Summer is on it's way..(hopefully)

Hey everyone, 

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend, what a gorgeous day today was! I spent most of the day sunbathing :) and I have a sun burnt shoulder! Oh well, it will turn to brown! 

I painted my nails with my new polishes and wow they are gorgeous! Fuchsia Rage is possibly my new favourite colour, it's so bright and girlie :) 

Also I've added a couple of pictures in from this weekend and an outfit picture from today...

 Top: Topshop
Skirt: H&M
Sandals: Primark

Hope you've all enjoyed your sunny weekend, I'm off to do the washing up and watch TOWIE!



  1. Love the nail polish! Is that one from Sally's? x

  2. Cute outfit :) The last photo is really nice too. I'm waiting for TOWIE too, its hilarious x

  3. Loove your outfit! Very cute :)

  4. love the pop of pink in your outfit babe! towie was hilar wasnt it!! stupid addictive programme!!xoxo

  5. Love the skirt, and the nailpolish, I got a bit of sunburn too and my shoulder is the colour of the polish!!
    Izzy xx

  6. I adore your hello kitty phone cover! So sweet! Love how it goes with your pink nail varnish! xx

  7. gorgeous pictures! your nail varnish colour and your outfit looks amazing!


  8. Oooh, I want a neon pink nailpolish! Would look so great in the summer :) <3

  9. I love this pink and your outfit is so cute. It looks gorg where you live, it hasn't quite been warm enough with me to dress as summery as that yet!

  10. Lauren- Yes it is from Sally's, it's fab :) x

    Abby- thank you :) yes love TOWIE :) x

    River- Thank you :) x

    Avs- Thanks lovely :) Love, love, love towie! x

    Izzy- Thanks lovely and oh no about your shoulder! whack the after sun out!!

    Emily- Thanks lovely :) x

    Littleclassyrose- thanks sweet :) x

    Summmer- Get one, I love neon pink atm! x

    Rachel- Thanks lovely, hopefully will be sunny for you too :) x


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