Sudocrem- not just for babies..

Hey everyone :)

Hope you are all having a good Tuesday; I have to say I am missing that super-hot weather already! My boyfriend and I tried to sit out today but it was too cloudy so ended up going inside! I'm really trying to resist fake tanning but this lack of sun is not helping!!

Now I hope you're all very proud but I actually started my uni work today! Yay! I have basically completed a press pack for a PR assignment so I feel a little better that I've started some work and hopefully this motivation will continue!

Now sudocrem, I know that I typically associate this cream with babies and nappy rash. But hold up this is not just for babies. This was always a household favourite when we were younger, but a couple of years ago, I read that good old Cheryl Cole used sudocrem for her spots. Firstly I thought I doubt Cheryl ever gets spots,but I gave it ago as to be honest anything Cheryl says works I'll give a go. I didn't really notice a difference so I forgot about Sudocrem.

Now fast forward to a few nights ago, now I have weird skin which (this is going to sound horrible) but my spots tend to scab up which is just awful. I always feel such a skank and end up trying to cover up with as much make up as possible! I found my sudocrem and thought “ahh I'll put this on tonight...” and low and behold this actually really helped my skin! Now my spots hadn't gone completely but they were reduced in size and looked a lot better!

I also have had a sore ear lobe as I'd been wearing some cheapo high street earrings last week and they'd really irritated my ears, my ears were really sore and red but after a night of sudocrem on them, they'd cleared up and didn't hurt anymore!!

I really recommend this stuff; it's cheap and helps your skin and a million other things you can use it for. But beware you will resemble a vampire when putting it on! My tip is to put it on overnight and let it work its magic whilst you sleep!!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday evening; I am going to celebrate starting my uni workload by watching 90210. Any other 90210 fans out there? I am completely obsessed with the show! I have a major style crush on Annie Wilson, to be honest the whole cast have a amazing clothes!



  1. Do they do this in a travel size? I dont get spots often, but a small pot of this kept for emergency breakouts sounds like a good idea! :-)
    Great review!


  2. Nice post! glad i found this blog!

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    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same.

  3. I agree, i'm a huge fan of sudocrem for spots. I think it's great how quickly it works, too xx

  4. I totally love 90210 too!! I'm gutted that they've been showing repeats for the past couple of weeks!! I can't wait for the new episodes :) xoxo

  5. Hooray for Sudocrem! I use this at night and any redness definitely dies down by the morning. It usually just sinks in but sometimes you'll wake up with paler patches of skin here and there - so you just have to make sure you wash your face before you go out :) x x

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  7. I'm now going to buy some!!! thanks for this post as it's made me decide on whether to buy it or not :D
    Loved 90210 when I was younger, so defo gunna make sure I watch it now...:D

  8. cute blog:)
    followed u, hope u follow me back

  9. I love Sudocream its such a miracle product for all types of skin problems

  10. Sudocream has been in my house since I can remember and I'm 20 Lol. I absolutely love 90210 :) xx

  11. My favourite is Naomi! I wish she would stop messing up though, she always takes things too far!

    Lol Sudocream worked wonders for me once when I was at a house party and accidentally sat in a bush of stinging nettles...

  12. Leanne Marie- Yes they do it in a tube size aswell! It's handbag size :) x

    Brandon- Thanks :)

    Leanne- I know, love the stuff! x

    Amanda- Yay for 90210 :) x

    Angel in this dress- yes it is really good and it makes me pale too! x

    Anastaysia- Thanks lovely x

    Littlemisssparkles- Aw yay :) you should 90210 is even better these days! x

    Fashiondoll- Thanks lovely :) following back! x

    Henessy- I know, it is amazing! x

    Xoxo- I know me too! It's fab :) x

    Rachel- I know she does doesn't she? My favourite is Annie! Ooh dear, nettles :( x


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