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I had a really weird dream this morning that I had blog comments of boy readers and I've just remembered it now. How odd eh and quite pointless for me to mention right now. Hope you're all well though and having a good day/evening :)

Greige (Grey + Beige) nail polish was all the rage last year, I remember thinking "urgh I am not keen on that", I was a lover of pastel and bright nail polishes and greige just wasn't up my street. Fast forward a few months, I actually quite like this trend and it's still going strong. I think it's quite a sophisticated colour and I remember when my boyfriend and I were flat hunting, I deliberately painted my nails with Model Own's Nude Beige so I would look more sophisticated and the landlord would maybe let us have the flat as I'd have nice nails. How mad is that, they probably didn't even notice my nails, but nevertheless we found a flat and rented it no problem.

From L-R- Concrete Mixer, Slate Grey and Nude Beige 

When I was wasting time the other day, I cleared and organised my nail polish storage and realised that I have a few greige colours from Models Own. In the bottle they do look similar but they actually all vary in their finished shade!

I have Concrete Mixer, Slate Grey and Nude Beige. After swatching them I think that my favourite is Slate Grey, it's the perfect greige in my opinion. All polishes are £5.00 and are on 3 for 2 at the moment in Boots- Bargain! Do you like the greige trend? What's your favourite greige polish?

Hope you have a lovely evening :)



  1. They look lurvely! My fave greige is Topshops' Mink, it's so pretty. I've reviewed it on my blog and it's always in my favourites. I dislike BarryM's mushroom; clashes with my hands xx

  2. I have to agree slate grey is my fav!
    Loving Topshop nail polishes at the minute and they have some really nice greige colours :)

  3. I've got nude beige & concrete mixer and now I want slate grey! Nude beige is my fave but I haven't seen SG in 'real life' xx

  4. Yes! I totally love this trend, I wore Eyeko's Posh Polish non-stop last summer :D xx

  5. I've got Nude Beige but I might have to try out Slate Grey after seeing it swatched! xx

  6. I LOOOOOVE greige! Although I've been wanting something a bit brighter now that it's warmer, but the In Style magazine's Nails Inc in Fashion Fawn is a great greige :)

    I've yet to try Models Own - I'm often overwhelmed by all the colours, and they aren't accessible near me! Idk how many you have, but I still request the Barry M collection post and if you have loads of Models Own, one of that too! :P

  7. I like these colours, they'll be fantastic for autumn or army themed events or parties.

  8. love your models own nail polishes! the colours are gorgeous :-)

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  9. They're really lovely colours, I love models own nail polish, it doesn't chip for ages and comes in loads of colours! SusieXXX

  10. Jenny- Ooh I will have to try the Topshop one out! x

    Maria- Ooh hearing alot about Topshop's polishes! x

    Just Like Jasper- I know, I'd never seen it either! It's really nice though! x

    Rachel- Ooh I've heard lots about the posh polish! x

    Meg- Yes do try it, it's really lovely! x

    Yu- Ooh do try Models Own they're really nice! I will do a Barry M swatch fest! I need to order some more nail wheels! x

    Holly Arabella- Yes I completely agree! x

    Becca- Thank you :) it's alright lovely x

    Shh- I know I agree, Models Own is great! x


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