Playing in the sun..

Hey lovelies,

Hope you're all having a good day, today has been quite warm today, well where we are it was, so it was nice to have a little sunbathe and top up the tan!

Here is a little outfit post from yesterday as it was quite sunny so I decided to break out one of my new playsuits from H&M. I got this little beauty for £7.99 which is a total bargain in my opinion, you usually can't even get a playsuit for that price in Primark!

Playsuit- H&M
Sandals- Matalan

A very student friendly budget outfit eh! H&M really do have some lovely things in at the moment and online they have some gorgeous bikini's however these aren't in store in my local H&M which is a pain and if I ordered them online they wouldn't be here till July! Crazy!

Hope you all have a lovely evening, I am looking forward to watching The Apprentice :)



  1. Ah, looking luvely, oh I know, Im excited too, its about beauty!!! xxxx

  2. That is so cute!! I love the pattern, and the skinny belt is darling with it

  3. O I love the outfit!! :)
    Did you change your font colour?? I can read it much better now!! :D xx

  4. £7.99 for a playsuit from H&M is awesome!! They have some seriously amazing prices!
    You look gorgeous btw - very jealous of your tan!

  5. You look so lovely! I'm envious that you can wear these lovely clothes right now, where I live it keeps raining!

  6. 7.99?? thats such a bargain, i love playsuits and this one is soooooo cute. very jealous of how tanned you are!! xx

  7. Izzy- Thank you :) It was a good episode! x

    Jenny- Thank you lovely :) x

    Carlota- Thanks love :) I did indeed, glad you can read it better now! x

    Zoe- Thanks sweet :) x

    Katey- I know 7.99 what a bargain! Thank you lovely :) x

    Holly Arabella- Thank you :) I guess it's a postive from living down south!! x

    Ash- I know bargain indeed :) thanks lovely :) I have some very odd tan lines though which isn't good! x

  8. cute romper! i can never find ones long enough for me :P


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