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Hey Girlies, 

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday so far, I can't quite decide if it's nice enough to sit outside as it looks quite windy and the sun keeps appearing and then disappearing! 

Now I always love seeing a 'Favourites' post pop up on my dashboard, I'm a nosey parker and love see what my favourite beauty bloggers use every day. I realised that as much as I love these posts, I never seem to actually post them myself. So I decided that needed to change!

I've got a few things to show you so it'll be spread over the week as I don't want to bombard you with one massive blog post with about 20 pictures! 

Today I am going to start with my favourite beauty products- these are the products that I reach for most days or are my absolute favourites. 

Okay so I'll go from left to right-

Bio Oil
Now I used to associate this with pregnant women who used it on their stretchmarks but this is so much more than that! I was first introduced to this when last year I developed some scarring on my back from acne. They were like brown marks and they really annoyed me and I felt very self conscious of them in a bikini. My Mum suggested I use bio oil on the marks and within two weeks they had completely disappeared! I recently bought a new bottle as I've got some marks on my face from acne- oh the joys eh so I'm trying it on my face for that, but only a little bit as oil can be clogging. It also feels lovely on the skin and is good for really, really dry skin. 

Johnson's Oil balancing facial cleansing wipes
 These are my favourite make up wipes, yes I'm one of the lazy people who only uses face wipes! Usually once/twice a week or whenever I feel like it, I will use a toner and take a little more time removing my make up but to be honest I haven't found a cleansing system that I actually like so that's probably why I don't use one. These wipes are great, they remove eye makeup and are oil balancing which is great for oily skin like mine. All Johnsons products are on offer at Superdrug at the moment, 2 products for £3.99 which then the wipes are like £3.50 each is a bargain! 

I have indeed done a post about this before and as you can see from the picture, my tube has been used rather a lot! I need some more but keep forgetting whenever I'm in town! I used this mostly for spots and it really does work. Most nights I slather it all over my face which prompts my boyfriend to say " why so serious?" As apparently I look like ' The Joker' from Batman. Funny guy eh! 

Body Shop Coconut Body Butter
 This is my all time favourite body moisturiser. If I were only able to buy one moisturiser for the rest of my life this would be it. Everything is great about it, the smell is divine and just screams HOLIDAYS! It moisturisers deeply and is fab for making a tan last. It is quite pricey as it's like £12.00 ish for a tub so it's a more of a treat and I ration myself with it! But with me having a birthday next month hopefully I'll get a new one ;) 

Marc Jacobs Lola
 I realised that I've never really spoke about perfume on here before! This is my favourite perfume at the moment, I love the smell, the bottle just everything! My other favourite perfumes which I alternate sometimes are Emporio Armani s Diamonds and Diesel Fuel For Life. This is the fave at the moment! 

Well there we go! I have also got a make up favourites post too which I'll probably put up within the next couple of days!

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday afternoon/evening :)



  1. Totally agree with you re Lola although I'm finding it difficult to wear at the moment. Always happens to me in April/May.. I want something lighter and fresher. BUT Lola is and will be firmly in my Top5 :)

  2. Ive got a couple of scars on my legs Id like to make vanish! I might have to give bio oil a go! May try it on my lovely hip stretchmarks i have too, maybe it will fade them!?


  3. Sudocrem and coconut body butter <3 good choices :} x

  4. Hannah- I completely agree :) x

    Miss A- Yeah I know what you mean, it can be quite heavy! x

    Leanne Marie- Yeah it should work on your hips, its says that it's good for strechmarks and scars! x

  5. Jenny- Ooh thank you :) great minds think alike :) x

  6. agree with all of these! I have use Bio Oil already on my tummy (as well as legs and hips cos of stretch marks.. mmm so sexy) so I don't get bad SM when I'm preggers - my mum has such baaad ones, and knowing my luck it's hereditary so best start now haha.
    Also use face wipes - I had reaaally bad skin a while ago but since I've started using simple face wipes it's cleared up coompletely!! so strange as surely it isn't as cleansing as using a regular cleanser? oh weelll!
    haven't smelt marc jacobs lola before - might give it a wiff... boots have £5 off perfume vouchers at the moment so might buy it if i likely :)
    wow what an epicly long comment! xxxxx

  7. Elle- Ooh yeah it is great for stretch marks! Yeah I think that when I have kids ( in a few years) I will definitely use this as Mum got stretch-marks with me as I was a massive baby! Ooh I used the Simple ones a few years back but the Johnsons have been best for my oily skin! Yeah it is a gorgeous perfume, it's so luxurious! The body lotion is lovely too! x

  8. Great post, agree with all of you guys too! My skin also seems to respond better to wipes than the full on "cleanse, tone & moisturise." I think it's because some products & beauty regimes 'over cleanse' the skin wich is not so good... Bio oil and Johnson's wipes going on my shopping list.


  9. I have the worst scarring on my face and bought bio oil a while ago but am too scared to use it - being oil and all. After reading your post I'm going to give it a go!!
    Such a good post, boyfriends are just hilarious sometimes eh?! HA! xx

  10. Completely agree! I own everything you have pictured too and use it all the time! No wonder you're so beautiful, you've got such a fantastic set of girls things

  11. Amy- Aw thanks :) yes that is true that some over cleanse and that makes your skin worse! I would recommend the johnsons wipes completely! x

    Mo- Ooh really, no do try it cause it doesn't seem to clog the pores if you don't put too much on! I know, they are comedians. Well they think they are!! x

    Holly Arabella- Ooh great minds think alike :) ooh thank you lovely, you always leave the most lovely comments! x

  12. im off to get some sudocrem! never even thought about it before, thanks Corrie! xx

  13. The perfume bootle is so pretty. I like the scent too.

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