It's all about Neon.

Hey lovelies,

Hope you're all having a good day so far, just a quick little nails post today. I've been loving neon nails lately and although they can look extremely tacky, the bright colours just remind me of summer and make your hands look very tanned!

I decided to paint my nails using Nina Pro's Orange Flame which can only be described as a very neon orange. I didn't think I'd like it too much but I actually love it! This colour will definitely be making my holiday nail colours list. Is that sad that I think choosing the right nail polish for holiday's is a big task? I'm already thinking about what colours to choose for my holiday to Menorca in July. ( I clearly have too much time on my hands.)

Nina Pro can be purchased from Sally's beauty supply in store or online. You might also be able to pick them up from ebay and other Internet sources. I think these polishes are great value, I think they're about £2.50/3.00 and really good quality!

Have you been loving neon nail varnish lately? Any holiday colour recommendations?

Hope you all have a good evening, series finale of 90210 tonight (sob) have a lovely night :)



  1. wow, love this, so bright, a great summer shade x

  2. I love that colour, it's perfect for Summer! I can't believe it's the 90210 finale tonight, Tuesday nights won't be the same lol! xxx

  3. I have the neon yellow and pink from that brand! although you need a few coats of it, I love it for summer too! must have colors

  4. i've been planning the nail polishes to take with me on my holiday too lol, so glad i'm not the only one to do that! :) xx

  5. Nice Summery colour. I've been looking for the perfect orange. x

  6. Lovely colour, I love how bright it is! It's so perfect for summer! :D xx

  7. Nicole- I know, it screams summer :)x

    Glimmer and Glow- I know, did you watch it? Tuesday nights will be empty now! x

    Erica J- Ooh I will maybe have to try them! Thanks :) x

    Jessica- Ooh glad it's not just me ;) x

    Zoe- I know, I think this may be the one! It's lovely :) x

    Joy- I know, so bright and summery!x

  8. Love the shade, perfect for summer :).

    Sadie xx

  9. Ahh this is amazing i've been looking for a shade like this for agesss! Must hot foot it to sallys. Haha yeah the phone covers are so tacky but in a good way :) xx

  10. This is bright, perfect for Summer :) i am really loving Neon nails at the minute x


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