Discovering new favourites & Re-discovering old favourites....

Hey lovelies :)

Hope you're all okay :) I had my interview today at the local football club, I think it went well but you can never tell how these things go. I've thought interviews in the past have gone excellently and then I don't get the job so we'll see eh?

Now I love discovering a new product and knowing it's going to be a staple in my make up bag, I also have that thing where I go through phases of loving different products then something new comes along and I forget all about it. When applying my make up to go out for a meal on Saturday night, I decided to have a little play with my Gel eyeliner by Maybelline which I bought a couple of weeks ago. I haven't really played much with this as I have a love/hate relationship with eyeliner on my upper lid as I have tiny lids and think that liner takes up too much room.

But anyway I had a play and soon realised how much I love this product. The eyeliner just glides on and lasts all day/ night. I also tried it on my waterline, I never use liquid liner on my waterline as it's always stung when ever I've used it in the past and I'm a wimp so I've just stuck to pencil. I bit the bullet and tried gel eyeliner on my waterline and wow it's amazing! I was like ' why haven't I done this before?' You achieve such a black dramatic line that lasts a long time and well looks amazing!

FOTD: with Maybelline lasting gel eyeliner+ Bourjois blush in a pot- Rose D'or

So Maybelline gel eyeliner is a definite new favourite for me. My Mum bought me lots of Bobbi Brown goodies for my birthday and I got the gel eye liner in granite or name something like that and it's a slate grey with a slight glitter but it's really lovely and will look much softer for the day time :) I'll put a proper review up soon :)

Now onto my re-discovery of an old favourite- Bourjois's blush in a pot- Rose D'or. This is such a lovely pinky/coral look that also smells gorgeous too! I can't believe why I haven't used this in so long! It's such a nice colour and really makes your cheeks pop. Haha can't believe I just said ' makes your cheeks pop.'

Yeah so there we go, always good to discover a favourite :) have you discovered any new or old favourites lately?

Hope you all have a lovely night, I'm waiting for my boyfriend to get home so we can watch The Apprentice! Yay :)



  1. You always look so pretty! xx

  2. i love the blusher it looks gorgeous.. i always shy away from anything pink on my cheeks as i have red scarring and dont want to make it look worse :/ wish i could carry off nice colours like this! xx

  3. I love the Maybelline eyeliner too!!
    Its so good when you find something that you had forgotten about :-)
    x x

  4. You look great love your eyeshadows :-) x

  5. What a right timing! Thank god I found your blog! I was in search for a good gel liner as I am sick of cream pencil eyeliner that always gets 'transfered' to my lid after a long day. Thanks for the reviews and I am now your follower! Please have a look at mine and follow me if you like :) xx

  6. You are incredibly beautiful! You'd give Cheryl Cole a run for her money, easily! You have a wonderful blog by the way, I will definitly be checking back to read more of your posts! Good luck with it (although I am sure you don't need it).

    All the best,

  7. You look great xxx I love the eye make up xxx

  8. you look great! love this look-and that blush is amazing! what a great rediscovery! :)


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