloss. Now I was drawn to this as they have a gorgeous nude colour in the range and I've never really found a nude lipgloss that I liked before.

This set is £3.00 and if you bought the spray on it's own it's £1.99 so you're essentially getting the lipgloss for £1.01- bargain!

The lipgloss is amazing- I bought the nude one obviously and I am going to get another one, it smells divine, like a gorgeous toffee pudding, it smells good enough to eat! The colour is a gorgeous nude that's enough without any lipstick on. There's two other shades which I think is like a baby pink and a glitter, I may get a baby pink as well and another nude as the words limited scare me as I've finally found a lipgloss that I like!

I would definitely recommend getting one of these sets, the spray I got was tease which is a gorgeous holiday spray, it's got like exotic fruit essence and smells like holiday.

If you like Barry M and nice smelling sprays then get down to Boots, Superdrug and Tesco are also doing this according to the advert but they're not out till 11th May. :)

Hope you all have a good Thursday evening :)



  1. I'm going to get myself down to Boots :)

    I love the nail polish as well what is it called? xx

  2. Oooh this is a good offer, I like that it's really subtle on. Also I really like the colour of you nail varnish, pretty!

  3. the little set looks really cool! and the lipstick is lovely too :) x

  4. I love nude lipsticks/glosses...this one looks really nice!

  5. WOW! Such a pretty nude gloss!

    I'm going to have to get this little duo tomorrow or Saturday :-P


  6. I really love your beauty blog and I'm having fun looking through all your articles :D Hope you can come check out my hair & beauty blog!

  7. Nice offer! The lipgloss looks so pretty!


  8. I follow u! :)
    Your blog look is so amazing!
    And I love this nude lipgloss!

    xoxo, Dominika


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