Hey girlies,

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday so far, I am trying to will myself to do work! Cannot get the motivation at all! It is not good!

Just a little Nails post, painted them last night with Barry M's newest offering Peach Melba. Now I was expecting to not like this colour, I thought it would make me look pale and my fingers washed out. However I was wrong, it is a gorgeous colour that actually makes my hands look quite bronzed! It's really delicate and girly and a colour that is perfect for spring! I think it will look lovely on toes too and give that polished look :)

I definitely recommend this shade so if you see it make sure you nab it as I'm pretty sure with all Barry M's new releases it will be very hard to get hold of soon!

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday afternoon, I am going to try my hardest to muster some motivation!



  1. A very pretty color! Perfect for spring!

  2. I love the shade, looks so pretty :) xx

  3. I've got this shade on now too! :) It makes my skin look darker but in an ashy way.. but somehow I like it, it's weird :S Hahaha you're lucky it works so well on your skintone! :)

  4. this colour looks really nice on you! and i really like it, might try and see if i can get it over here :) xx

  5. Pretty colour, definitely good for spring!

  6. Love this colour! I love peach nail shades at the moment, they definitely make me look like I have a tan!

  7. Loving those nudey-peach nails x

    BLEURGH & Xisses


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