Highlight the TOWIE way..

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you're all having a great Thursday so far, I've had a right lazy day as I've not been feeling too great so just been chilling! Now I've always been a bit wary of shimmer products and highlighting areas of the face as I have oily skin, I worry that it will make my face look even more shiny.

However you all know that I am a big fan of The Only Way Is Essex and earlier on in the series I noticed how amazing Billie Faiers' make up was. She had really lovely blusher and highlighted cheeks, being the little saddo that I am, I hopped onto her Twitter page and much to my delight she had revealed that she highlights her cheeks with Fake Bake's Shimmer brick. Now I do own the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick but I see that as more of a bronzer/blusher so I made sure I chose the light version of the Fake Bake version.

Billie- the right with her glowy cheeks!

I popped to Boots and luckily there was 1/3 of all Fake Bake products, now I do apologise for posting this a few weeks after buying this but I couldn't get the right picture so I'm not sure if it still on offer or not. The brick is really lovely and you get such a lovely shimmer from it and works really well everywhere.

I tend to use this on my cheeks after applying blusher and then on my brow bone. Unlike other products, I feel this doesn't accentuate shiny-ness but gives a gorgeous glow.

Me with glowy cheeks

If it is still on offer, I would completely snap it up, as I can tell it's going to look gorgeous on holidays with a natural tanned face.

Hope you all have a lovely evening :)



  1. It really suits you, I love Billie's makeup too!x

  2. Flawless! May have to give this a go next time i'm in Boots!

  3. Oh thank god! I've always loved her makeup since she's been on the show, so glad I finally know what product it is! Looks great on you x

  4. It looks reeally pretty on you :)

  5. Billie's one of my faves, she's a lot more normal/down to earth.


  6. That's a gorgeous highlighter, I would never have thought to buy it as im not keen on fake bake tan but it looks so nice! I will defo be having a look at it next time i go shopping!! Totally agree with you about Billie's make-up...flawless!! xxx

  7. I agree, Billie Faier's makeup always looks gorgeous :) I love the highlight, looks really pretty! xxx

  8. I love Billie! Her makeup always looks so gorgeous. This is a great find, definitely getting it the next time I'm in Boots! x


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