A naughty little splurge..

Hey Girlies,

I feel that I probably should think of a new way to greet you all as I tend to use that all the time, my boyfriend said that I was being sexist cause boys might read my blog too. As far as I am aware I don't know of any boys, if there is say hello and I'll maybe stop with the girlies! Though my boyfriend told me off for calling him "sweetheart" the other day as he said it's something his Mum would say. I was like well what you rather me call you? "Dogface"? I obviously wouldn't call him that as that isn't very nice but you get where I'm coming from. I always seem to say " you get my drift etc" and I actually don't know if anyone does get my drift, maybe you're all just looking at the screen with perplexed faces thinking, " what is she going on about?"

Now moving on from that very strange welcome, last weekend, I don't know what was up with me, I had one last essay to complete and I was in a really odd mood and I had decided that I needed some high end make up in my life. I don't know why my mind had decided this, probably the amount of beauty blogs I read had something to do with it but yeah I decided I needed a splurge. Not that I never not spend money anyways, but yeah. I decided that I wanted a MAC lipstick and a blusher of some kind.

I decided to go for Creme D'nude by Mac which is a cream sheen lipstick, I was a bit dubious as I didn't know which nude lipstick to go for, but I am so glad that I chose Creme D'nude. It is a gorgeous nude that you don't need to wear anything over the top. Usually with a nude lipstick, I feel a bit like someone of Big Fat Gypsy Wedding if I don't wear a lipgloss over the top. This is a really gorgeous colour and as I proclaimed on my Twitter yesterday- it is indeed love with this lipstick. It also smells amazing! I realise I don't need to harp on about Mac lipsticks as I'm probably one of the very few bloggers that only just bought one!

I also bought a Illamasqua cream blush. This was a bit of an impulse, but I'm kind of glad that it was. I opted for the shade Sob. It's a gorgeous baby pink which makes you look a little like a doll, which is a look I quite like. I think I put a little too much on yesterday as I still find cream blushes a little hard to work with but practice makes perfect eh? This also smells really nice like Tic Tac's. Unlike my other blushes which smell of nada.

Me wearing both items :)

So there we go, I ordered these from Debenhams and I think there's a little 10% offer on at the moment! I have definitely dipped my toe in the high end make up and would obviously love more. Don't worry that I'm going to be turning my back on Boots/Superdrug as I am a student etc etc.

Hope you all have a lovely Saturday, I am feeling pretty lost without uni work ( not complaining mind you) I've tidied my wardrobe today and sorted a few things for Ebay! Have a good day :)



  1. Woo your high end V-card is gone! I told you you'd love MAC lippies :) Sob looks absolutely gorgeous on you! It looks so cute and natural! Be careful with Creme d'Nude as many people find it breaks apart cuz it's so soft :)

  2. @Yu- I know! I know you were right, found it so tricky to pick the right shade though! Yeah I can't wait to see your purchases too! I've heard that too so being extra careful!x

  3. Ah don't worry, Im still a blogger with ONE high end product :D
    AAH you betrayed the boots card!! :D
    Haha, make sure you give it some love soon......hehe :)
    A good excuse for more shoppiinngg!!!
    It looks lovely on ooh me dearie xxxxx

  4. Illamasqua cream blushes are my favourite, they really do last ALL day! I have Dixie Lies and Rude, might try Sob soon! Looks great on you xx

  5. Oh I have Creme d'mac too, but i'm a little unsure as to whether it suits me! Lovely post xx

  6. you suit doll-like cheeks, really pretty! xx

  7. Oh, Corrie. you look lovely!

    I need to get me some illamasqua blushers. In fact, I don't actually own anything from Illamasqua! Oh, the shame! xo

  8. Damn you! You have made me want to part with my hard earned money on these little beauties!

  9. Creme d'Nude really suits you and I love the blush as well! You will get seriously addicted to MAC lipsticks now, I have! The scent is irresistible!xx


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