Mellow Yellow

Hey girlies,

Hope you're all having a lovely day :)  the boyfriend and I went to see The Hangover 2 today and used my boyfriend's free cinema tickets which he won through being employee of the month ( well something along those lines!) The film wasn't as funny as the first but it was still good, it is worth a watch if you liked the first film!

I painted my nails the other night with a slightly unusual colour, Lemon Meringue by Models Own is a gorgeous pastel lemon colour which is actually quite nice on. I'm always a bit wary of yellow nails as no one likes to look diseased but this is nice and also makes my lands look so brown!

I really do like Models Own polishes, love the creamy colours as they're a little different plus they dry so fast! I definitely have rekindled my love for this polish!

Hope you all have a lovely evening, I'm looking forward to my tea which will consist of Gammon, chips and gravy (what bikini diet?!)



  1. That's absolutely gorgeous and I love the name of it! x

  2. These nails are lovely with your tanned skin, you're really working the models own products recently!

  3. I've never tried Models Own nail varnishes but may have to pick up this colour! It's lovely!

  4. Looks gorgeous and I love your ring! x

  5. I want some Models Own so bad this colour is amazing its really fab on you

  6. I love it! Suits your jewelery so well. Will definitely have to add this one for my collection <3

  7. It DOES make you look more tanned, love it :) x

  8. It DOES make you look more tanned, love it :) x

  9. Beauty and the blog- me too- it's so summery :) x

    Jenny- I know, it reminds me of puddings! x

    Holly Arabella- thank you :) I know, think I need to have a Models own break! x

    Jessica May- Oh you should try them they are great! x

    Zoe- Thank you :) it's from republic :) x

    Aprettyobession- OOh do get some :) x

    Marianna Khan- Thank you :) yes it is lovely! x

    Izzy- I know, an amazing polish :) x

  10. Love this colour and your ring may add these to my wishlist :-) x

  11. ooo lovely colour :)
    thanks for your lovely comment on my prom post too, so sweet :)
    xx Sophie

  12. Catherine- Ooh thank you :) yes it's gorgeous, republic has some lovely stuff at the moment! x

    VivaGlamSoph- It's okay :) thanks lovely :) x

  13. love that creamy yellow color. perfect for the spring.

  14. Have yet to try Models Own nail varnishes but this is a really pretty colour! I normally stay away from yellowy nails as they always make my nails look a bit dirty haha. Also love your ring!


  15. This is such a gorgeous colour :) i also love the heart ring you are wearing! xx


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