Monday Blues

Hey lovelies,

Hope you've all had a great Monday, mine has been spent finishing my last essay of the year, well till September and I've literally just handed it in online! Yay! I cannot tell you how relieved and pleased I am that it is handed in and that all my work is done. I had about 16 pieces of individual work and two presentations so as you can imagine, I am very pleased that they are all done!

Last night I was trying to avoid finishing my last essay by tidying my nail polish collection, whilst tidying, I realised that I had quite alot of certain colours but in a variety of different shades. I realised I had done this with pink (baby pink, pastel pink, neon pink etc) and also blue.

Now I've only really noticed blue nail polish get really popular within the past couple of years, I remember a couple of summers ago when Barry M released 'Pure Turquouse' and every girl in my home town seemed to be wearing it on their holiday pictures on Facebook.

I realised that I have a variety of shades of blue, last year I really wanted to find the perfect baby blue colour but couldn't obtain one anywhere, I settled with a Barry M, so I did find it typical that this year Barry M and Models Own released new baby blue shades.

I like blue nail polish though as it's summery, bright and makes you look tanned, here is my little collection of 'blues'

L-R- Barry M Pale Blue, Models Own- Blooboo, China Glaze- For Audrey, Barry M- Pure Turqiouse, Barry M- Baby Blue

L-R- Barry M Pale Blue, Models Own- Blooboo, China Glaze- For Audrey, Barry M- Pure Turqiouse, Barry M- Baby Blue

My favourites are: Barry M - Pale Blue and Models Own- BlooBoo ( finally the perfect baby blue)

Baby blue is obviously the nail polish shade of the moment, I definitely would recommend Models Own Blooboo, I didn't get Barry M's latest offering as it looked very similar to the baby blue I already obtain from them. As much as I am ever so faithful to Barry M's ( counted last night that I have 45 of the bad boys) Models own are amazingly quick drying and have a great brush for painting.

What's your favourite blue nail polish? Hope you all have a great Monday evening, mine will be taking a much earned rest :)



  1. I am adoring the baby blue in Barry M. Can't believe you own 45, that's an incredible amount! I only own about three because they chip so easily on me, I feel like the only girl in the world who doesn't get on with their polishes!

  2. oh holly don't worry I don't me either - they ruin my nails a lot more than they seem to other girls and the next day the chipping tend to begins! howwwwwever after seeing this I may have to go to Boots and pick up Models Own Blooboo as I lav it!! x

  3. 45?! That's insane lol I've got.. 6? Hahaha. The Baby Blue by Barry M looks gorgeous but I did get Blue Moon.. hehe very cute <3 Would love to see a Barry M collection/swatch fest! :)

  4. Holly Arabella- It is a really pretty colour :) I know, it's pretty shocking isn't it! Ooh don't worry I think some people just don't get on with certain polishes!x

    Elle- Oh no this is a shame that this happens :( Yes Blooboo is gorgeous though :) x

    Yu- I know, I feel quite ashamed at how many I have! I may very well do a big swatch fest one day! x


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