Christmas has come early...

Hey girlies :)

Hope you're all having a lovely Wednesday, I presented my last presentation today! Hooorah! Only one essay left to hand in- wahooo.

Now I have wanted this item for like ever, but I could never justify the money plus it's never in blimmin stock! Last Friday, the cult Urban Decay Naked Palette was in stock over on the  Debenhams website. I suddenly has the impulsion to buy it. My student loan had just come through plus it was the Royal Wedding this could be my celebration. I decided to get it, and it was 10% off. I have been searching for the perfect eyeshadows lately and I haven't been able to find it on the high street so I bit the bullet and bought the palette.

Needless to say it is gorgeous and I am so unbelievably excited about using it. I think for 12 eyeshadows £28.00 isn't too bad and this will last a long time. Don't worry I'm not going to turn  my back on high  street make up brands, I can't afford to as I am a student after all, this was a little treat to me as I was feeling a bit meh as I had two job interviews in the past couple of weeks and I've been rejected by both. I have handed in umpteen CV's and had a few interviews and genuinely don't know why I keep getting rejected. I suppose it's just the fact I live in a city and lots of people apply. Oh well, I'm sure something will turn up soon!

I will be posting some looks with this once I've had a play but couldn't wait any longer to show you all!!

Have a good evening, last episode of The Only Way Is Essex tonight-Have a good evening :)



  1. My UD palette is on its way to me :) yey!

  2. Love this pallet :D I always find myself using it most days! you will love it to I'm sure, and the price is good for what you get.
    I totally agree with you about the 'The only way is essex' rant...I can't believe they did that! I think it's extremely rude of them to do what they did....I would feel like saying something, but I guess sometimes it's just not worth it.
    I never thought I would like watching it, but got glued to it lol! but I wouldn't dream of walking off or turning my back, I would probably just view my opinion but in a friendly way...I don't why people are like that! grrr!!! lol

  3. So glad you got the palette - it's gorgeous isn't it!! x

  4. Yaaay, glad you got it :)
    I hope a great job turns up for you soon :)
    Omg, stuck up silly girls!
    That is rood babe your right!

  5. no that's not normal they sound extremely rude and weird, as if you would do that :/ so don't worry!xx

  6. ah love it :)

    some people are just completely rude especially after one of them asked you about it. i always get annoyed with situation like that and wish id turned round and said something haha xxx

  7. I've seen sooo much about this product doing the rounds. I don't think I couold justify spending the money though when I have so many browny eyeshadow pallets as it is.

    : (

    Towie was awesome, I HATE LAUREN


  8. I'm so jealous, i ordered it too & it went through fine & i've been waiting for a week or so and then realised on the confirmation email they said "my order hadnt been fulfilled" even though i'd paid so it must have gone out of stock :( very sad. youre a lucky girl. xo.

  9. I want one of these too! I've just started a MAC palette though so I'm not sure I should buy this too lol


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