Maxi It Up..

Friday, May 13, 2011

Hey girlies,

Well Blogger seems to finally be working again, though now am lacking posts from yesterday and Wednesday (did I post Wednesday? Can't remember!) Which is very annoying, hope not going to have to post again cause that would not make me a happy bunny!

Hope you've had a lovely Friday, another week practically done and dusted! Ooh I just had a little sneezing session whilst writing that, sneezed about four times in a row! How peculiar!

Now like I mentioned in one of my posts which has now gone missing (GGRRRR BLOGGER) I mentioned that I bought a maxi dress from good old H&M. I wore it for the first time today for a little wander round town, my boyfriend wanted some new summer clothes so we hit the shops. The weather was being a diva and couldn't make it's mind up what it wanted to do, my legs are looking a little pasty, I need to sunbathe/fake tan so decided to wear my maxi dress with my trusty denim jacket.

I did admittedly when I walked out the door felt overly dressed for just a shopping trip but once I got out, I saw other fellow maxi dress wearers and I have to admit I felt quite sophisticated and summery.

Maxi Dress: H&M
Denim Jacket: Primark
Sandals: Matalan
Belt: Primark 

I had to hitch the length up a little bit and used a belt to hold it in place and I did make sure I lifted it up a little when walking up stairs cause knowing me who is very clumsy (memory of falling over own feet on sports day, in front of whole school, flashes through brain)

I really like my maxi and will look out for more, I always thought they didn't suit me and due to my childlike petite frame, I always looked like I was dressing up in my Mum's wardrobe. So if you're small like me, head to H&M!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday evening, I am completely psyched about my tea, we're having homecooked burgers with bacon :) Yum.

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  1. Ah it can't believe they lost all the posts from yesterday either, hopefully they will come back because they still appear on the dashboard!
    looks gorgeous, i was looking at one so similar to this the other day for £14.99, such a steal!
    suits you so much, wish i had your figure!

  2. It looks gorg on you! great choice!
    I took the plunge the other week and decided to try one on - I liked the look so much I went slightly crazy and bought 4 from H&M! then the first time I wore one of them, it POURED down with rain (it was sunny when I left!) and i ended up hoisting my dress up as I walked 30 mins home, nightmareee! so check the forecast before you leave the house ;) xxxx

  3. I've been wondering where I could get a maxi dress to suit my height! H&M have got some really nice things at the moment, I keep adding things to my basket each day lol Lovely outfit as usual hun :) xx

  4. hmmm, I've always been wary of maxis because I'm so little, but I'm coming round to the idea, especially after this post. I love your dress! :) xx

  5. You look great in a maxi, irk, blogger is such a pain :/
    Izzy <3 xx

  6. @Holly Arabella- I know, what a pain eh! I know, I think that £14.99 is quite good for a maxi! Thank you :) but trust me the maxi dress hides a multitude of sins!x

    @Elle- Thank you lovely :) Oh no about the rain! I was expecting that to happen yesterday! Hope you get to wear yours in the sun soon! x

    @Rachel- I know, I could literally go mad in H&M at the moment! Thanks lovely :) x

    @Jenski- Yeah I was exactly the same! Thanks sweet :) x

    @Izzy- Thanks love :) x

  7. Oh wow! You've kind of inspired me to go buy a maxi dress! I say kind of, because I am even shorter and most dresses would drown me..!

    Oh well, I love the dress! :) xo