Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation- Review

Hey girlies,

Hope you're all having a great day so far, been another funny old day here, I want some sun! It's June we should have proper summer now shouldn't we?

Now as I mentioned yesterday I picked a couple of items up from Boots and one of those was Bourjois's Healthy Mix foundation. I couldn't wait to try this today as I always get very excited when I have new make up.

My little haul from Boots yesterday

Now I know that I've only been wearing this for one day but I can usually tell how a foundation will work with me within the first time I use it, so here is my review of the product. Remember I have oily/combination skin so what I say might not be the same for you if you use this!

Me with healthy mix on (excuse the dodgy eyebrows) 


  • Okay so I opted for the shade 55 which to be honest right now is a little too dark for my skin, to be honest as bad as this sounds, I like my foundation a little darker as it makes me look tanned and I'm sure once I've been in the sun for a week this will be the right shade or maybe even too light! 
  • The formula is quite watery but glides on very well, I used my ELF foundation brush which applied the foundation perfectly and flawlessly. 
  • I was always a bit dubious of this foundation as I was under the impression that it was light/medium coverage. However I find it's more medium/full coverage and it isn't that far off Revlon Colorstay in the coverage stakes. This manged to cover my acne scars and any other flaws I had, to be honest I needed little concealer. 
The finish:
  • Now I thought this would be a dewy finish but to be honest I didn't find it that dewy looking. It does look fresh and is more natural than my Revlon Colorstay. It is a lovely finish and it feels lovely and light on your skin. 
  • Now I have been wearing this foundation for a few hours now and I also was wearing it when I worked out with the 30 Day Shred which when doing you sweat quite a fair bit and the foundation still looks perfect. I can see a little shininess on my nose but it's not awful and it adds to the dewy look to be honest. 
Final Thoughts:
  • This is a really nice natural medium coverage drugstore foundation. I would definitely recommend it for the summer months. 
  • I didn't really notice too much of a smell unlike others, maybe this was just me!
  • Would I re-purchase? Yes I probably would. 
So I hope this has been helpful :) hope you all have a lovely evening :) 



  1. Fab review, thank you I also have combination/oily skin and was wondering what this would be like on our skin type, amy give it a go, tahnk you :-) x

  2. Great review!
    I may try this- could you do an update on whether it breaks you out or anything? Thats what makes me dubious of buying new foundations

  3. Okay I'm definitely getting this now! :) Thanks for the review Corrie, you covered everything I wanted to know :D

  4. This is a great review...will be considering this for my next foundation x

  5. Really want to try this but might wait till the weathers alittle colder and my skin goes crazy in the summer months.

  6. I've been using this foundation for a while now and I loved it for ages but recently it's been looking patchy so I've taken a little break :-( may just be where the hot weather has been drying out my skin.x


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