The Next Moroccan Oil?

Hey lovelies,

Hope you're all well and having a nice Tuesday. I seem to of had a little influx of new followers in the past few days so hello!!! (Waves) Always nice to see that ( new followers not me waving) of course not that it's all about followers, I really don't like saying that as it sounds a bit ambiguous to me but yeah I don't really know where I'm going with this so we'll end with hello!

Now I purhcased this VO5 argan oil leave in treatment a couple of weeks ago now and I wanted to use it a few times but I reviewed it. Now I've used it twice and I'm not going to lie, I am not sure about this product.

It's £4.00 something and you can get it from Superdrug/Boots, it's supposed to be a dupe of Moroccan Oil but minus the hefty price tag. I've tried the Lee Stafford version of this as I bought my Mum it for mothers day and I really liked it. I gathered that this would have the same effect on my hair but sadly it hasn't.

Now the first time I used it, I had just washed my hair with my regular shampoo and my coconut conditioner that I got about a barrel of for like £3.00 from Sally's. I use this conditioner when I'm not really going anywhere and it does work quite well and smells lovely. I then applied the VO5 oil and dried my hair and my hair was really dry and you couldn't tell I had put anything on it at all. I had applied quite generously too.

I used it again today, however my hair was in really bad condition today so I made sure that I used my Pantene conditioner, then I used the oil and today my hair has felt softer. So now I'm thinking was it the fact I used my nice conditioner or did the oil help too? I am kind of thinking it was the conditioner. I will continue to use this though, to see if I see any difference at all.

Have you bought this? What did you think? I saw that Tresemme are releasing a argan oil range too so it might be worth seeing what that's like!

Hope you all have a lovely evening :)



  1. I've not tried this but I've tried the little VO5 sachets of leave in stuff they do and I really liked them. x

  2. I heard about this, hmm its a mystery :/ xxx

  3. I use this and I really like it, but now you've got me wondering if it's just my conditioner too!

  4. I've heard good things about this so far but at the moment I'm using up my Moroccan Oil before I try anything else and I have to say I really like it. So maybe I'll just rebuy and bite the bullet with how pricey it is. It smells really good and my hair feels so silky afterwards so I'd def recommend it :) Keep us updated though on how this one carries on!xx

  5. This is a cleverly advertised product as it doesn't actually make any SPECIFIC claims, just general ones. The claims are also made based on unconditioned hair, so yes, it is your conditioner! Perhaps try it after no conditioner and see, I think that is the market it is aimed at!
    I have personally never found V05 to be very good and many of my customers agree! They make general and loose claims based on smallprint!

  6. I'm always looking for products like this! Hmm, maybe this one isn't that good? Thanks for the post <3 :)


  7. I went to the hairdressers today and the girl used Moroccan oil on my hair, it was the first I had ever heard of it but I loved the result! I was tempted to buy some but maybe I will give this a go xxx

  8. Zoe- Ooh maybe I'll try the sachets instead then! x

    Izzy- Yeah I know it is weird, hmm maybe I have funny hair! x

    Sheps- It just might be it doesn't work on my hair! I'm glad you like it though! x

    Rachel- Tbh I imagine Moroccan Oil is worth the money as nothing else seems to be as nice! x

    Holly Arabella- Yeah this is so true! It's naughty cause obviously if you use no conditioner it's going to work! Thanks for the info! x

    Summer- It might work for you, at the end of the day it's quite cheap so might be worth a try! x

    Shel- Ooh it is meant to be really nice! Yeah it might work just as well on your hair! x


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