Beehive it's just another haul...

Hey lovelies :)

Hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday Monday, don't know about you but I have a busy week ahead with uni, tomorrow I have two deadlines, one is handed in already through the power of the Internet and the other is due to get printed and handed in tomorrow! Then also tomorrow I have a presentation and I also have another one on Wednesday. I am looking forward to just relaxing after they've all been completed as I have one last hand in the following Tuesday and then I am officially finished for my second year.

Now had a little break from work this morning and popped into town as I needed a few bits and bobs, I also picked up Beehive from No.17's mirror shine lipstick range which I have heard so many good things about, I'd heard it was a nude colour (always a winner with me) and also had a built in gloss. I managed to find one that was untouched in a different shades shelf so it must of been fate :) it's obviously a popular colour as this was the only one in two stores that wasn't damaged!

I do quite like it but I am quite a fan of the light nude lipstick but for like £4.00 you can't knock it.

I also participated in the 3 for 2 at Boots, I also got Bourjois Rose Lounge 28 which is the nail varnish that Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, she mixed it with an essie polish but I was determined to get this, as I think I am developing a little obsession about K-Middy! I also got a No.17 blusher which I used to wear all the time but then ran out of and never re purchased so got that too.

Onto my little haul from Superdrug now-

VO5- miracle concentrate with argan oil- I got this for like £4.00 which is obviously like a lot cheaper than Moroccan Oil which this is supposed to be a dupe for. I bought my Mum the Lee Stafford version for Mothers day and loved it, however for £11.99 I couldn't justify the price. I'm looking forward to giving this a go :)

Dove summer glow- I have this already and personally is the best gradual tanner that I've used. This was £2.50- it's usually like £5.00 and it has had a fancy new product design.

Schwarzkopf XXL live - Tempting Chocolate- it's time to dye my hair again, I have very odd roots that are like an ashy brown then the rest of my hair is a reddy/brown. I really want to get rid of the red so going for a dark chocolate shade :) will probably dye my hair in next couple of days so will update you all!

Finally I got some good old Bio Oil- this is a miracle product, last year I had some marks/scars on my back and after using this every night for about two weeks they disappeared! Due to my bad skin lately, I have noticed my skin is a little marked so going to put this on it to try and fade them out a little!

So there we go- more beauty supplies! I am very very excited about the post coming tomorrow as something is coming that I've ordered and I cannot wait to show you all!

Hope you all have a lovely evening, I'm off to finish my uni work! Wahoooo. Not.

P.S look what I also bought today- told you I have a growing obsession with Kate Middleton!


  1. Beehive really suits you :} x

  2. Beehive really suits you my lovely! I tried the lipstick in Hollywood, can't believe how glossy it is and it feels so luxurious.


  3. Yeah, beehive looks great on you, Im wanting it even more now, ahh someone else with the middie-fever!
    Izzy xx

  4. Love the lipstick! You will have to post how the V05 goes.

    I'm so jealous of everyone posting how Summer Glow is the best gradual tanner. After 2 weeks of everyday use I had absolutely no change, not even a little bit! Very disappointed after reading so many good reviews.

  5. I just bought Beehive from a blog sale as we don't have these here. Can't wait to receive it, it looks gorgeous!

  6. Beehive looks so nice on you! xx


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